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  1. Why not through May 30th!!!! I have booked for 5/23 & 30 on Seaside. Makes no sense to stop at the 29th.!!! Oh well, I really expect them to do so within the next few weeks.
  2. Regarding the Mom not being able to walk far distances, did you think to ask for a wheelchair assistance from the YC to the LeMuse? They are very accommodating with those situations. Your butler or another one would have been glad to give you assistance.
  3. Book in advance on line then a number of cabana will be assigned once on board.
  4. Ocean view is just that. You will have a rocky edge in front of the area in front of the cabana. They seem to be place on the higher part of that section of the YC area. Beachfront is lower and will be in front of the beach with loungers and umbrellas in front of your cabana but direct access to the beach and water. We prefer the OV for privacy. Same great butler service in both.
  5. Did you get an actual voucher or just a reference number? That's all I have received so far for the 3/13 cruise we cancelled or the April 18th one we cancelled. Thanks.
  6. Our March & April cruises were cancelled and still waiting on the decisions of MSC on the ones in May. TA said to sit tight and wait and use the cancel withing 48 hrs. policy and take the FCC if they haven't cancelled them by then. Would much prefer the refund of all monies paid in but will hope they change their policies again. It seems to be changing by the minute!!! With crews being sent home(some stuck in airports or hotels due to lockdowns) it will take them a while to restaff and get ships ready to take on passengers again. Just my thoughts.
  7. The cabana offers a place to be in the shade but so does the umbrellas. The.most private of them are the beach view The others have the loungers lined up in front of them. Everyone in the YC section gets the same great butler service and special treats. The food area shuts down around 2:30-3 so the supplies can be taken back to the ship so some return to the ship not long after lunch then go back later for the night time events.
  8. The YC area is very nice.. Private restaurant and lots of loungers and umbrellas. No, you don't have to rent a cabana to enjoy this area. Nice beach area too. Enjoy your YC cruise.
  9. March 14Dubai to DubaiCancelledMarch 21Grand Voyage Dubai to YokohamaMarch 14Dubai to DubaiMarch 21Dubai to DubaiMarch 28Dubai to DubaiApril 4Dubai to DubaiApril 11Dubai to DubaiApril 18Grand Voyage Dubai to VeniceMarch 10 Genoa to GenoaMarch 21Genoa to GenoaApril 1 Genoa to GenoaApril 5Genoa to GenoaApril 9Genoa to GenoaApril 14Genoa to GenoaApril 17Genoa to GenoaApril 21Genoa to VeniceMSC SINFONIAMarch 13Grand Voyage Santos to VeniceCancelledMSC FANTASIAMarch 9Grand Voyage Santos to GenoaAnticipated end of cruise. Final port will be Marseille on March 27. Disembarkations planned in the Italian ports in the following days will be anticipated to March 27 in MarseilleMSC FANTASIAMarch 28Genoa to GenoaCancelledMSC FANTASIAApril 4Genoa to GenoaNo changesMSC SPLENDIDAMarch 12Grand Voyage Dubai to GenoaItinerary change. Final port will be Marseille on March 29. Call to Genoa cancelled, all passengers will disembark in MarseilleMSC SPLENDIDAMarch 29Genoa to HamburgItinerary change. Cruise will be Marseille to Hamburg; passengers embarking in the Italian ports can embark in Marseille on March 29 or Barcelona on March 30MSC GRANDIOSAMarch 14March 21March 28Genoa to GenoaGenoa to GenoaGenoa to GenoaCancelledMSC GRANDIOSAApril 5Genoa to GenoaNo changesMSC DIVINAMarch 20Grand Voyage Miami to GenoaCancelledApril 7Genoa to GenoaApril 11Genoa to GenoaApril 18Genoa to GenoaApril 25Genoa to GenoaMSC PREZIOSAMarch 14March 21March 28Fort de France to Fort de FranceFort de France to Fort de FranceFort de France to Fort de FranceCancelledMSC DIVINACancelledMSC BELLISSIMAMSC LIRICACancelledMSC OPERACancelled
  10. Yes, our heart breaks for all of our MSC families. Some may not be able to get to their home airport due to the lockdowns. How was your disembarkation?
  11. Looks like those in the Florida market will be docked at those ports. Many crew members around the world are having trouble getting to their home airport due to various lockdowns. Some are being allowed to stay onboard. Praying for all to be safe and stay strong during this crisis. We will be re booking as soon as possible
  12. All msc cruises are cancelled following the current cruises. Announcements all over the internet and social media.
  13. It says it will be available "soon". Things are happening so fast they can't keep up
  14. They did a corrected release to say just the dates of 3/14-4/30. Not 60 days!!!
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