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  1. Many things to love about Regent, but this is one of our favorites. Lots of great choices in CR. OTOH, Oceania's menu in the Grand Dining Room almost seems to be going in the opposite direction, with seemingly fewer choices and more repetition (in our recent experience). For that reason alone we prefer Regent over O.
  2. Have you cruised before with any line? Probably an important question. We've sailed many lines, and find the food on Regent (as well as Oceania) to be among the best. We prefer Regent and the wide variety of choices and combinations in Compass Rose, the main dining room. They will do their best to accommodate special requests.
  3. I am guessing that Regent put some thought into this before the change was announced, and they've clearly got some time to consider all the logistics before sailing resumes. I have no doubt they will do their level best to provide this service to all of us in a typical Regent fashion.
  4. You tally your items on a form and put it and your things in a bag provided in your suite, and your steward/ess will deliver it to the laundry. The staff there will affix a little iron-on tag with your suite number to each piece of clothing. That’s how they keep track of everyone’s laundry. We’ve not experienced any mixup. These little tags will become a remembrance of your cruise, as you run across them after you return home... in my case sometimes months later. 😂
  5. This is certainly personal preference, but we had the door in our PV and I think I would have much preferred the single, center mounted slider. The ability to have a nice, unobstructed view outside is hindered by the section of wall that separates the door and the window, IMO.
  6. Same here. This situation has us now considering non-cruise vacations options... near term domestically, and longer term perhaps abroad. It all will depend on the situation of course, and the ability to do it safely. We enjoy cruising so much, particularly on Regent, but we've also always enjoyed the freedom, independence and spontaneity of land based travel. I've already taken a domestic flight for a family matter, and am happy to report I survived, Covid free. 👍 I am optimistic cruising will return, but in the meantime we're looking around. edit: WRT FCC's, so far we are taking refunds so that we have the added flexibility for other types of travel
  7. Very good advice. We are active with a rescue group in our area, and assist with foster and permanent placements. As part of the orientation with potential adopters, we always discuss "away training" to help acclimate the new pet to being in the home by themselves. We're going to need to do it ourselves when as we begin to be away from home more!!!
  8. Well, I spoke too quick. Just received the laundry email through our TA.
  9. Haven't received yet... we do have a Regent cruise booked for late 2021. The notice is coming through our TA? I did receive the Regent Connects yesterday. I must say I was tempted to make all of the 'dedicated cocktails' and enjoy them in one sitting! LOL.
  10. Wash your hands frequently. Socially distance. Wear a mask when you are around others and can't socially distance. These are the keys to getting the virus under control and reducing spread. When the positivity rate goes down, more people will begin to feel more comfortable to venture out, and guess what, the economy will benefit. Maybe then, those of us in the US can then join the citizens of countries which have done a better job than we have, and who are already welcome to travel internationally again. And ultimately we can resume cruising. That's what this thread is about, right? The longer it takes the US to get this under control, the more drawn out the recovery will be. We have the power to do it (the three bullet points above). We all just need to pull in the same direction rather than treating this like a tug-of-war.
  11. Sadly, our first Silversea cruise - next March on the Wind, Cape Town to Accra, has been scrapped - an indirect casualty of the pandemic. The Wind's planned drydock/refurb has been postponed, and Silversea has substituted the Cloud to take over the Wind's Antarctica and Africa sailings. However, our segment was cancelled. We'll hope for another chance sometime to try Silversea and experience that unique itinerary. In the meantime, we do have Regent and Crystal sailings on the books for the latter part of 2021. I am sure that Steve will line you all up the right product/coverage for your WC.
  12. I've also read some pieces that suggest the possibility that these initial vaccines might not be as effective as those which might be developed further down the line - similar to how treatment for HIV evolved. When this first started, I was really optimistic that the vaccine would quickly get things back to normal. However, the more I read about the vaccine and the fact that a LOT of people don't even plan to get it... all suggests to me that we may be encouraged to follow the recommended measures of social distancing and mask wearing (when social distancing isn't possible) for some time to come. Having said all that, I'm of the opinion that we are looking at 2Q or 3Q 2021 for a limited cruising restart for the North American lines.
  13. You all are smart to be considering adequate insurance coverage for what I'm sure will be a wonderful WC onboard the Mariner. Our first Regent cruise was on the Mariner. Fond memories. A quick aside... very nice to see WesW posting here.
  14. At this point, the Antarctica sailings might actually have a better chance of occurring than the Africa sailings. With regard to that eliminated CPT-ACC segment, according to this time/distance website, it will take the Cloud 7.8 days at 16 knots to make the journey without any stops. I still think there would be limited interest in that revised itinerary - if it were to exist. At present, it does not.
  15. Like your friends, we've never received a cancellation notice. I discovered it myself when checking the Silversea site. Not expecting any other communication from Silversea since we've now requested a refund, and that request was confirmed via our TA. We had no interest in a Future Cruise Credit, so we wanted to let Silversea know ASAP that we desired the cash back. Our original sailing on the Wind was to embark on 30 March in Cape Town and disembark 18 days later in Accra on 17 April. However, now the Cloud does not arrive in Cape Town until 9 April. So, only 8 days available for the ship to reach Accra. I'm presuming Silversea has simply scrapped that segment as a marketed cruise, and will perhaps proceed direct to Accra.
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