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  1. One of Boris's good deeds as London Mayor was to introduce the 60 plus Oyster card.It covers the whole of the Greater London transport system including peak hours.It saved me 60 quid a week the last 6 months travelling to the city before I retired.
  2. Same here when I reached elite on the Woolwich ferry.Didn't even get priority boarding.
  3. A gust of wind took them from 300 ft to 30ft ofwater otherwise it would have totally capsized.They changed the law making muster mandatory before sailing soon after.
  4. Just watched a documentary on the Concordia disaster.OMG that was 9 years ago.They had a load of experts going thru it,what a catalogue of cockups.We sailed from Auckland on the Diamond Princess a month after.The Captain,Dino Sagani took over retraining all the Carnival Corp Captains.Top bloke.
  5. Perhaps one should post after the 9 oclock watershed if one is putting peeps off their tea,dinner or supper.
  6. LOL,I was there just before xmas.The only store with West Ham pj,s in stock for the BIL.No good for me,they don't do a West Ham birthday suit.
  7. Yeah,I remember Dr Finleys casebook.Only joking,it probably varies all over.
  8. The NHS pays that invoice and he also has a computer link for repeat prescriptions to our GP.I'm only a retired plumber but I'm sure somewhere in that line of communication that our GP is informed.
  9. But the holes are imported from Polond and stuck at Dover.
  10. Have you got a 24hr Tesco within walking distance.I think masking up, hand sanitizing and going in the early hours would be ok.IMO just to keep the sanity going.
  11. Love the name,wish I had used it when I was in the Dreamboys.Holiday Inn is good for the view.Have to book the superior rooms with seaview.It's getting a bit tired but ok.We were stuck in the lift for half hour and the fire brigade turned up,reminded me of my Dreamboy days again.
  12. When we had ours at the little Boots round the corner,the guy punched us into the computer.I assumed that was the NHS database.
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