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  1. Things are going from bad to worse Hoping for 2022-2023 season... Basically we have all just lost 2+ years of our life........ Ok... I know people have lost their life. jobs. home etc... Well i am still a live ( helped by looing 25 kg now ) Jobs.. i got retrenched and so did the BH some years ago Home... we live in an apartment which was ours 10 year ago So we are doing OK... and I feel for the people... which the Covid has upended their lives..... But I am warm and having a G&T... and have a nice dinner planed So I shou
  2. By the way Lake Burley Griffin could be out... due to the seaplane they want to land there.... and then there's all the little Yachts ( no supers ones with the rich people )
  3. Hopefully by the time things start only fully vaccinated people on board But that is well over a year away..... and a lot of water under the bridge.. ww will see Don
  4. Now people protesting about lock downs. ( in 3 states ).... it is a grim state of affairs .. At this rate things will get worse.... Says he sitting on the couch in the lounge room What do you do with these... people ??
  5. One thing I really don't get..... Why is anybody travelling..... Particularly looking at the mess happening in NSW and other places I believe Covid needs people for it to spread.... and the idea of let's vaccinated everybody.... that is months away what about now..... ( time for plan.......lol ) It is getting to the point...... of what is the point... (with nobody at the helm).
  6. Not suprising..... have been waiting for a while for them the Cancel the 21/22 season..... particularly with the current outbreaks here... Now fingers crossed for the 22/23 season ( October to April ) and I am starting to think that could be iffy.... we will know by June 2022... Hopefully not more of the same, and that we have some forward movement ( so it looks like almost 3 years without cruising ) Don
  7. the question... Why does anyone cruise - I don’t understand ?? Is a interesting, to put on a cruise forum,.. which is going to full of people who like cruising... sort of like throwing meat into the Lion's Den.. and the best answer so far lol
  8. I notice where as Melbourne is 5km from home in South Australia is 2.5km from home..... Maybe something similar in Sydney ?? Don''t think they could do what NZ did.... and stay home full stop.... The 2.5km radius would be tight for us here.. the supermarket and fish shop are 2.3km away and Dan''s is out of range at 2.6km The problem is people..... some will not be told..... what next a man with a big stick....
  9. Fingers Crossed.... for your Oct 22 and our Nov 22 Grand cruises.... and I will start thinking about it in a year.. Have planed a trip to Tassie on the red and white boat in Nov 21, but starting to wonder... if it is going to happen Cheers Don
  10. Cookies..... much prefer the Chocolates on the pillow....... I thought all inside cabins were the same.... a bed and no window..... Don Best cabins.... grand suite I think... ohh not that best..
  11. Grand is pretty much the same as the Golden cabin wise..... It all depends and what you want in a cabin.... to some a bed for the night... to others a place to relax and enjoy..... which is as we go for an aft cabin... ( can use the balcony almost any time ) Cheers Don ( booked on the Grand Nov 2022 )
  12. Also on our last cruise a 26 nighter way back in Dec 2019... stop at ports we would buy a couple of bottles of wines and come back to the ship in the morning, they would put the bag through the x-ray, they would not say anything and walk past the the "booze table"which was unmanned most times.... it is was just smile and say hello.. What will happen in the future.... no idea..... one thought is they will be looking for every bit of income.. Don
  13. Like so many things.... It seamed like a good idea at time... Oh .. a mountain... it needs a cable car... but it all ready as a road... maybe turn the road into a cog railway... Or how about leave it as it is ??
  14. Port is a fortified wine which is not allowed to be bought on board... Wine still or sparkling is allowed... and I just changed the label.... so the bottle was still sealed...... Cheers Don
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