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  1. That about sums it up for us... our countdown is 173 days, we have a little less waiting.. 😎
  2. ..anyone can feel free to back me up here, and I may be a little daft at times, but we prefer this cabin type. Once you try aft, you will always go back. If I am in arrears come final payment time, I am always able to get back on track. It may be backward logic, but, looking from behind always makes me feel like I have been there. I try not to get too stern about anyone who does not like to be Aft.
  3. I hear you, I just checked the site, Escondido. no where near to wear we fly in to. ugh I might just have to suck it up and get it done through the airport for a similar fee of >$170.00. might be worth it to just not have to taxi all over San Diego to get a test in time. We will have been on the road for 4 days prior to cruise. Agreed, It is a bit more complicated for some of us. I would be happy to pay HAL this same price for pier testing.
  4. thanks, this is all good information
  5. I am a sucker for a Koi pond...
  6. I think this is the great kiskadee.. they are so majestic!
  7. Yes, this was taken in Key West at Sail Away!
  8. Thanks so much for the reminder. I just sent a request via email for two cruises, 7 months out, and in literally five minutes, I got a confirmation of OBC upon embarkation! woo hoo. Love this forum! Thanks for posting!
  9. just got the nicest gift box from Cruise Critic for using my photo for the June 2021 calendar. so fun! lanyards, luggage tags, magnets and more things still to be unpacked. I encourage everyone to submit a photo. such a nice gesture! Thanks Cruise Critic for the goodies. It was fun and easy submitting a photo too.
  10. This is my window. What is yours? We wish you were here. As for cruising: I think about you when I'm counting sheep.I think about you then I can't sleepI think the ocean is just so deepThat's my window on the world. Thanks to all of you, and most of all to Jimmy 🌴
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