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  1. So, for some it seems it has been 90 days. Some posters here said not to ask where our money is until its 90 days. So, what now? Basically One can call and call and call and you will be told three different things. Unless someone has a direct line to someone in charge at Crystal to get them to refund the money, they seem to be holding all the cards and giving different answers depending on the time of day, weather or mood. There are still choices (as of now) for luxury cruises and I would think Crystal would want to retain loyal cruisers (as opposed to finding new ones) and with their refund situation to their loyal guests, they are not.
  2. Absolutely not true. I cancelled a cruise for November, 2020 and that refund has been received. I cancelled it in March. Talk to three people at any cruiseline and you get three different answers.
  3. Its interesting that the three companies I received refunds from are each part of a much larger company such as CCL, RCL and NCL (Seabourn, Celebrity and Oceania). I do not know the market capitalization of Genting as it as not as well known in the US as the big three. I think when I decide to cruise again it will be with a cruise line that is part of one of the above. If I had received my refund from Crystal when I received all the others I would probably still consider Crystal. I get different answers from different res agents that don’t match answers other get and don’t make sense based on what has been posted here re refunds. There are still a lot of choices out there (for now) and Crystal doesn’t seem to be aware of this, otherwise I think they would be trying harder. This is survival mode and if they do not act swiftly there will be people who may have been wanting to give them a break but when other Cruiselines tell me up to 90days, and I get the refunds before that, that is the standard I look for. That FB page has some very sad comments on it.
  4. I have to disagree with what has been posted on processing time from when the cruiseline processes the refund to when it is posted based on personal experience. I had four refunds I was waiting for from Oceania, Celebrity, Seabourn and Crystal. When I was following up on them (and eventually received the )they were posted 48-72 hours after the cruiseline said it was processed. I have cancelled a lot of airline award tickets and received the money for the taxes/fees/FS back on my CCs within 48 hours. Maybe I am just lucky. In any case, my Crystal refund is the only one outstanding.
  5. Good news. As i posted I spoke to Seabourn yesterday and they said the refunds were processed on 5/27 and they hit my Amex cards today. Only one I am waiting for is Crystal and ironically that is the largest refund!
  6. I paid on an Amex Platinum and still haven't seen a refund. I explained what a res agent told me yesterday about handling the refunds in the other refund thread.
  7. Just spoke to Seabourn and the refunds to the credit cards used were processed on 5/27. He said it can be 7-10 days for the CC (Amex) to process but at least I know Seabourn has done what they need to do.
  8. Found out from Crystal that they are working on cancellations from March now. They are working on the cancellations they received March 1 - March 15. The res agent also said that he is seeing 10 weeks for the refund and they are still saying up to 90 days. I passed 10 weeks so it looks like I have to wait for them to start on March 16-March 31. I think a lot of us are in the March 16 - March 31 when we cancelled,
  9. I am only out $1500.00 in a deposit for a cruise I cancelled on March 23 for November. I have received refunds from Oceania and Celebrity, which were both cancelled on March 29 but nothing from the luxury lines Seabourn or Crystal, yet.
  10. Is that a surprise to anyone? At least Seabourn has announced their cruise cancellations which are all the way through to mostly November but some in October. It allows people to make alternative plans if they wish. Crystal keeps dragging out the inevitable IMHO. I admire your willingness to go on a cruise in the next six months when we don’t know what cruising will be like. I love cruises, and Crystal, but I want to wait and see what the experience will be like for all the money I am paying. I also want a vaccine but doubt that will happen in six months.
  11. I don’t want to hijack this thread but payments would have been made at varying intervals before and during construction with a final payment balance being transfered upon a satisfied delivery It would not make sense to default and lose the ship for not making payments. I would rather see Stein Kruse forgo his annual salary and his stock options.
  12. Hopefully the Christmas markets will operate. I was surprised that Oktoberfest was cancelled and hope that it is the last event to be xld in Europe in 2020. The Christmas Markets are mobbed and shoulder to shoulder (since you are from Easter. PA think way more crowded then the Bethlehem Xmas Markets) If they have them I am pretty sure they will be very scaled back and probably roped off to allow for crowd control. Funny thing is I always found that all the people at the markets were part of the fun. That and the hot mulled wine!
  13. I highly doubt it will be on time. T Mariotti shipyard is in Venice and of course was hard hit with CV19. I cannot find info on if they suspended or modified work schedules for the ship constructions. My guess would be that the the ship will be delayed. I could not find out if they stooped production during CV19 but Fincantieri, the major shipyard in Italy suspended operations for a few weeks, so I imagine so too did Mariotti. Also, construction needs the owners to be present periodically at the shipyard to check on the construction and OK the progress. This has not been possible since early/mid March. The keel was laid in December, 2019 so I thought it was a bit ambitious to have a July date for sailing. Then again they built the Odyssey, Sojourn and Quest and delivered them ontime. I am sure there are clauses in the construction contract (as late delivery usually incur penalties upon the construction yard) about pandemic or force majure to allow them a little wiggle room in the delivery. Time will tell and my money is on it not being delivered on time.
  14. You read it here first. Prices will continue to drop. I would not give any cruise line, any money now. That’s just me.
  15. It does not and for many the last day is the end of May.
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