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  1. Can’t tell you how I will miss that lychee sorbet.💔
  2. I realize these single cabins are not in the ideal location for most people. I personally like to feel the motion of the ocean; so forward deck seven appeals to me. I was just thinking back 8-10 years ago, when I was having a conversation with the south Florida DSM for CRYSTAL at a travel expo. I mentioned that I would be tickled pink if there were solo cabins on CRYSTAL ships. Her reply was, "that will never happen". I don’t know whether I was more disappointed or offended. Obviously, they were having no problem with single bookings with the quite favorable supplement at that time. I have received a couple of quotes for those cabins; and I am very pleased with the rates they’re offering.
  3. Hey Ashley, how you guys doin’? Nice to see you & MayB & Keith. I have been off CC for a good while. Life had gotten quite hectic; starting to ease up a bit. Still cruising; just not often enough. So excited & hopeful that I will get the chance to reconnect w/ OLD Crystal friends.
  4. I would like to point out one positive perspective, if I may. NC will not be starting w/ an all new shipboard/shoreside staff. A hefty percentage of the onboard staff & crew will be coming back. And after a long conversation this afternoon w/ my OC shoreside cruise consultant, I also learned that a lot (exact % unknown) of the off sales staff have already returned. We’ll never know what incentives the crew might have been promised for their returning. But their supposed loyalty speaks volumes to me. They were abruptly let go; & had to scramble to find comparable employment. Yet they seem to be eager to rejoin the OC crew family. Maybe they were not appreciated enough or adequately rewarded financially at their new posts. For me, those friendly faces & their impeccable service were much more important to some, than their supposed old vessels. The fact that these ships are the perfect size, layout & level of comfort (IMHO), I’ll take those old sisters any day over almost any new build.
  5. Beef carpaccio hasn’t been the same since…….
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