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  1. We wrap ours in a ziplock bag and then put clothes around it. Works fine.
  2. Yes on donuts and the French toast is very good in my opinion.
  3. We will go to the one pool grill if in port and it's not real windy. During time ship is under way, it can be pretty breezy up there. The restaurant has the usual continental breakfast, good pastries, full+ breakfasts, eggs to order, and it's the same menu every day. We try different items but always have eggs Benedick at least once.
  4. Yes, all of the above are available on the YC breakfast menu plus many other choices. If you enjoy a quiet time at breakfast then the restaurant is the way to go.
  5. Yes, you will get an email from MSC with an offer of $100 OBC if booked within 2 weeks. I haven't gotten one since our last trip on Divina.. Wondering if they have stopped this promotion.
  6. You can request dairy free food and items There is a special needs form on the website and you should speak with the Maitre D once onboard.
  7. Did you get a confirmation of your booking? If so, your booking number will be on that. Always get your booking number as soon as possible for looking at other things about your cruise such as tours, etc.
  8. You can usually check in at the terminal around 10:30. There will be an expedited line for Aurea. Customs lets boarding begin around 11. You will be able to enjoy the ship all day. Not sure which restaurant besides the buffet is open for lunch. Enjoy your cruise.
  9. Do I understand correctly, that the plan that allows for 4 devices will only let one device at a time to be connected? If so, is there a plan that will allow more than one, other than the basic plan?
  10. Ok, that's probably too far out for them to be available. Sometimes they change vendors for the tours, add new ones,etc. Just keep checking back ever so few months. I know the anticipation of all the planning. LOL
  11. I know Divina has it. Not sure about the others.
  12. Just make sure it’s allowed by the port you are at. Some are very strict about no food from ship unless in original unopened packages.
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