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I have been checking availability and rates for this hotel, but I have never found room available at the High tower type.

What is required to reserve one of these rooms with a view to the cruise ships?
What dates are you looking at?

Apparently, according to the review on TA, a lot of the tower rooms were ruined in the hurricane, and not available. But wasn't that hurricane last, what, September? Early October? and they would leave those $$$ making rooms unavailable for 5/6 months. A lot of the most current reviews talk about the property looking old and outdated, front desk understaffed, The managers name is listed in responses in the reviews. My suggestion would be to call the manager directly and tell her you want a port facing balcony room in the tower and see what she says. IF you could get it it still would cost you bucks. We leave in two weeks, and I was thinking about sending off an email, just to see what kind of response I get.

OH because, the last time we stayed there, we stayed a few days, our son and daughter in law stayed one night. The desk clerk put a $1500 hold on my credit card, we couldn't find our room, went back down, someone came back up with us and couldn't find the room either.....only to find out a "mystery" door, was our room......it had NO number

AND.....if you can, sneak up to the top of the tower, unless there is an event going on, no one is usually there and you can get a great view of Ft Lauderdale and the port.
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