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  1. Hope the OP lives on the ground floor,she's probably jumped out of the window by now,lol.
  2. We had a jump start last year on a Ryanair 737-800.Common practise apparently and quite safe.
  3. Spot on explanation JW.I didn't realise that it's probably an outdated term nowdays and younger peeps have never heard of it.
  4. It was my attempt at humour.I am a retired plumber.
  5. As long as it's legal,I don't see a problem.Some plumbers are more dodgy,taking loads of cash.Not me I hasten to add,lol.
  6. OK,I'll simplify my question.Can I buy a bottle of diet coke outside of the package?Marella have a supplement system to cover this problem.
  7. Cheers,this subject has been discussed many times across the boards.A group of cabins shares a "minisystem".If a cabin has balcony doors open,it upsets the air change balance and can knock out all the cabins on that system.Not being a smartass,just repeating what I have read here and will be of advantage to anyone that don't know this,regards, Brian.
  8. Hi,noticed the vodka is on the 6 euro limit.Is the splash of diet coke free or will I have to line up again for a glass of coke to put on the side.Can I buy a bottle of coke outside the package which would work out a lot cheaper than upgrading.I will be honest,this seems an absolute pants scenario.Cheers,Brian.
  9. Hi,just booked our 1st MSC Med cruise which includes easy package.Could somebody post an up to date menu to see if we have to upgrade or not.We drink vodka and diet coke,rose and white wine,not all at once,lol.TIA.
  10. The deposit in question was not that small,it was £1500.
  11. OMG,not Barry Manilow.On second thoughts,he'd be a legal reason for a full refund.
  12. In Cockney plumbers jargon,it means carrying a load of lead pipe.
  13. I saw that programme and the guy paid his deposit 2 years in advance .He tried to get cover but was told it was too far away to insure.Perhaps if he booked a year in advance he might have been OK.A sad scenario.He got his 200 quid back after the programme intervened.Bad publicity for the cruiseline,letting it get that far.
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