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  1. Haven't used that but have used paper tags. Do you have time to get plastic inserts for them. We've done that in the past with another luggage company and for a cruise line where ours came via e-mail. One of many on Amazon and you could get it quickly. https://www.amazon.com/SBYURE-Transparent-Luggage-Plastic-Business/dp/B0CSNWHDYF/ref=sr_1_21_sspa?crid=1D6DAG18XAY1V&dib=eyJ2IjoiMSJ9.eOkfo8-RWD5PfEup-MTqmuwm8UvFRyKQlo4_yzptK9k4pyq119vmGngMsxATKGJjcek8Qupwi8ZU_LuyWDKHN5EVJe69RGpkGsxJShPtI1eJTecTZiwGWnpIAAnGdlSrkNdoER9J_ATArDGf1E-5UTii1RVEFt_sa1YrbFf_BmCbsCv4_-2hkU1z1TOcge3RIEMO04fo8OSeNFkh6cUFzfGOWb-LuUXblmgi4-sS2N1SY5hgV2YphK3Uc5LPsIl7Reiow6f8kTTed7Pn-vrSTwHBLD6aFYnXP2n5Yjiz6M4.SyhRpu-fRIpggSGJWimNwgnWVALI-S89RWjhqYwNOUg&dib_tag=se&keywords=luggage+tag+holders&qid=1716267665&sprefix=luggage+tag+holders%2Caps%2C116&sr=8-21-spons&sp_csd=d2lkZ2V0TmFtZT1zcF9tdGY&psc=1 Keith
  2. Phyllis it is right there. Very short walk.
  3. Happy Mother's Day to those celebrating today. This is a Crystal Cake we enjoyed with family in 2014 on-board Serenity. Keith
  4. Before leaving home I make up my own tags that say Crystal Serenity, Your first and last name and your Suite/Room Number. The hotel might have some kind of generic tag you can use so I would check at the bell desk about that when you arrive. Keith
  5. After 50+ years the Let It Be Movie has been restored and is streaming on Disney+. We watched it on Tuesday and Wednesday. Seems like just yesterday when they were together. Keith
  6. A similar writeup on this. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/people-opinions/adriana-granato-tapped-ak-group-design-oversight-mortolas-crystal-newbuilds
  7. This is great. I know everyone wants answers but like most good things they will happen in time. Keith
  8. My experience is that I rarely have dine at Osteria (or when it was Prego) or Umi Uma where there were young children. It' not just that they are specialty restaurants but it's not the type of cuisine that is appealing to many children. Instead Waterside, and Tastes is where most would dine. As to options: You can arrange for a babysitter(s) to watch the children. We did this one night when we had a Vintage Room with our adult children while we had two babysitters from Crystal watch the grandchildren. And some children are on board with their extended families. So one night we had dinner with the children in our room while our adult children and their spouses went to a specialty restaurant. I know others who have done the same thing. Like I said, on many cruises you will see no children or just a handful. Exceptions are Summer in place such as Alaska and over Thanksgiving and Holiday cruises if the ship is sailing places such as the Caribbean. But you will see children on other lines as we did in Alaska on another luxury line. The difference is that ship had no facilities for children nor an junior counselors. There are a few lines that don't have children but they are not luxury lines. I am not knocking that. The original poster said Europe in June. I suspect very few children on board and no different than other luxury lines. JMO. Happy Cruising. Keith
  9. I normally would let this go but I don't agree with a blanket statement that says children being bored to tears. Full disclosure. We brought our adult children and at the time three grandchildren on board Serenity on a seven day California Coastal Cruise in 2017. The family had a wonderful time. The crew was fabulous as they always are and that included being wonderful with the grandchildren. The grandchildren had a wonderful time. I look back at the photos and they put a smile on my face. We celebrated a special wedding anniversary and renewed our wedding vows on the ship. One might we had two crew members who babysit watch the grand children and they were superb. We were very respectful of others and didn't take the grandchildren to specialty restaurants. Is sailing on a luxury line for all grandchildren? No. Is it for all adults? No. The same goes for just about everything IMHO. Anyway, if someone wants a guarantee not to sail wit any children I believe there are a couple of lines for that. And finally several years ago I sailed on another luxury line in Alaska and the ship had a lot of children on board. The difference is that they had no special rooms for the children nor did they have any programs and the ship was smaller than a Crystal vessel so that experience was a lot different from any other one I had experienced on a luxury line. Keith
  10. So now I think I am confused. If you love Crystal than new Crystal is certainly not any different than you had experienced when it comes to children. I just don't see you having many children in June in Europe. If you do have children it will likely be a handful based on my experiences sailing Europe in June or anytime in the Summer with Crystal. Keith
  11. New Crystal like old Crystal markets to solos, couples and families. They still have children's rooms on each ship. On certain itineraries you are more apt to see children and that includes Holiday Cruises particularly when it sails the Caribbean and also Alaska sailings in the summer. We sailed in Europe last Summer with Crystal and there were not many children on each sailing. But the good news is unlike many of the luxury lines they have those children's rooms and if there are a certain number of children on board they will bring on Junior Activity Directors. I really doubt you will see many families particularly in June and in Europe. Keith
  12. Well, you might as well start learning about wine as soon as you can. 😂
  13. I am pretty sure the attire is not correct. I would expect two formal nights. To be sure I would suggest writing to on board guests services at: obgs@crystalcruises.com You cannot reserve the Vintage room lunches/dinners ahead of time. I suggest seeing the head sommelier the day you board. You could send an e-mail to on board guest services noting your name(s) and suite/room number and saying you are interested in attending a lunch and/or dinner but again be sure to speak with the Head Sommelier after you born. Keith
