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  1. OMG, for a moment I thought Crystal was offering free MD visits as a WC perk. Then I realized it was dining room not Dr visits, MSC will now pay your medical expenses if you get CV on them so thought this may be something Crystal was looking at. LOL.
  2. Actually I think they are throwing all the refunds up in the air and whichever land face up they start working on. So All those waiting 120 days plus, your refund request always landed face down LOL.
  3. Just curious: You have not filed credit card disputes for the two refunds due you? You will definitely get them back if you file credit card disputes. I don’t understand why you think Crystal having your money is better than you having your money and you want to continue waiting.
  4. Speaking of Presidents, I think it would be a good idea if Mr. Wolber came out of hiding and did a Facebook Live. The new President of Seabourn is doing one on August 20. Good thing to keep past and potential new guests engaged. Congrats on your refund.
  5. Excellent. Kudos to him for doing this and not hiding or not communicating as most other cruise line Presidents are doing.
  6. Amex is NOT charging a $200.00 admin fee. Perhaps the person was confused and the $200.00 admin fee is what Crystal charges. You do not have to wait until 9/16 to start the chargeback. Do it now. You will get a temporary credit on that card and they will start to investigate. It seems that everybody here reported that Crystal posts the refund to your credit card within less than a week of the chargeback request.
  7. Seabourn made the responsible decision and others will follow.
  8. There is sooooo much contradictory Information out there that I believe NOTHING from any side. Case in point: The state of MD classifies positivity different than JHU. In one case (the state site) MD is below the 5% positivity rate, in the other (JHU) they are not and this comes down to how and how often they classify the testing. Also, hospitals are reimbursed more if they classify the cause of death as CV 19. My son’s best friends grandpa who was in hospice for stage4 cancer and given 2 weeks to live, after being in a nursing home, died of “covid”. He did not die of covid, he was going to die and had covid when he passed. By classifing is as CV 19 the hospital got paid more.
  9. File a credit card chargeback. Simple. Why are you letting Crystal keep your money for this amount of time?
  10. Yes. Do it now or you may be waiting 120+ days
  11. As Flyer Talked mentioned aren’t you violating quarantine rules? I am very glad that New York is stopping out of state plates from the 34 states that do not meet the positivity rates.
  12. May I ask why would you pay in full for a cruise for 2022? I know there is a discount for paying in full 6 months in advance but I know of none for 2 years in advance.
  13. She was the one that put the ads/images out there. Edie was the one who spoke to the TAs at trade shows like Virtuoso Travel Week and she is the own who spoke with the media and magazines that people read. We will have to agree to disagree.
  14. Then you would be wrong. I have friends who booked Crystal based on the ads/media and luxury TA verifying their choice. They were not Crystalized though as the product (they thought) did not live up to the hype.
  15. This board is not representative of Crystal cruisers. It is a very small group of people. I mention cruise critic on ships (not just Crystal) and people have no idea what I am talking about. There are people who liked what she did in raising the profile of Crystal they are just not on this board. My TA and the luxury consortium she is a member of all loved what Edie was doing. Aren’t we glad not to be talking about refunds and covid now!
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