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  1. Cruisergal1208

    credit card check-in

    The amount of OBC from TA shows in our confirmation docs. If you want it to go to specific guests, then that is between you and your TA
  2. Cruisergal1208

    credit card check-in

    You no longer register credit card at check in. There are several kiosks around and you have time to find one without a line and use that one. There is one by guest services. Our Credit cards don't require a PIN.
  3. Cruisergal1208

    Drinks on us..upgrade to Premium...

    Started cruising when hubby retired. We sail April 6-20. Did you book directly with MSC or a TA?
  4. Cruisergal1208

    Drinks on us..upgrade to Premium...

    Don't have the answer to your question but just wanted to pop in to say we live in the same place. Also sailing on Seaside in April!! Small world!! Since MSC recently changed their drink packages, lots of discussion on the boards.
  5. Cruisergal1208

    YC drinks

    No. Unless you want some high end premium drinks, you’ll have all you need. Otherwise you can pay the up charge for a premium drink.
  6. Cruisergal1208

    Seaside: Yacht Club cabana

    To each his own.
  7. Cruisergal1208

    Seaside: Yacht Club cabana

    There is no tax on them. You will be assigned one when you rent it. I think it does offer a good way to be out of the direct sun. The times we have used them, we really enjoyed it.
  8. Cruisergal1208

    Why do we get luggage tags and "check-in opens" time?

    Since most of the edocs we get are computer generated, most of the info is general information given on all docs. We still use the printed tags and yes, they still apply the YC tags at the tent. We too go early no matter what time is on our docs. I consider it double protection to use the tags just in case the bags go astray. I guess if we all obeyed our boarding times, there would not be any ques when we arrived? Enjoy your cruise.
  9. Cruisergal1208

    Balcony cabins deck 11 Davina

    https://images.search.yahoo.com/search/images;_ylt=AwrE194yjD9cGScAGpJXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTByMjB0aG5zBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw--?p=msc+divina+deck+11+cabin&fr=mcasa Here is a link to lots of pictures of cabins on deck 11
  10. Cruisergal1208

    Loungers on balcony - Seaside YC

    Yes, if there is space for them, we have asked and received.
  11. Cruisergal1208

    yc restaurant Seaside

    HI, just checked with an asst. server I know on board and he recommends Alex or Randy. I don't think we have had either of them before but Alex is highly recommended. I'm sure any of them will take very good care of you. Hope this helps.
  12. Cruisergal1208

    Seaside 16004 in YC, Question

    If in 16004, turn right coming out of your door and there is a little step up in front of the door next to 16002 to the topsail. We used this when we were in 16012.
  13. Cruisergal1208

    Seaside 16004 in YC, Question

    There is a door to the topsail right at the end of that hallway as well on the other side. No need to go all the way down and back. For short walk to the topsail it would be a good location. However, if you can't do the stairs up to the restaurant, then it doesn't help due to location of the elevators.
  14. Cruisergal1208

    Any delays disembarking Seaside at Miami 1/12/19?

    Not sure about now with the shutdown but in past as soon as customs clears the ship for disembarkation. This has been around 7:30AM. They are now recommending being at airport at least 3 hours before flights for domestic. Don't know about international. To be one of the first off, you will need to self carry all luggage off.
  15. Cruisergal1208

    yc restaurant Seaside

    Not had King as main server just asst. I can’t recall anyone special at this time.