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  1. Since the photos do not show people standing in the water, I would not be so sure that there is a shallow end, unless someone who was in the pool can attest to it.
  2. No, there is no diving, also very little actual swimming. The pools are really too crowded for that. We did take very small floating devices, perhaps 18X12 inches, and no one complained. They are not really to lie down on, just to hang on to. I think if you cut a noodle in half no one would complain about it.
  3. Please tell me it isnt really spelled Pooppourri
  4. To be very fair, Nowhere, ever did the OP ever say anything about associated control or strings attached. If you are seeing those things, they are in your own mind. I just re read the OPs post, and do not see any such thing.
  5. I will attend that! Could we make it a BLT drop? Mayo on the side please.
  6. Loved my inside cabin every bit as much as my mini suite. Never felt it was like a closet. Your mother is an angel on earth, you are lucky!
  7. Terrific, if you happen to have a pocket. I often don't, and was quite happy to use the lanyard.
  8. Never had a bad cup of coffee in Horizen Court, dining room, or from room service. The only coffee I cannot tolerate is Starbucks.
  9. There is also no wait, ever with traditional dining.
  10. As I have asthma, I find them both a threat to breathing. Actually, since the cruise line is definitely a for profit business, I am amazed that they allow smoking in the casino at all. Lots of folks cannot stand the smell in there, and dont visit the casinos because of it .I would imagine that would cost them a pretty penny in lost revenue.
  11. Ignorance and bad manners are a beautiful thing? Huh?
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