  14. On another site Crystal Cruises responded to a question about the December 2024 Symphony sailing saying they are working on finalizing the details and to stay tuned for further information so hopefully something will be communicated sooner rather than later. Keith
  15. Patty like you said earlier I am sure it will be Serenity. After all we are talking about 2025.As Dwight said if the plan is to start in Miami and go to Rio so it would not be possible to get Symphony over there unless they somehow could do a Star Trek and beam it over. And I think it can't be flown over either by airplane. And its 2025 itinerary is set other than whatever they do with respect to the cruises later this year and Serenity is set other than the World Cruise. Keith
  16. Carole, I agree with Vince. It looks indeed like you won't have a lifeboat right below you. But if you look in either direction while standing up you will see lifeboats. We were in 9066 a few years ago coincidentally on the same cruise that Vince was on. This is not considered an obstructed Suite either and I feel that it was not as well. If you sit in a chair you can look out and you have no obstructions. In our case if you stood up and looked down you may or may not see the lifeboat below you if you are over one. To us it was no big deal. I've included photos from the verandah of 9066 to give you a feel when Anne Marie and I were standing and what she caught while taking the photos. Keith
  17. As mentioned, the closing time will vary based on loading. With medium to high occupancy likely 9:30 PM and if low occupancy likely 9:00 PM. This represents the times they take the last reservation, so this won't likely be an option for you with a 9:30 pm arrival to the ship. Due to that time and it being a Crystal excursion Crystal will likely have something arranged for all of your returning from tour. You can check with on board guest services on this one at: obgs@crystalcruises.com Keith
  18. Nancy, I've never seen the Mick perform in person but I stood about five feet from him during our pre-cruise stay at the Ritz Carlton before our first Crystal Cruise on-board Crystal Harmony in July 2002. The irony is we were in the Club Room at the Ritz and Anne Marie taps on my shoulder to look up. I do just that and I think to myself who is this "bumb" at the hotel. He didn't look very good but then again it was morning and as I've come to learn most entertainers do not keep the same hours as I do. 😀 My morning when I wake up is their night. 😃 Then the lightbulb went off and I realized it was the Mick. Later read in the newspaper that he was in-town for his Daughters wedding. Keith
  19. I hear you and wish it was possible but as I have come to learn it is very labor intensive. I would note this on your survey though. I am happy that at least NC was receptive to publish some of this. As you note, there have been some mistakes such as the ones you mentioned. I think of some of this as a work in progress. Some features were not available when new Crystal was launched or some were limited such as initially being able to make reservations far closer to the cruise than it is now. Wishing you a wonderful cruise. The great news is that so much of the on-board experience is as it was but IMHO it has been enhanced. That is not to say that everyone will like everything including the changes. Suggestion. I find on-board guest services extremely helpful. For your cruise I would write to them and see if they can answer your questions about dance ambassadors, who the Captain, Cruise Director and Restaurant Manager will be. E-Mail is obgs@crystalcruises.com Keith
  20. 80 seems not to have slowed done some performers such as Mick Jagger 80, Paul McCartney 81 and Ringo Starr 83 just to name a few and then there is Dolly Parton 78 in that outfit at the Super Bowl. You are as young as young as you feel. 😀 And I am starting to know that feeling. 😀 The key is to avoid looking in the mirror when you think who the heck is that person. LOL. 😀 My dream voyage would be to have two of the four entertainers I listed. Their music to me is as good to listen to as it was back in the day. Just saying. Keith
  21. I am glad that it had a happy ending. I am glad that Rob was pointed in the right direction as to who to go to at Crystal. 😀 In the end, the good thing that came out of this is a reminder that sometimes offers are not combinable. And finally, a reminder that the devil is in the details. And one final reminder. When people agree or disagree over here I sometimes think to myself in addition to "What A Wonderful World" 😀 for everyone to take a step back and think back to that time that many thought Crystal would not return. And then when it was announced that the ships were bought that many said great but it won't be the old Crystal. Well, it's not Old Crystal but it is New Crystal with many of the attributes of its former self mixed with enhancements. Oh, and a few of the old problems too. LOL. So glad we are able to discuss on this board the Crystal of today; both current and future. Happy Cruising. Keith
  22. They are providing information including entertainers and enrichment lecturers, but not as extensive as before in terms of some of the positions shown. With that said I don't believe other lines publish what they do. To find it, go to the itinerary of the voyage, click on ship overview and scroll down. This link will take you to an example of what is provided. https://www.crystalcruises.com/cruises/none-cse-011-240505?menu=ship_overview Keith
  23. Great itinerary and enhanced with her presence. Keith.
  24. Rob glad this has all been explained and that the explanation makes sense. Keith
  25. Bill, the good news is that the do plan to keep some dishes from old Tastes and combine with the new ones. The good news is that New Crystal has shown they listen such as updating the dinner menu at Osteria. I am glad they have been adding their own touches to the product. Old Crystal always evolved (I remember when the original Tastes on Serenity) served some basic items at dinner with limited choices before it evolved. As to the date, time will tell. Sometimes it take longer than people think as details are all worked out including the sourcing of the ingredients for the new items not to mention training, any new equipment needed, signage, etc. Nice to have something new to look forward to. Keith
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