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  1. Thanks! How is the Regatta looking since the dry dock? There was a review posted for the cruise just after the dry dock, and apparently at that time there was still a lot of work going on. Hopefully all done by now? Enjoy the rest of your cruise.
  2. OK, now I am confused. Is it Paul Baya or Corey Powell that is currently onboard for the SF-Tahiti segment?
  3. I agree with the suggestion to go ahead and get GE. If the only available interview slot is weeks out, keep checking the website. Sometime there are cancellations, so earlier appointment times may open up.
  4. Spectacular pictures from all! This itinerary is so special, with so much to see. Thank you all for sharing your experience. south park, we also used Ramses / Ramisside for a private overnight to Luxor when we on Oceania Nautica last year. We were very pleased with the experience. For our overnight hotel, we had upgraded to the Winter Palace for our accomodations, and we fortunate to have been assigned the bedroom of the Howard Carter suite, a wonderful corner room overlooking the Nile and just down from Luxor Temple. What a treat. Enjoy the rest of your cruise everyone.
  5. We’re on the same page. 🙂 CSR is my go-to card for most all of my purchases. I have a Green card with Amex just as a backup, and to maintain my credit relationship with them.... it goes back 40 years.
  6. My offer shows 30,000 Membership Rewards points for a minimum spend of $1000. Only valid for reservations made directly on the Regent website, so I’m not sure if a booking through a TA would be applicable for the offer.
  7. Agree with orvil, that is a good recommendation poss. I too hate overcooked, rubbery lobster. We were just on the Navigator a couple of months ago, and really got spoiled as we journeyed through the Maritimes and New England. We had quite a bit of delicious seafood off this ship at port stops, and Chef Ronald brought aboard some FRESH lobster at one point, Bar Harbor I believe. The problem was, I'd had some delicious lobster rolls ashore at lunch, and just couldn't make myself have it again at dinner in CR. Oh well... next time!
  8. Love those Halloween decorations... I'll bet the staff had fun putting everything up.
  9. Agree with the cash recommendations, at the completion of the cruise.
  10. CR has an extensive range of "always available" items, but most of them probably more geared toward adult palates. A simple pasta is always an option. You can check out the sample menus here: https://www.rssc.com/experience/cuisine/compass-rose I agree with ronrick1943. Just let them know a day in advance and they will likely be able to prepare whatever he wants... pizza, burger, etc.
  11. I seem to remember someone mentioning it had to do with the outdoor decking.
  12. Really looking forward to the reports. This is indeed a great itinerary. We did a similar sailing just about a year ago on Oceania. So much history. Thanks to all for sharing your experiences.
  13. For me, when I'm logged on, the title will be bold if I haven't viewed the thread yet, or haven't viewed a new post in the thread.
  14. Thanks for sharing this article. We love Captain Serena. She was captain on our first Regent cruise, on the Mariner. Hopefully we'll sail with her again.
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