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  1. I would recommend not doing B2B but spending some time on land at either side. I’ve done the Sydney to Auckland cruise and on reflection now wish we had done the whole thing as a land based trip and hired a car. We did a 3 week land based tour of Western Australia last November/December and it was fabulous and we saw so much more.
  2. https://mscfans.blog/2020/07/31/msc-to-restart-cruise-operations-in-august-with-2-ships/
  3. https://mscfans.blog/2020/07/31/msc-to-restart-cruise-operations-in-august-with-2-ships/
  4. I agree it’s the same old itineraries every year with maybe a couple of tweaks. Would like to see cruises which visited South Africa and places in the Indian Ocean. Trying Azamara next year ( was meant to be this year but moved due to COVID) as they were offering much more interesting ports of call.
  5. Ive used Lift and Shift to move my 28th March and 9th April Cruises to 2022. I don’t see a vaccine being available by then and if it did sail having to wear a mask in all public areas which may be the case judging by what Costa (Carnival) are asking you to do.
  6. this is what Costa (Carnival Group) are proposing. http://www.sailcosta.com/8115_Safety/8115.03_FAQs.pdf i would think most cruise lines will adopt similar practices.
  7. Here’s what Costa(part of Carnival) are proposing once sailing resumes. http://www.sailcosta.com/8115_Safety/8115.03_FAQs.pdf I would imagine most lines will adopt a similar policy.
  8. I think so. I’ve used Lift and Shift to move my November one to same time next year. Price next year was £6,000 more than we had paid so glad of price guarantee.
  9. Melbourne Australia has 200 new infections a day and has gone into full lockdown for 6 weeks. Florida has 15,000 in one day and are thinking of sending their kids back to school! Says it all.
  10. Not much social distancing going on in that photo!
  11. Here’s what Costa(Carnival) are proposing once they can start cruising. I would imagine most lines will adopt a similar policy initially until a vaccine is available, http://www.sailcosta.com/8115_Safety/8115.03_FAQs.pdf
  12. We had a cruise from Dubai to Singapore with Azamara booked for November 2020 but we’ve used lift and Shift to move it to same time 2021 as even if it sails This November I dont want to be wearing masks etc onboard.
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