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  1. We were supposed to go this past June but changed to a slightly longer one for June 2021. We have a credit with United for our cancelled trip so once the week for our return opens up will schedule that. We did book our hotel for Barcelona we are flying in a day early we did not have to pay and can cancel up to a day in advance We are still deciding if we want one more day in Barcelona after or if we want to spend a day or 2 in Madrid and then fly home.
  2. I canceled from the cruise planner section of the website the shore excursions, beverage packages, and internet packages in April when we knew we would not be able to go in June and the refund appeared on the next credit card statement.
  3. I completely agree. Hope everyone had a nice day.
  4. Unfortunately we will probably only have a day to a day and a half to spend there but it looks amazing. There are so many things I want to see especially the Gaudí buildings and park.
  5. I would have been on a Med cruise this week from Rome. We booked a 12 night for next June out of Barcelona which goes to some of the same ports and some different. I am so hoping we will be able to travel then.
  6. For Hotel Barcelona Universal does their breakfast have an omelet station or a way to have a la carte items made? I have family members with food allergies. Is it easy to walk to attractions?
  7. The cruise that we booked for next year leaves out of Barcelona and it is our first time visiting. I would love a recommendation for a hotel that is good walking distance to attractions. I have family members with food allergies so it is important that it has a breakfast buffet where there is an omelet station for fresh eggs or an a la carte menu. Thanks!
  8. I had posted here previously asking some questions about FCC since we are going from a 7 day cruise that was supposed to be next month to a 12 day next summer so can’t lift and shift. I appreciate everyone’s help wanted to give an update that earlier tonight we booked our new cruise and only had to pay a $400 something deposit. Once the FCC becomes available the end of June we can apply it to what we owe and then during the year pay the rest of it off.
  9. Can’t do the lift and shift because our current cruise is 7 days and the one we want to do next summer is 12 days but thanks for the suggestions!
  10. We have never had to do this before so have a question. Now that our June Med cruise is cancelled do we have to wait until we get the e-mail on 6/30 about FCC or could it be available now to be able to call and apply it to a different Med cruise we found for next summer that is a little longer than this was going to be ?
  11. I made a mistake under ports of call you will find a listing for each port in Alaska I thought they were all under Alaska Inside Passage but nothing is there. You have to select each port in Alaska separate and then once you select Juneau for example and you will see info about the port and then examples of cruises that go there but keep scrolling down a little and you will see in the middle check shore excursions in Juneau, Alaska. You would do the same for each one.
  12. If you go on the Royal Caribbean website from the drop down select search by port. Then scroll down to where it says ports of call. Then select Alaska Inside Passage. From there scroll down a little and it is hard to see at first but there will be something that says check shore excursion Alaska Inside Passage and once you hit it should give you choices for each city.
  13. Our Alaskan cruise was many years ago on Radiance of the Seas. It was 7 days that left from Vancouver and ended in Seward which traveled the inside passage. We visited Juneau, Ketchikan, Skagway, and Icy Straight Point plus we sailed past a glacier as well. We also did a 3 day land tour that ended in Fairbanks. Such an amazing trip and it was our first with RC.
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