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  1. Here is some science on them. Glad to hear that you wear them even without knowing the science. https://www.ucsf.edu/news/2020/06/417906/still-confused-about-masks-heres-science-behind-how-face-masks-prevent
  2. That isn't the whole story. The police went to his home as Wendy said. There was an 'interaction' between the man and 2 police officers and shots were fired. The man had a pistol and a semi-automatic rifle. He was 72 years old. Thankfully it doesn't happen that often.
  3. Getting a refund out of Air Canada for a transborder flight is difficult if not impossible especially if you are canceling and not them. As your ticket was non-refundable and if you cancel then an e-credit is a good option because under normal circumstances you would get nothing. Unfortunately the fact your cruise is cancelled is irrelevant to whether you are entitled to a refund or an e-credit. Now if they cancel your flights that is a different situation though the outcome may not be different. They canceled my booking for May flights due to Covid-19 and government travel advisories. Online all you could get for a non-refundable ticket was an e-credit good for 24 months. I went online and applied for a refund under the US DOT rule that said that flights canceled by airlines that fly into or out of the USA must provide a refund. Air Canada seems to ignore this. Heard nothing from Air Canada other than an email acknowledging the refund application and it has been months. As it was getting close to the deadline for filing a dispute with my credit card company i went that route. I heard back from the credit card company yesterday asking for copies of the emails where AC cancelled the flight and AC acknowledged my filing the refund request. I am hoping that i will get my refund through them as opposed to directly from AC. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for AC to give you a refund. Keep the credit card option open if AC does in fact end up canceling your booking.
  4. We also have one booked for September 2021 and like you remain hopeful that the ships will be sailing and we are able to go.
  5. My experience is that if you booked before the announcement of the new deal (May 2020 i believe) then you have to contact your TA or Regent, request the new deal and pay any difference in fare between what you paid and what the current fare price is on your cruise(s). We tried it on both of our cruises that were booked before the new deal came out and in both cases the fare had gone up on our cruises to the extent that it made it financially ridiculous to take advantage of the deal. As Marc said they were able to pay a $100 increase in fare on his booked cruise and then get the 1000 OBC and Regent reassurance.
  6. Our 2021 cruise was booked onboard in 2019 and the price has gone up 750 pp. As we had booked this one so long ago i knew it was a long shot. The 2022 cruise was booked Mar 2020 when we cancelled a 2020 cruise due to my DH's health not covid-19 and transferred the deposit to it. It has gone up 950 pp since we booked. Hence in both cases the total new price is way more than the 1000 per suite OBC. As usual we seem to book the cruises that go up in price and not get to take advantage of any deals. The one exception was a large price decrease on the 2020 cruise that we had to cancel (and is now canceled by Regent) that we got the decrease price on under the onboard price guarantee. As it was canceled we never got to take advantage of the price decrease. Lucky you to be able to take advantage of the new deal.
  7. We have 2 cruises booked for 2021 and 2022. We tried to get the $1000 OBC on either or both but the cruise fares on both had increased so much that we would have paid more than the OBC. Needless to say we didn't do it. I am so hoping that both cruises will go ahead without any issues. The first one isn't until Sept 2021 so here's hoping.
  8. Please don't restrain yourself. With no trips to follow this is a wonderful way to live vicariously through others' cruises even if they were in the past. I love reading about other peoples' highlights.
  9. We received ours in the mail the other day but must admit i haven't read it yet. Will take a look at it this weekend. Thanks for mentioning it.
  10. By paying a $175pp deviation fee, you can have a say in the airlines that you fly on. I noted "have a say" because your preferred airline may not have a contract with Regent and therefore not available on the route you want to take or the gateway you fly out of. You can deviate 270 days before your cruise. You can contact your TA and provide them with 2 or 3 options and they will contact Regent Air and see what they can do. You do not pay the fee until you accept the deviated flights. You can also ask your TA to release your booking to Regent Air and deal with them directly. This is what i do as i prefer to talk over my options directly with Regent Air rather than stick my TA in the middle of the process. Once you have agreed to an itinerary Regent air agent will send you the itinerary and you then have a few days to accept or reject it. If you accept it, Regent Air will send the info to your TA and you and the TA will then process the fee. If you decide to reject it you can always go back to Regent Air and see what else you can work out. If you decide to take your chances with what Regent gives you there is no payment of the deviation fee. If you want to change your flight dates so you arrive earlier or leave later then you have to deviate unless you are participating in a Regent pre or post cruise package (including the 1 night pre cruise package for Concierge or above) then they would automatically give you flights that coincide with the dates for early arrival or later departure.
  11. Congratulations on your new booking and wishing good luck with the Jan 2021 sailing.
  12. I haven't given it much thought but maybe i will. I better check with my CC to see what the rules are before i miss the opportunity. I am a bit tossed because i do fly AC so would likely not have a problem using the credit. Most of the problem for me is that i bought tickets for 2 of us and it would be much simpler finance-wise to just get back the money. If we have to use the credit my friend would have to pay me for her credit that she might not use for 2 years. Generally she flies WestJet so this is more of a problem for her. She has status on WestJet so to fly AC means having to pay for the extras. We had a bit of a convoluted trip planned. Thanks for your comments on the restuarants. My apologies to the TS for getting off topic to a certain extent.
  13. I wouldn't bother calling AC again. Their agents have been told to give the line 'no refund, credit only'. I do fly AC fairly often but still don't like them not issuing a refund when they cancel the flight. I live about an hour flight east of Vancouver. Vancouver is one of my favorite places on earth and try and get there as often as possible. Which restaurants do you consistently go to? Whenever i go down i try and eat at as many of my favorites as possible as well some new ones. A friend of mine and i go down every January to attend Dine Out Vancouver to take in some new restaurants as well as hit some regulars. I know rules have lightened up in Vancouver and most restaurants have reopened under some restrictions. I get emails from restaurants i frequent. Can't wait to make another trip down there. Good luck. You should be able to get a refund either through AC or through your credit card.
  14. i have filed an online refund request attaching the ruling from the US Dept of Transportation but have not heard back positively or negatively. I figured i had nothing to lose to at least try.
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