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  1. I really cannot believe this thread still has current posts about the abysmal refund situation. Disgraceful.
  2. Not for free. It was $79.00pp. Simply take the free shuttle bus the port provides to the train station and take the train to Bruges. It was IIRC $6.00 RT and they never collected or punched tickets. I love to walk so I walked into the center of Bruges from the station.
  3. When I called I was told they should have them available in the next 30-60 days.
  4. It will cancel. Crystal cancelled their early May already on the rivers and oceans.
  5. I absolutely love your town. Great restaurants, boutiques and so much history nearby. Maryland is a great state.
  6. Got my Moderna jab last week when my state moved me from group 1c to 1a. Second dose lined up.
  7. How can you know that you would not have had a fantastic time. I actually was initially put off by this board as it seemed so cliquey with everyone knowing everyone’s real names. I thought it would be like that onboard but I booked anyway and really enjoy Crystal. I would never allow an incredibly small (as I have found out) subset of people randomly posting on a forum effect my booking decision. LOL, not one person I have ever spoke with on my cruises ever heard of cruise critic when I ask if they read or post here. The exception are the ones that go to the Meet and Greets. We who post he
  8. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/airline-news/2021/01/12/covid-test-required-international-passengers-flying-into-us/6640424002/ So, if you go on a cruise that ends in Europe and you want to fly back to the US you have to follow the above. Good luck with that.
  9. I dont think anyone is going anywhere (cruises) before July and that is being optimistic
  10. I just read that Princess has cancelled all cruises in Caribbean, US, Alaska and Europe until May 14. I wonder who else will follow. Crystal is still showing May 1 Med departure. I find if I don’t get my hopes up I don't get disappointed. I cancelled my May trip to Europe and am disappointed about that, I am not making any International reservations and now think I was optimistic thinking July 1 on would be safe to travel. So instead of looking forward to cruises I look forward to my daily walks in nature, my scenic drives, the new books I read everyday and the new restaurants w
  11. A big fat 0. I cancelled my May trip to Europe. I haven’t even bothered rebooking it as I was thinking July but that too looks like wishful thinking.
  12. It is all Greek to me. The only thing I can get out of this is that there are layers and layers of banks, holding companies and LLC type entities and I have no idea who really owns what and what are they doing with what they own.
  13. A little off topic. I am addicted to watching YouTube videos about Narrowboating. I watch daily and now, once we can travel again, my DH and I want to give it a try. Soooo many canals in the UK and the CRT seem to manage them quite well.
  14. BTW, a friend in Israel, who is not over 60, went to a vaccination center, near closing time, and was able to get a vaccine, as they otherwise would have had to destroy them. Many in Israel, both Jewish and Muslim, do not want the vaccine for religious reasons he told me. I texted him and said I could probably get a vaccine quicker in Israel then in the US if I could get there.
  15. I have.a lot of friends/relatives in the airline industry as well as the medical profession. If you think we are going to Europe before (and this is optimistic) before 3rd quarter 2021 you are being delusional.
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