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  1. Someone nicely provided links for the first 2 shows and would greatly appreciate it if someone could post links for the last 2 shows. I don't use Facebook so can't access them that way. Thanks to anyone who can post the links.
  2. We stayed in 816 on explorer. I don't recall any issues with wind on ours and when weather allows i tend to spend a lot of time on the balcony. We have the same cabin booked for 2020.
  3. Yes the air credit is missing but it is really easy to figure it out. Do a pretend booking with air and 1 without and the net difference is the air credit. I was looking at a cruise for 2021 and wanted to know the air credit without asking my TA so just went ahead and ran the booking twice. Voila - the air credit. A bit more trouble but easy.
  4. It may not be an official term for the airline industry but almost every airline site i visited uses the term when you go to book - round trip, one-way or multi-city. So for those of us not as experienced as you the term is what we know.
  5. So what is your verdict? For me it is the best beef tartare onboard but i am interested to know what you thought.
  6. I understand your perspective regarding TAs. I mostly use our TA to get the rebate and the OBC. You can book your cruise and do everything yourself then transfer the booking to a TA within 30 days to get whatever benefits they are offering. The rebate cheque can be 5 - 10% of the cruise fare so you are leaving a fair amount of money on the table. Your choice of course. Like you i prefer to keep as much control as possible and that is why i have my TA release our booking to Regent so i can deal with Regent Air directly. You can mostly get your cake and eat it too using a TA that gives you money back. Enjoy your cruise.
  7. Oh what a hoot. i hope my path crosses his sometime as he is a gem. Thanks for the great story. Your photos and commentary are wonderful.
  8. You are very knowledgeable about flying. Though i haven't flown anywhere near as much as you, i assume, i do understand how all this works. My comment about them staying later alludes to the fact that RA's contracts can be different on different days and on different routes. As well the fact that we booked flights at different times means that there can be contracts with different airlines and routes depending on when you book your air. I was simply giving my experience and don't need a lecture from you. If you want to share information for the beneift of readers in general than you can do that without referencing anyone else's comments or putting down other people's opinions. It is wonderful that you take the time to share your vast knowledge but it would be nice if you didn't assume that you are the only one that knows anything or put down people who share their experiences.
  9. Just be warned this is not always true. They aren't always accurate. I watch them for the tour we picked. Last year i chose a tour based on the description at the time of choosing it and then re-confirmed the description from the TV. The tour was not like either of the descriptions and a major disappointment. This was the excursion i wanted the most and it was awful. Don't believe everything you read or watch.
  10. As i mentioned already for our flights for this fall from DXB we were given absolutely no option flying home. I was told the only flight available was BA through LHR so that is what we are on. Now we are leaving the day of debarkation. I asked about Emirates and was told 1500 pp to fly to the west coast. Later Regent offered Emirates to our friends at no additional charge. They are staying on doing a land package with Regent so maybe that made some difference. It is hard to say if Regent will offer Emirates or not with or without a surcharge. I usually have my TA release me to speak to Regent Air. Saves me a bunch of time as i can speak directly with RA agent and go through all the options. When i think i have an option i am happy with the RA agent emails me the itinerary, then i have a couple of days to review and see if i am happy with it. If not i call Regent back and work with them more to see what i can get. I have used my TA to book flights but i found it awkward and time consuming to go back and forth if the options i gave the TA didn't work. If you are looking at a bunch of different flight schedules and different days it may be more efficient for you to talk to the agent directly. You can always bring you TA into if you can't get anywhere. Good luck.
  11. As mentioned previously, it depends on whether you have many options that you will be happy with. We tend to book right around the 270 day mark as we care about what airlines we travel on and what routes we take. If your gateway airport has many airlines and routes to get you where you are going then it is probably fine to wait. We are on the Barcelona to Dubai cruise this year. We were given no option for our return flight. We were only offered BA out of Dubai. We could only fly Emirates if we were willing to pay $1500 pp for the return flight. Not happening. However friends that booked the same cruise only recently who are also in western Canada were offered Emirates through SEA at no extra charge for their return flight. On a previous cruise we booked around the 270 mark and were told that we got the last contracted seats on the return flight we wanted so had we waited we wouldn't have got the flights we wanted. It can be a crap shoot. It boils down to what you are comfortable with. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
  12. Thanks for taking us along on your cruise. Fantastic pictures and commentary. Really enjoying both your and Susan's threads.
  13. Thanks for the photos of the floral arrangements. I find there always seems to be beautiful flowers on board. Might be a good day for a sea day with the crappy weather. Hope you had a great time whatever you did.
  14. I concur with your comments on Rouge. I really like AC business class but don't care for Rouge at all. We like BA and actually don't mind the seating arrangement. My DH likes the window and i the aisle, he doesn't care about flying backwards and rarely gets out of his seat so doesn't have to worry about stepping over another sleeping person. I get why others dislike it so much. As long as i have an aisle i am happy. As well most of our flights on BA are on 747 and though they are old, we generally have lucked out getting upstairs and with the exit row for DH so no problem then with having to step over anyone when wanting to get up. Also when we fly BA we do so through Regent and we get to book our seat selection well in advance at no charge.
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