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  1. Here is a link that might help (I cannot post the photo as it is copyright).
  2. I have the 22kg ones I linked on aliexpress.They are very strong. Sorry I can't help with lounger clips.
  3. You need neodymium hooks. They are the strongest. I don't know about physical shops in Canberra, but you can order at ebay, aliexpress and magnets au. Beware on ebay a lot of items that claim to be in oz are actually from China and may take a month to arrive. Edit: frenergy are located in Sydney.
  4. This is the best option (ship transfer>taxi>uber>tram). There is an uber pick up point if the taxi queue is long. See attached 🙂
  5. Thank you so much for the heads up. I just re-booked my New Zealand cruise and save $900. Woo hoo!
  6. Take the forward elevator to sun deck (deck 16) and then stairs to the sports deck.
  7. Yes that is the one. Bought mine on Aliexpress 👍
  8. I take one of these no problems.
  9. You select "pages" in the search menu.
  10. You are welcome. Those pics were from facebook so I don't know about wind.
  11. There would be no problems taking food on board like noodles, kimchi, or Bibigo eg.
  12. Here are a couple of pics for you 👍
  13. Genting cruise lines have Japanese/Korean food. https://www.dreamcruiseline.com/en/cruise-experiences/restaurants/japanese/umi-uma/
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