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  1. We have been on a few cruises over the years. I have always worn a suit and wife a dress on the "Formal Night" or whatever they call it now. I have always been very impressed when I see gentleman wearing a tuxedo and ladies wearing gowns/evening dresses ! Whenever we get to cruise again I will definitely wear a tuxedo !
  2. On our first cruise out of Fort Lauderdale on embarkation day we were docked next to a Carnival ship, we were on the Holland America Eurodam. We are not that old, 60ish, lol. But, the noise, loud music and drunks that we saw on that ship was ridiculous, and it was still hours from departing. At that moment I swore I would never ever cruise with Carnival. We would love to cruise on Disney one day with grandsons !
  3. I have been a long time follower of the happenings to start cruising again. We have received our 2nd dose of the Moderna vaccine and wearing a mask for us is no problem, let's cruise ! My question is Covid testing prior to departure within 72 hours, will we have to get a test on our own, will the cruise line test you, so on and so forth ? I realize there are a lot of variables to cruise again but I am totally confused about testing which I see will be mandatory before cruising. Thank you !
  4. This topic may have been covered, I apologize if it has. Question : Would we be offered lunch in the main dining room if we have cruised with X previously if we don't have Concierge class ? The first time we cruised with X we were Veranda class, and we were invited to lunch in the main dining room. The next couple times we were Concierge. Our next cruise on X will be Veranda. Just hoping we will be able to have lunch in main dining room instead of buffet.
  5. I saw this post and was shocked, again !!! We have a cruised booked on X Constellation next year November, I hope this isn't true and if so wait till we cruise before they get rid of her, lol !
  6. During this period of Covid-19 ships have been sort of in limbo. I recall that the Constellation which was due for "Revolution", but it was postponed ? Does anyone know if it has been done or has been rescheduled ?
  7. I am looking for a printable pdf cocktail checklist. I saw it somewhere on the internet but cannot find it again. Thanx
  8. This may sound real stupid but here goes. I have been on few cruises and I'm always amazed at how few electrical outlets in the cabin. I am afraid to take a power strip so we switch devices between outlets. My question is if I use an European outlet adapter can I plug in my USA items ? Thank you !
  9. OK, but can you choose 2 at Pinnacle and 2 at Canaletto or are you required to each one ?
  10. On our very first cruise we sailed on HAL Eurodam, Eastern Caribbean, very nice. My only regret is that we did not save our daily newsletters. I could not find a link on CC, could someone direct me how to find them on the most recent Caribbean/Panama Canal newsletters, thank you.
  11. I'm not sure if this subject has ever been discussed, if so, excuse me. Is acceptable or not to take pictures of your meals in Buffet/MDR/Specialty Restaurants ?
  12. It's been a very long time since I cruised on HAL, so, I apologize if this subject was already covered and answered, I can't find it. Where can I find a listing of alcoholic brands that are available at HAL bars ? Thank you !
  13. We are booked on X 11/2020, maybe. Anyway, I have seen postings about limited occupancy of future cruising. No one knows the number, I have seen anywhere between 50% and 75%, who knows. So I was also, like others, if this is true, how will they decide who cruises and who gets canceled. It would make total sense to only allow cabins with balconies to cruise. I will be looking forward to see what X does.
  14. I just wanted to afirm what everyone else has posted. Our last cruise we also stayed at Embassy Suites/ It was wonderful, excellent breakfast prior to going to port, staff was good, room was excellent. It's much better to arrange your own transportation to port rather than using hotel shuttle, it's a lot less hectic and crowded if you use Uber/Lyft, car arrived 5 min after calling and was at the port in 10 min.
  15. Odd ??? I see a few posts from "Europeans" saying that they think its an "American Thing" arriving at port a day or two before the cruise. Last year we met a family from the UK that arrived at FLL the day of the cruise only to discover the port had changed to Miami, it was widely announced of the port change in advance. Anyway, they missed the shuttle, had to arrange their own transportation, this was their first time in our country, they nearly missed the cruise. Bottom line is if they had arrived the day prior some of the mess could have been avoided. So, keep thinki
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