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  1. Unless they've chanced their policy....no. We've been on multiple cruises within the Carnival Corp family. Princess, HAL, Costa, Cunard. Collectively we'd be the top tier, but each line operates independently when it comes to credit for previous cruises. RCI and Celebrity and NCL are not part of the Carnival Corp. Note: MSC will match your top most tier of any line, with their equivalent tier, even if you've never sailed on MSC prior. We're "elite" on Princess and MSC gave us their top tier (Black) even though it was our 1st cruise on MSC. Feb 2020 will be our 4th.
  2. I wouldn't........ but it is doable if there are no snafus with the ship's arrival and/or customs/immigration. We've sailed with friends who have done the walk off/cab to the airport and texted us saying they were sitting at their gate at 7:30. On the other hand, we've been on a cruise when disembarkation that was supposed to begin "first thing" began around 10AM.
  3. Enjoy...but beware...Barcelona is one of the pick-pocket capitals of the world! Last time we were there 3 people in our group got "hit".
  4. Did anyone read/hear about a judge considering not allowing Carnival Corp ships to dock at any US port because of illegal dumping in the past? I doubt this could seriously happen, but.......
  5. Early September in New England is still "summer". It's the best time to go to the beaches and once schools are back in session, Cape Cod and the islands (Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket) are perfect for a perfect uncrowded beach day. We take a cottage on Martha's Vineyard the week after Labor Day. You won't find any leaf peepers yet as the only color on the trees you'll see in early Sept is green. But if you're taking a cruise to NE, I would not prioritize going to a beach. Depending on which ports you visit, it's much more a "site seeing" experience. Newport, Boston, Portland, just to mention a few......lots of historical sites to visit. And being September, there's less of a possibility of having to alter course because of a hurricane that might effect a Caribbean cruise.
  6. It's soooooo subjective. We've been on a particular cruise and after we returned I went on line to see other people's reviews. The ranged for "awful" to "excellent" for the same cruise. Sometimes you can glean a little more information about one particular aspect of a ship, but on a whole, I don't put too much credence in any on specific review.
  7. Favorite port?......Hard to answer. We've been on many, many cruises all over the world. We do LOVE Bermuda, and have cruised there well over 20 times over the past 35 or so years, but you can't compare Bermuda with, say, Amsterdam, Venice, Santorini, or St Petersberg, All so different from each other and all hold some kind of uniqueness that can't be replicated in a different port. It's like comparing apples to oranges. Honestly, there's no port we really didn't like, but there might be a couple that if we don't go to again, that would be fine with us!
  8. I remember "once upon a time" going to Italy and as we would go for the summer to visit relatives, we would bring our car. If you were a passenger, brining your car was not all that expensive. Did a few cruises on the Italian Line ships and I do have to say, Home Lines was pretty comparable. We've done MSC YC...very nice, but while officers are mostly Italian, staff and crew, though very accommodation, are not . It's just not like the "old" Italian Line. And though I liked both of these ships on this thread, my favorite was still the L d'V.
  9. If you are flying to the embarkation port, book flights as soon as you can as around holidays flights sell out quickly and fares can be pricey.
  10. Not "refused", but......we've taken a Caribbean winter cruise every year for the past 40 yrs and we've been to most islands many, many times. The last couple of years, we didn't get off anywhere. A 10-12 day and/or 2 BTB Caribbean cruises in the winter is FAR LESS $$$$ than flying to any island and staying for that length of time. For us, the ship (any line, not just Princess) IS the destination, and the best days are port days when most everyone else is off the ship!
  11. For something as special as your honeymoon, I'd go with "X" (any ship) over "NCL" (any ship)
  12. For us: Itinerary, line (not necessarily ship), price.
  13. We pretty much enjoy ANY cruise we're on. Favorite ship is HAL Noordam. Favorite itinerary is pretty much any European river cruise (we've been on 7).
  14. Would not affect our decision to go or not go to St. Martin.
  15. And for all of the "airport hassle", and the distance from the airports to the city themselves, not to mention the experience of the Eurostar....that would still be my 1st choice. We did that last yr when we took the QM to England and went to Paris from England. Much more comfortable than a plane, too!
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