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  1. I saw the ship and knew the answer right away and shouted it out to my DH then I noticed the name was right there. Could not believe no one got it. Even if someone doesn’t cruise you see the commercials all the time.
  2. I am with all of you will never try Carnival. We did go on a cruise in Hawaii on NCL and really liked them but so far our other cruises have all been on RCCL.
  3. We are going on our first Med Cruise this summer on RCCL. We leave from Civi port outside of Rome and are flying in 2 1/2 days before to tour Rome. It is 7 days where it is a day at sea the first day after we Board then we visit 3 cities in Spain - Valencia, Barcelona, and Palma de Majorca, then Nice, France, and La Spezia for Florence and Pisa. After the cruise we are taking the train to Venice for a few days and then back to Rome for 1 last day before flying home. Hope this gives you ideas.
  4. We are going on a Med cruise this summer. The docking time is 5 am. When do they let people off the ship? If we take our own luggage how long does the process take? We will be arranging transportation to get us to the Rome train station so want to have an idea of what time to book the private car. Thanks!
  5. When we booked our Med cruise last summer for this summer the early seating 6 pm was all booked up so we had choose the late seating 8:30 pm but were put on a wait list. On the document whatever it is called that showed the deposit and how much is left that at the top listed our state room among other things under where it lists dining it said Dining (wait list) 8:30 pm (6:00 pm). We made our final payment today and I noticed on the document it now shows Dining (wait list) 6:00 pm ( ). Would we have received notification that we got moved to early seating or does seeing it like this means we got moved? Or, do you think it could be a glitch?
  6. We were thinking about getting picked up at our hotel around 9 am or 9:30 am to get to the port around 11 am or 11:30 am. Can you board at any time or are you assigned a time? When getting off we can’t book our train yet but was trying to figure out what time to book the car to figure out which train to book when it opens on the website. What time would we be allowed off? With taking our own luggage off do we have to go through security, immigration, etc?
  7. The others with me don’t want to take the train so we are booking a private car from our Rome hotel to the port. What time should we arrange for the hotel pickup? On debarkation day we need to get to Rome Termini for the train to Venice. We will be taking our own luggage off so what time should we book the car to pick us up at the port?
  8. My DM is coming with us and it is hard for her to get on and off trains so she only wants to go on one the few times we absolutely have to take one. Do we have to arrange a private car ahead of time or do any wait at the cruise terminal? If we have to arrange ahead of time do we have to book online or is there a number to call from the US?
  9. It is 3 adults and we will each have 1 suitcase plus carryon bag.
  10. The other members of my family do not want to take the train from Civi after we get off the ship to Rome Termini before our train from there to Venice. Is it easy to get a taxi at the cruise port and if so is there a flat fee? Or would it be better to book a private car?
  11. I posted in the Spain area of the boards with this excursion question but the responses were since this is specific to RC to post here or do it in our own which we do not want to. There are 2 of them that look the same so if anyone has been on either City of Palma Guided Tour or City of Palma Excursion Plus any info you can give as to what you saw if you went into the cathedral and castle or just admired the outside and any other details you can give to help us decide which to pick that would be great. Thanks!
  12. Has anyone been on either the excursion called City of Palma Guided Tour or City of Palma Excursion Plus from Royal Caribbean? They look pretty much the same and we are trying to figure out on which one you get to go in the castle and cathedral and any other info you can provide to help us decide which to pick. Thanks!
  13. Never been on a European cruise before but we will be on the Explorer for a 7 day cruise on 6/21. It leaves out of Civi port an hour or so outside of Rome. The day after departing is a day at sea. After that are 3 cities in Spain (don’t remember the order) but will be visiting Valencia, Palma de Mallorca, and Barcelona. Then Nice, France. The last port is La Spezia for Florence and Pisa. We are actually flying in a few days early to tour Rome and staying a few days after to visit Venice.
  14. How does it work at WJ dinner if you have allergies? When we booked our cruise for next summer only the late MDR seating was available and we are on the wait list but are considering eating here if we can’t change. Thanks!
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