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  1. We’ve had the Roamright multi-trip policy for a couple of years running now. Earlier this year, prior to the pandemic, we had two different cancellation claims due to a family member illness. The claims were paid promptly after submission of the paperwork. There is a maximum of $20k in cancellation insurance per person, per year, I believe. Check their website for details.
  2. We experienced the new look on Regatta this past year, and thought it was very nice. Lots of hard work involved in the refurb. The GM presented a very interested video of the transformation.
  3. Flossie, thanks for keeping us updated on the locations of our great Regent ships.
  4. Didn't FDR state in one (or more) of his recent interviews that once NCLH ships resume sailing, they would follow whatever guidelines were currently recommended for land-based activities (i.e., social distancing, masks, etc.) ?
  5. I must have missed this... you can use O and Regent FCCs interchangeably? note: posted at same time as TC 🙂
  6. We were onboard Navigator last year, shortly after its most recent refurb. I recall that they weren't able to replace the decking around the pool deck at that time, and it was scheduled for this year. It that what you are calling the 'technical repair'?
  7. Time will tell how quickly any of the vaccines are actually available. Like you and everyone else, I'm hoping sooner rather than later, but we'll see. I'm guessing that we'll all have plenty of time to discuss the various vaccine options (if indeed there is an option) with our doctors. The challenging backstory about the preparation of the delivery mechanism (vials, syringes, etc.) has been interesting to follow. And of course - - to come is establishing the priority as to who gets the vaccine first, and how the hundreds of millions of doses will be actually administered. Lots of things still to be determined.
  8. The Fincantieri yards were starting to reopen as of late April, with expected full ramp-up by end of May / early June... per this article. https://www.defensenews.com/coronavirus/2020/04/22/fincantieri-reopens-shipyards-in-italy/ Not sure where the Nautica refurb was scheduled to take place.
  9. It would be my HOPE that all Regent cruisers get the vaccine once available. However, some polls I’ve seen suggest that a certain percentage of the population would choose not to get the vaccine - for various reasons. Recent interviews with cruise line CEO’s suggest that proof of vaccination MIGHT be required for boarding, potentially leading to a decision for those unable or unwilling to take the vaccine.
  10. Thanks barko4441. Seems like there are quite a few pieces out now regarding the resumption of cruising, and speculation as to what it will look like. Here's a piece from a travel agent trade website. Several cruise line CEOs are quoted. https://www.travelweekly.com/Cruise-Travel/Focus-on-Cruise-Sailing-into-the-wind
  11. Will they let you apply the premium to another trip?
  12. Highly unlikely IMO. The client bases are almost completely different. At one time, back when we first started sailing HAL, perhaps this MIGHT have been an idea. But not the HAL of today.
  13. I brought this up in another thread, and agree that all the cruise lines might find that at least some portion of their crew may not wish to return to working on a cruise ship. My gosh, there are thousands of them still stuck on ships waiting to return to their homes and families.
  14. Thanks for sharing these insights about the hard working Regent crew. Hopefully they will all be making their way back to their homes and families soon. One has to wonder, after this ordeal and the uncertainties ahead, if some may choose not to return to a job aboard a cruise ship.
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