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  1. Dwight, If I recall you were on the Mt Cook overland adventure with us? The experience of landing up hill on a glacier is one I will never for get. Such an amazing adventure. Do you have any overlands this time?
  2. Opps that trip from Rio to Mumbai is in the wrong direction. That won't be nice losing an hour often for 44 days.
  3. Opps that cruise goes in the wrong direction. Losing an hour over and over does not appeal. Too bad.
  4. Oooh. Grand journey from Rio to Mumbai on the Serenity. That interest me. When do prices show up?
  5. In the news again Ecuador has become much less stable. Yikes do we really want to go in September?
  6. We are big fans of Icelandair. We had no issues with our luggage. We did travel business class, SAGA. They fly nonstop from PDX which is wonderful for us. The food was good. The style very Icelandic and friendly. They have a lovely lounge in KEF. Don't worry they are good.
  7. Talk to your TA. They can watch for you and advise if that is of great concern.
  8. ijkh

    Promenade Deck

    ...and 930 passengers vs Serenity (our favorite) 740. That is a positive in our opinion. Everyone's budget is their own and there is no best answer for all. For you and Zsa Zsa it sounds as though Serenity or Symphony might float your boat.
  9. Ironically we went to Valentino's for a special occasion with family. We had an absolutely awful meal. So there you go.
  10. ijkh

    Promenade Deck

    You can do both! One of each, two of each. Does Viking have pickleball?
  11. I agree LeeAnn it is all part of the cost. There are no short cuts except one. Especially on a WC there is plentiful shipboard credit to be had from one of the many excellent Travel Agents out there. Be a good consumer and don't leave money on the Crystal table. Use your shipboard credit for excursions. We did a mix of excursions on our WC. Group organized, independent over nights and crystal day and overnight tours. We really enjoyed the day safaris along South Africa with being able to return home to Serenity. Such an experience. I will never be sorry. It remains one my favorite travel adventures ever.
  12. ijkh

    Casinos gone?

    Don't fret maybe they will have binge-o.
  13. Any idea if they are still using Steiner (๐Ÿ˜ no relation) Corp for the spa?
  14. ijkh


    If you guys do come into Portland I would be happy to be the welcoming committee. ๐Ÿ™‚
  15. ijkh


    Raising my hand from the back of the room... I have seen a Silversea or Seaborne cruise ship in Portland many many moons ago. And this https://www.portlandbridges.com/00,0,38,0,1,0-portland-oregon.html There is a nice waterfront. Many wonderful wineries beckon beyond.
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