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  1. Thanks everyone for the kind words. We made it home safe and sound though it was not the enjoyable trip home i wished for. It started with a less than stellar transfer experience and went downhill from there. Unfortunately our time on BA was not as good as it has been in the past. Our flights were on very old 747's that left a lot to be desired . The only upside was we were upstairs and it tends to be quieter and less hectic up there. All our flights were late leaving but fortunately the time was made up for the most part. The flight attendants were very good but the food was barely edible and have to say i was somewhat surprised that for an 8 hour flight and a 9 hour flight respectively we weren't offered better food options. Did put a bit of a damper on the end of our holiday especially because our cruise next year ends in London and i expect BA will be the only option coming home. After this recent experience i really don't want to end another vacation with this kind of experience. It only added insult to injury that friends that booked at final payment time in the same suite class were offered Emirates business for no extra cost so had a private limo transfer to look forward and a much better experience home.
  2. Thanks Jean. Wish i had seen your post in time. The BA lounge was quiet and comfortable so all worked out okay.
  3. Just in the BA lounge at T3 (ugh) and though there were slow times and the inability to connect on occasion I don't think it was that horrible. Annoying but as you read and saw flossie009 and I both managed to write pretty frequently as well as posted quite a few pictures. Of course my need to be connected all the time is probably not as great as some others.
  4. Well it is 6:30 am and we are sitting in the theatre waiting for our number to be called to go get our luggage and transfer to the airport for our 10 am flight to LHR then onto YVR and finally home. These early mornings are brutal when we are looking at 24 hours of travel.
  5. I didn't have the truffle fries with the tartare. It was an appy. The fries were with the surf and turf entree. I think the tartare is great no matter what venue you have it at.
  6. Some of the last of the food pictures. We were in P7 tonight and here are some of the appetizers. In particular the steak tartare is for Hambagahle who is a purist. Prawn cocktail and the crab cake. Ate too much but it was very good. For my friends I had truffle fries and they were quite good but not Boston level. I did have to send the first batch back as they were barely cooked and if I am going to suffer for fries they have to be crispy. Second batch much better. Tonight is Rockin Soul by the production company. Not sure I will attend as just too tired and unlike flossie009 I haven't been as impressed with the cast. I think they are enthusiastic, good dancers but am not as happy with the singing. Could be I am not big into sopranos and find they don't have strong voices.
  7. Thanks to everyone that followed along and left comments for us. I appreciate you taking the time to read our adventures.
  8. Our guide was a very talkative guy and for the about 4.5 hours we spent in the bus we may have had a half hour when he wasn't talking. He gave a lot of interesting information about Oman and Omani life. He tried to teach us Arabic which was less than successful for most of us. There were 2 buses that went, 15 on ours and 14 on the other. We did the cave and lunch as 1 large group.
  9. Thanks Hambagahle. It has been fun but must confess I am ready to go home. I am afraid the bed didn't agree with me so sleep has been elusive. Here are a couple of pictures of pictures of the cave as well as one of the Sultan's yacht. The Silver Spirit was in port and my DH commented he thought the yacht was bigger than it.
  10. Today was Muscat, Oman. We are just pulling away from the dock, headed to our last port. We went to Al Hoota cave. It was interesting but another day with many hours on a bus. Stopped for lunch at a hotel that to me has seen better days. Their main restrooms were being renovated so we had to go out and use the pool toilet. Let's just say it wasn't great. The hotel was certainly not up to the standards we had in most other places. On the upside the food was very good. No pictures allowed in the cave. There was supposed to be a train from the ticket area to the cave but it was not operating. I think they were trying to make all us foreigners walk off the many days of cruise food. Actually it was a nice walk where you could see more of the scenery and take pictures that wouldn't have been available riding on the train. Got to go. Time for more food and drinks.
  11. I was sure I posted a picture of our first sunset from our side of the ship. I will try again. We had dinner in Chartreuse and though it wasn't busy 1 of our 4 dinners was late being delivered. They were very apologetic and we weren't in a hurry but one of our party ate dinner after the rest of us were done.
  12. If you have large OBC make sure whether some of it is refundable or all nonrefundable. You may be able to cash out some of it so don't waste it if you don't need to.
  13. Tonight is Krew Kapers at 5:45. We are off to Chartreuse tonight and Prime 7 tomorrow night and then CR our last night. Already contemplating starting the packing process as we are on an all day tour tomorrow and an afternoon one in Dubai leaving Friday morning and a little in the afternoon the only time to get it done. Am not looking forward to the grueling many hour trip from DXB to YVR via LHR and then a short hop from YVR home.
  14. Today is our final seaday and only a couple more days before they throw us off on Saturday. I am guessing it will be an extremely early departure as we have a 10:05 flight out. Last night dinner was in Setti Mari. The guys all opted for the giant veal chop and I had the steak.
  15. Below is the sashimi and sushi. Also some other cold fish and vegetables. As well as some hot dishes of assorted fish. Quite the spread.
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