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  1. this is an interesting post..... one thing... being a dog owner in the past..... How does a dog cope with confines of a cruise ship..... Corridors, MDR, buffet, or any of the crowded areas. ?? Also I thing the big point the OP discussed was the point the person was going to get the dog to attack somebody.......omg Cheers Don
  2. Absolutely agreed with this we have had at least 3 cruises where there has been mishaps on the atrium stairs..... Well only 11 days till our next cruise and I will to trying to use the stair more.. Cheers Don
  3. HI have looked at this It is Great the tour is about $370 NZ flight and walk to white island But the tour people generally do not so the tour for most cruise ship as a do it self direct with them The ship tour is only a fight over white island $1000 Aus Not worth it we have decided to wait until we do a land tour of NZ and this is on the list Google it you will find the tour company and check your Date in their calendar for your day in Tauranga. You might be in luck Cheers Don
  4. Yes I will agreed stairs are quicker..... Never use the hand rails with hands use elbow for a little balance... I remember our first cruise went mad and explored most of the ship on the second day by the stairs... Paid for it the next few days with sore knees..... One thing one does it bad weather outside take a ride up to deck 14 and walk up and down all the corridors on each deck, down to deck 5 and one uses the stairs down... Cheers Don
  5. Also one thing to note is that the circumnavigation cruise sells out quickly..... So it that is your preferred option... best booking soon after release.... Cheers Don... Ps the Indian Pacific is a great trip did for the better half's birthday
  6. Hi All, Just wonder how many of us use Stairs or the Elevators ?? Myself whom lives in a single level home, does not do a lot of stairs..... where as on the ship it is stairs to everywhere. I have found up stairs is a killer on the knees.... where as down is ok.... So tend to use Elevator to a trip to Skywalkers 7 decks Breakfast / MDR 3 decks will use the stairs..... Cheers Don
  7. Another point get different sizes..... We have three ( large / almost large / medium ) ..... Why ???? So they all fit inside each other...... They are fabric with Plastic reinforcing round the sided ( and 4 wheels stand up very well ) Great for storage at home and under a cruise bed Cheers Don
  8. Basically.... people who work should be pay a wage which reflects their work...... the idea .... that a person needs.. ( tips, gratuities, or whatever ) to get their wage.... is a bad thing..... I feel the hospitality industries ( world wide ) have been running on slave labour for a long time.... A tip should not be an automatic thing... it should be given when excellent service is received..... If it is automatic.... it should costed into the price not added...... Right off the soap box....... also I don't care to what people are payed... or payed for their cruise fare.. Cheers Don
  9. Just remember a review is something written through the other person eyes..... We have a couple great cruises where.... later read some reviews of the same cruise.... and it was worst cruise ever.... The people were on the same ship with the same staff....... It is a matter of ones attitude as well as expectations ...... and mind set Glass half full or glass half empty...... Have a great cruise...... we will be enjoying 26 nights in a week and half on ship which has had mixed reviews are we going to have a great time.... YES Cheers Don
  10. I wondered what this ""Golden Corral""" had to google it....... ohhhhhhh ( All You Can Eat ??? at a buffet !!!! ) All one can say is thank heavens a cruise ship....... has a selection of places to acquire food........ So everybody should be able to find somewhere they like to eat and to answer the question Buffet or Dining room ?.... please yourself ... it is totally up to you... whatever floats your ship.... Cheers and enjoy your cruise Don
  11. Wow nice photo highflier01...... A busy day at the mount.... be there in under three weeks on the Golden Cheer Don
  12. The Buffett question do you eat or dine ?? Only time use the Buffett is port days... to get food to go to our cabin..... Otherwise since I am the cook at home..... I love to be waited on.... and love dining Sea Days in MDR very relaxing.... Cheers Don
  13. Enjoy your cruise...... we have found on Australian based cruises it is cheaper to pay as you go... Only 17 days til our cruise round New Zealand Cheers Don
  14. We have see it...... what a queue..... So gave it a miss..... we are happy with the food from the MDR and Crown Grill Cheers Don
  15. One good idea, we have it on a port day and manage to get it at 11.30am, so it was Brunch..... and really enjoyed it, it is a lot of food,, also our TA gives it to us Enjoy it as a gift..... but I would order myself...... Cheers Don
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