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  1. Correct Bitter Moon Filmed in part aboard the M.T.S. Odysseus, a cruise ship of Greece's Epirotiki Line. First launched in 1961 as the Princesa Isabel, Odysseus ended her career as the Lucky Star, a casino ship based out of Singapore. She was scrapped in Alang, India in April 2008, sixteen years after her appearance in this movie. Also another point in Ghost Ship the only real ship used was the Tugboat Sorry about including non cruise ship movies Cheers Don
  2. Legend of 1900 an interesting movie The Perfect Storm Or Submarine movies :- K-19 Hunt for Red October Das Boot U-571
  3. Will we cruise Princess again ??? Yes but it depends What conditions / restriction have been put in place ( particularly any which effect enjoyment ) Has the Price gone up.... Are they offering out and back cruises like they use to What ships will they be using... Once one has answered the above.... then one will decided if one continues cruising Cheers Don
  4. the sand is too soft... to really plan anything... as the goal posts seam to be moving.... Don
  5. All-inclusive.... really it is up to you.... you may end up paying for things you don't want or use... Is it better than a cruise.... well at the moment yes as there are no cruises.... It is the same old question land or sea based holiday..... depends on want you want.. We go to one All-inclusive place ... it is amazing.... generally 3-4 nights in enough.... it is a splurge for us.... cost wise it is dear half the cost of 13 night cruise for 3 nights What ever you decided enjoy yourself Cheers Don
  6. We have only done the Indian Pacific back in 2001 boarded at Adelaide headed to Sydney.. Had lunch at Doyles then back on the train Sydney to Perth ( they put the 4x4 on the train at Adelaide ( as too tall to go from Sydney ) It was a wonderful trip..... Was going to do the Ghan in 2011 put it was booked out a year in advance for the date we wanted so ended up at a nice place in near Coles Bay in Tasmania. Cheers Don
  7. Interestingly i wonder what percentage of travellers on The Ghan and Indian Pacific are from Overseas ??? My bet would The Ghan would have more OS partly due to the price... Cheers Don
  8. In February all this seamed unimaginable... as it now seams state boarders will be closed for sometime.... and even the thought of leaving melbourne is become iffy...... I understand in the current status of things..... but what happen if this is this the norm at the end of year ????... My thoughts are all the places we go in Tasmania will have shut.... even places in rural victoria who ran on local tourists and the (now nonexistent) Oversea tourists...... The post Covid -19 world could be something none of us could have imagined Cheers Don
  9. This is what we do on Princess.. room service leave in cabin.. if we bring food down from the Buffet we take the plates etc back to the buffet ..... But that is us..... and I agreed tray in the corridors are a safety hazard.... and it looks messy.. It is the same thing with ones cabin... some people leave like a bomb has hit it... The way we look at it, is it your apartment for a couple weeks and thus treat it like such.. Cheers Don
  10. I bet Great Southern Rail will not be happy about that ... no The Ghan for 18 months. Fingers Crossed other states don't follow ( ie Tassie ).... As that really would be a downer... Not so much cheer Don
  11. All this talk of Coffee..... just before Lockdown got some nice coffee from 5 senses .. Crompton Road.... they had Roastery in Brisbane and Melbourne .... me very low tech... use a plunger..... Iced Coffee was something one had in the days of Big M Cheers Don
  12. Made me think about the MS The World..... current position off the coast of England ... And maybe the people who stay on cruise ships had leased a serviced apartment ???
  13. One point I will make is a subsidiary of RCI.. Azamara.... was very reluctant to give my mum, who is 94 a refund from her cancelled cruise in mid march.... after 160 days and a lot work by her TA... ( as they were only going to give her FCC ) she has her refund.... finally.... Cheers Don
  14. An interesting point bazzaw.... I feel this dilemma.. is with a lot of island countries and states. like Tasmania.. will they keep their borders closed until the other places are basically Covid-19 free... It is a difficult call... to be or not to be open... that is the question...
  15. I think the bubble NZ-Aus has burst.... can't even get any idea when a small bubble may appear across bass strait.... One day after a journey down a yellow brick road. with candles in the wind.... we may be able to take a cruise back to New Zealand... which would be very nice...... Until then.... walked around the block today... Cheers Don
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