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  1. it appears as if X has finally closed another loophole with the across the board SBC of $150/cruise pp. It has change the amount to $10/day pp. It use to be if you took a shorter cruise like 4 days you would have received $150, now it would be $40. It appears as of you get the full $150 pp if you choose all 4 perks with the current promo. Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  2. Look at it and figure it out. Use your imagination. 🤗. It is whatever you want it to be. Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  3. Honestly at the moment nothing. i am enjoying being at home and not having to plan what to pack I have super automatic expresso machine that makes any kind of espresso based drinks you can think of by just pressing a few buttons, Jura Giga 5. Don’t have to wait in any line to get one I have all the liquor I like and make the drinks the way that I like them. Have a nice deck with a hot tub that I can sit on and do what I want, including having a drink while in it have great internet if 8 want to use it Have many TV channels, videos and etc to watch instead of the few that are available on board. I can go on and on Life is great and really don’t miss any cruising at the moment and even did a few lift and shifts as we don’t want or need to sail anymore this year. I miss visiting our family and friends more Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  4. This would make sense also. Less passengers less crew. People thinking that there would be better service because of less passengers may be in for a surprise and disappointed. Years ago I work at a car manufacturing plant. They were starting up a new model that would require a new assembly line producing 10 cars per hour. The regular model made 60 per hour. For this new line they needed to hire more workers and gave preference to those already working there the chance to transfer. To most it was simple math, 10 cars/hour instead of 60 meant way less work. Wrong. They had to now learn 6 to 7 more tasks and had to cover more distance in their work space as the line moved very slow and they had to basically walk to each station instead of the car coming to them. They weren’t happy about the new job as it was more work instead of less. The same will result in less capacity on a ship. I am sure that many venues will be closed off and the workers will be performing more duties and jobs. Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  5. Relating to post 5 We also had cabin 10222, and the bed is by the bath. We also like having the bed by the balcony and that is what the deck plan indicated and that is why we chose it. It actually worked out better on the Edge with the infinite veranda to have the bed by the bath so by the mistake we “lucked” out. Didn't have have any problems with the cabin. Is it the best? I don’t know. Happy crusing🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  6. We were on a 10 cruise on the Reflection. It was canceled and ordered back to the port. The 10 day cruise ended after 4 days. We got 50% credit towards another cruise and our cruise fare fully refunded except for some fees. We used some of the refunded amount and bought 100 shares of RCCL stock. It was fun money to begin with and won’t break us if we lost that money as it was basically already spent on that cruise. We still got 4 days of cruising plus the 50% FCC, and money left from the refund after the stock purchase so we almost got the stock as a bonus for free. X could go bankrupt but I have faith that they won’t and things will get back to as it was. Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  7. Every cruise that I have previously booked have now increased, and some beyond reasonable. Probably won’t be booking any more after we complete the last one in Mar 2022. Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  8. I will cruise this year and nothing can change it or stop me because I have already been on 3. Also plan on being able to go on the one we have booked in Dec since we booked at a great price but if it doesn’t happen hopefully we will live on to be able to cruise on the next one or do something else. happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  9. I also thought about a doctor willing to sign a note like that because of any lawsuit. Then I also seen the opportunity for a scam or 2. I could see a “doctor” setting up a Kiosk at a airport giving a fit to travel physical and charging a few hundred dollars for basically the signed form. Then there are also those “doctors” that are willing to sign anything for a fee such as the need for a therapy animal, handicap license and etc. I also wondered how they would check to see if the doctors signature was from a real doctor. If they did this at check in it would take forever and may not be possible. Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  10. If X is refiunding the money or giving 125 % towards another cruise I don’t see any reason for it. The crusie was never taken and you now have the opportunity to take another with the added bonus of 25%. Come on. Let’s get realistic. The cruise industry is hurting and in financial problems. Why try to blood out of a stone? How about a little give and take. What if you got the points if you gave up the extra 25% and than received the amount that you paid towards a future cruise that was non refundable in the same class in a new future booking. Would you do it? As a side note my wife and I don’t need to but we support our local restaurants, places that we patronize frequently and know the owners, with take out. We tell them that we are using our stimulus money to help them stay in business. They in turn tell us how they appreciate it and are really struggling. Every business is struggling Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  11. 100 % of me is over 70. Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  12. We avid the buffet. I think it would be cost effective if all meals were served and would avoid contamination. Passengers are idiots. We just got off of a cruise that was cut short in March. At a Island there was a store with free samples of spirits. I seem a woman take a sample and tried it and than put it back on the tray saying it was terrible. I yelled at her don't put it back throw it out, don’t you have any sense? That is why I don’t try samples that are on a tray. Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  13. Louis XIII and Red Bull. It is covered with the drink packages as you only have to pay the difference. Drink up. 🍷🍸🥃🍺😠
  14. We dined in Sushi and ordered a cocktail from their menu. It was around 12:30. The server brought us the drinks and told us that it may be different than usual as it was made in Cafe al Bacio instead of the World Class Bar because they weren’t open. It was also different because they didn’t have all the ingredients. We had the premium pack so it really didn’t matter but it did as it was terrible. Would have been pissed if we didn’t have the pack and paid for it. Happy cruising 🌊🚢🌅
  15. Am on the Reflection. Don’t know why you are concerned about us. Nothing you can or could do if there were any issues or problems. If you had relatives on board they would have contacted you and even then you couldn’t help. Mass hysteria and crisis is the root of the problem caused by all the politics and news media Life is great Written after having many drinks enjoying the last day on board 🍺🍸🥃🥂🧉🍷 Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
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