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  1. Thank you everyone for your inputs. So, I ended up putting down the deposit for a 4 day, sailing Fantasy on July 31, 2020. I booked an oceanview cabin and the fare with fees and taxes was $2,018 and change. I'm excited about this cruise, as I mentioned it's for my anniversary and we are sailing without our 3 year old. Unless this cruise just blows me away, this could very well be our only Disney cruise. Time will tell. I am also interested in trying NCL and RCL, having only sailed Carnival, so that will also factor into my future cruising decisions on whether to book another Disney cruise in the future.
  2. From what i have found and what others have told me, definitely not. And the rates for 3rd and 4th passengers look to be a lot more than on other cruise lines. Granted, this is what I've found from doing mock bookings with DCL and other cruise lines.
  3. My family are frequent cruisers, having sailed (I believe) 17 times with Carnival. We are also frequent Disney World visitors. My wife and I have decided it's time to try DCL and expand our horizons. However, and I'm not surprised, the prices are just crazy, oftentimes double or triple what I can currently price out on Royal or Norwegian. Does anyone have any tips on scoring the best prices on a DCL cruise, whether that's booking certain number of days out, using certain promotions if DCL runs similar promos every year (similar to what Disney World does every year with free dining, etc.), or anything else? Just curious if I'm missing something. I'm presently looking at a surprise anniversary cruise for the wife and I next year on the Dream on August 31, 2020. I can get an oceanview guarantee for $2,033. Still a lot of money for a 4-day cruise. Thanks everyone! (And I understand that DCL is a huge step up from Carnival, and I realize the price differences are going to be there).
  4. My last cruise was on Vista and I learned that I really liked the Vista, despite a lot of people not really liking this ship. This cruise also confirmed to me that I will still cruise with Carnival in the future (I will eventually branch out and try another line). Still haven't had a bad Carnival cruise, and this was my 14th or 15th.
  5. We have a 2 year old daughter and she's been on 2 cruises: her first was right at 6 months (5 days on Triumph) and her second was this past June (8 days on Vista). We had a blast on both cruises. She couldn't do Camp Ocean on the Triumph so she was with us the whole time. Definitely a different cruise experience than any of our other past cruises. The Vista cruise she spent lots of time in Camp Ocean and she loved it. She spent several hours a day there and several hours with us. We also had excursions to the beach and she loved the ocean. Since you have 3 under 3, they should do really well in Camp Ocean together...the Camp Ocean staff is amazing! And they loved seeing our daughter (I think she was the staff's favorite since she was so young and is easy going). As far as staterooms, I'd get connecting rooms and go from there. But the best advice I can offer is to have a great cruise together and make lots of memories. Have a great time! We are taking our daughter on her 3rd cruise in 2 weeks (5 days on Elation) and her 4th next May (7 days on Miracle).
  6. I have this shirt too. I'd love to replace it with a new one since it's old now and it's got holes in it. I don't think they make this one anymore. Maybe we could petition them to bring it back!
  7. Vista does not have the elevators that the Horizon has. We were just off Vista a couple weeks ago. I've been in several office complexes with these new type elevators and they are really quick and convenient. Hopefully they are the norm on all Carnival new builds going forward.
  8. I'm looking at deck plans for the Fantasy as we are looking at a quick cruise on her. I'm curious and I haven't figured this out but does she have a slightly different layout than the other Fantasy-class ships? The Promenade deck and Atlantic deck seem to have a weird layout.
  9. It'll most likely be another big round of "dancing of the ships" when May 2020 and beyond is released. And I'm ok with that. New ships are nice.
  10. It might possibly be on the Cucina menu too, but I don't recall.
  11. Ocean Plaza is IMHO one of the best things they did with the Dream and Vista classes. Putting the house band on a dinky stage in the middle of Promenade and having people dancing pretty much in the middle of the Promenade walkway as on the Fantasy class and Conquest class ships is just not efficient and causes way too much congestion.
  12. I love the glass elevators too. We didn't spend a lot of time in the atrium but it always seemed crowded/busy. Actually, the atrium bar was probably the only bar we never ordered a drink at during the whole cruise.
  13. Sunrise could actually be a fitting name. Represent the sun rising and a hopefully bright future for the ship after her series of unfortunate events in the past.
  14. That waterfall pool on Sunshine needs to be rolled out on ALL future Carnival new builds. It's beautiful to look at and fun to be in the pool and under the waterfall.
  15. JiJi was fantastic the one night we went! We did Bonsai twice and both times was disappointing, considering we did Bonsai on Sunshine and it was excellent.
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