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  1. Thanks to the OP for posting. Bottom line.....it's a wait and see situation.....like the rest of 2020. I do like the wallpaper behind Christine - I need that for my PC! 🙂
  2. Hubby and I have no issue staying on the ship in each port either. We’ve done that frequently for recent cruises if we’ve already visited that port several times. I will miss being able to go into port and shop a little. But this too shall pass. Cruising will certainly be different for a while, but eventually it will return to somewhat of a normal experience as we’ve seen before. Some things will change for good, but the Overall enjoyable cruise will return someday. Until then, we’ll comply - we just love it too much. But yes - to each his own. Happy cruising regardless of which side you are on!
  3. I feel your pain! 😞 Hubby and I will need to make a decision re: our December cruise in the next couple of days, especially if there's no new announcements from CCL by tomorrow. If our sailing isn't cancelled, I'll catch all kinds of you-know-what from my employer if I go on a cruise right now. Quarantine, testing.....ugh! But I could certainly have worse problems for sure. So ready for all of this to improve, but it may be a while.
  4. Not soon enough - some of us have final payment due dates next week. Sigh.......😞
  5. I respect all viewpoints re: wearing a mask vs. not on a cruise. To each his own. For us, if we are required to mask up once cruising resumes, so be it. We currently wear masks doing things we don't love so much: working at the office, grocery shopping, etc. We've become used to it. It hasn't stopped us from living our lives - life is just too short. If we need to wear a mask while doing something we are SO VERY PASSIONATE about, so be it. When do we sail?? I can't imagine why anyone would be so surprised that masks will be required for a while when cruising resumes - or for that matter angry about it. There will be all kinds of guidelines in place, much like what we have on land now. That's just the way it is. We have cruises booked for Dec 2020, May 2021, Sep 2021 & Dec 2021. I doubt the Dec 2020 cruise sails, so the best chance at a next cruise is May 2021 - and that's iffy still. But if it does, we'll be there. Having said all of that, I can certainly understand why someone would not want to cruise with mask requirements. I stumbled across this video by accident a couple of days ago. I expect all of these guidelines will be in place. Just my opinion. In case anyone is interested..... and happy sailing!
  6. Oh, I'm just heartbroken. Matt was simply......AMAZING! He was the perfect CD - so darn fun and personable. Others are wonderful, too, but there will never be another Matt. I wish him nothing but the best! 😞
  7. AMEN! Just thinking the same thing. I guess we shall see. So frustrating for sure.
  8. I understand completely! This whole thing is just a mess. I just keep reminding myself that if a cancelled cruise is my ONLY problem, I'm still so very blessed. (But I still find myself becoming quite angry over the whole thing!! 😡)
  9. This is correct. We moved our October 2020 cruise payment over to a 2021 cruise with no penalty. CCL is allowing that to be done for Oct/Nov/Dec 2020 cruises.
  10. This will more than likely be the norm for other lines as well. This should come as no surprise. Until an effective vaccine is available and the virus is under control, it will be the new normal. Masks are no fun for anyone, but they are here to stay for a while. If that's what it takes for DH and I to cruise, I guess we'll adhere to the guidelines. We just love it too much to stop.
  11. I'm shocked they haven't cancelled any further cruises out of Galveston with this announcement, considering the situation in TX. Oh well - we moved our October Freedom cruise deposit over to a 2021 cruise, so we're good right now. Our December 2020 Vista cruise out of Galveston remains to be seen though. Best wishes to those that this announcement impacts! 😍
  12. At this point, I'll just be glad to be sailing again in May, if it really does happen. And it's a newer ship! Our reservation is for the May 23 sailing. Just checked our booking on the PCL page - cabin remains the same. Reading another thread on same topic, many are furious to be moved to a different ship. I'll just be thankful to be sailing again regardless of line/ship!
  13. I sure hope not, but for my $$ sake, DH and I have to hope for the best and plan for the worst and do what we feel is best for us. A year ago, not one person on these boards could have predicted COVID-19 and what it's done to the US, not to mention the world......but here we are. What a mess.
  14. So you only got hit with a $50 fee? Ours is an ES fare, so if we cancel, it's my understanding that we'll get hit with a $50 per person fee. Deposit was $198, so $98 as a FCC, but if they go bankrupt, all is lost, in addition to our 3 other cruises. But many have way more tied up than we do for sure.
  15. I e-mailed my PVP last week since we have a final payment due July 13 for an October 11 cruise. She said nothing about this - sounds like CCL isn't telling all of their PVPs everything. Thanks for this info - this would certainly help us if that's the case. I'll contact her again. We currently have only deposits tied up in 4 cruises, and we aren't booking another cruise until they are running again, which will probably be a few years if any of them survive. Bankruptcy for most, if not all, lines is looking more likely every day. We are trying to minimize how much $$ we could possibly lose.
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