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  1. Looks like the wrong time of year for cruisers.....
  2. Gosh!! A limit of 15 DRINKS/DAY! I don't know what I wi;ll do for a drink after lunch! 😁
  3. Gee! Only 60 days. I have been waiting 5 months....
  4. A little history. The Canal cruisers don't see. Gatun Lock drained for maintenance. Some very young cruisers....
  5. Townsville Star (British mutton ship) Panama Canal Transit 1975.....
  6. They also agreed to a contract..... Hooray for transatlantics!
  7. Eidford with the boat tour into the fjord is great
  8. I like #1 better, but it is a shame to miss Flam....
  9. Just another thing they have and you can't get...... Still awaiting FCC (5 months)
  10. Theses are the gest views (no water in the lock)
  11. D you actually have this confirmed that you can use it now??
  12. So if the inaugural is the TA, how about us who are already booked on the TA??
  13. Could our TA be the maiden voyage??
  14. Thanks for all the good inf so far......☹️
  15. Any new info on the Ryndam build schedule?
  16. " I thought they came before the cash refunds did but apparently not. " Has ANYONE seen FCC before cash refund? I certainly haven't. Got all my cash back. but only promises (and restrictions) on the FCC! and its use. BTW: MY experience with CC disputes. Merchant immediately stops processing as soon as a dispute is filed...
  17. Latest from my TA;HAL says cant apply FCC to cruise deposit. Has to be cash. Really getting bad....
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