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  1. Same here!!! We have a May 23, 2021 Alaskan cruise booked - moved over from our cancelled May 2020 cruise. When we booked this one, never ever did we imagine we'd still be in such a mess this far out. Final payment is due in February, but I hope the cruise is cancelled by PCL. If it sails, I'm sure masks will be required. A year ago I would have sailed anywhere, even with a mask. Now, I'm just SO OVER IT! 😡 But with PCL's more flexible cancel policy right now, we may cancel it ourselves and rebook for 2022. I'm going to reassess the situation closer to final payment date. But I have n
  2. No way would I waste OBC on the lumberjack show. There are far better excursions in Ketchikan. The George Inlet Lodge Wilderness Exploration and Crab Feast is excellent! A flightseeing excursion is also excellent - once in a life time experience for us! Or use it on the train excursion in Skagway.
  3. Agree with this advice. We've done the train several times, but the excursion that included Bennett Lake that we did in 2019 was the best! We were blessed with really nice weather that day, too.
  4. Is this for Princess? We have a May 2021 AK cruise booked - transferred from our May 2020 that was cancelled. Honestly, I hope it's cancelled - don't want to be one of the first people to sail. I would love to move it to 2022 if we could. We also have a CCL Sep 2021 and Dec 2021 booked. Vaccinations are very slow in our area, too. Doesn't seem like the powers that be thought through the logistics of it all - but it is a very large undertaking for sure.
  5. We currently have an AK cruise booked for May. I'm honestly hoping it's cancelled for a number of reasons, one of which being a "bubble" like this. Why bother to even go if all we can do is shop in port? I can do that at home. No thanks. I go to AK to see AK - not the stores. But like one previous poster said, it's still a wait and see game. CV numbers continue to climb, and I'm sure that will still be the case following the Christmas holidays since people are still insisting on not following mask and social distancing guidelines. Just my $0.02.
  6. If that's what it takes to get me back on a ship, so be it! 🥰
  7. The cruise lines will at a minimum be much better prepared than they were back in March for sure. At least they'll be "armed" this time. Let's all pray and remain positive and hope there's not an outbreak bad enough to shut it down again. Fingers crossed!!
  8. Thanks to the OP for posting. Bottom line.....it's a wait and see situation.....like the rest of 2020. I do like the wallpaper behind Christine - I need that for my PC! 🙂
  9. Hubby and I have no issue staying on the ship in each port either. We’ve done that frequently for recent cruises if we’ve already visited that port several times. I will miss being able to go into port and shop a little. But this too shall pass. Cruising will certainly be different for a while, but eventually it will return to somewhat of a normal experience as we’ve seen before. Some things will change for good, but the Overall enjoyable cruise will return someday. Until then, we’ll comply - we just love it too much. But yes - to each his own. Happy cruising regardless of which side you
  10. I feel your pain! 😞 Hubby and I will need to make a decision re: our December cruise in the next couple of days, especially if there's no new announcements from CCL by tomorrow. If our sailing isn't cancelled, I'll catch all kinds of you-know-what from my employer if I go on a cruise right now. Quarantine, testing.....ugh! But I could certainly have worse problems for sure. So ready for all of this to improve, but it may be a while.
  11. Not soon enough - some of us have final payment due dates next week. Sigh.......😞
  12. I respect all viewpoints re: wearing a mask vs. not on a cruise. To each his own. For us, if we are required to mask up once cruising resumes, so be it. We currently wear masks doing things we don't love so much: working at the office, grocery shopping, etc. We've become used to it. It hasn't stopped us from living our lives - life is just too short. If we need to wear a mask while doing something we are SO VERY PASSIONATE about, so be it. When do we sail?? I can't imagine why anyone would be so surprised that masks will be required for a while when cruising resumes - or for that matte
  13. Oh, I'm just heartbroken. Matt was simply......AMAZING! He was the perfect CD - so darn fun and personable. Others are wonderful, too, but there will never be another Matt. I wish him nothing but the best! 😞
  14. AMEN! Just thinking the same thing. I guess we shall see. So frustrating for sure.
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