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  1. just found that thanks
  2. did Princess also say they had completed Pause 1? lots of misinformation on internet, videos lo
  3. that was not the case for me though. I was required to pay deposit. My FCD were not returned to reuse. Spoke to 3 Princess reps about this. Ringers and I had similar cancellation situation.
  4. It sounds like she/ he is just fed up. sorry you have to wait so long
  5. can you give ve some details? what Visa is it? Bank what did you submit for your dispute? receipt, cancellation? Contact with Princess by you / TA? Etc did you look up terms of filing dispute with your credit card first?
  6. If you make final payment before Princess cancels, what will your FCC be?
  7. So you got a reply directly from Jan Swartz that your refund is on the way to you now? Sorry I am not good at guessing.
  8. Sky is a beautiful ship. Was on her Dec 4/19. Large but only felt crowded in atrium, lounges. For Baltic’s I was on Star and yes we had to take taxi into town. Ports & scenery amazing IMO. I prefer smaller ships but with current situation ships may not be at capacity as in the past. Don’t worry one bit.
  9. Who is her? jan swartz? or post cruise rep at Princess? let us know when you receive check. Good luck
  10. Yes, a lot of excuses. Bottom line they owe people money. Long overdue.
  11. these FCD have a 2 year expiry date, don’t they? If you don’t use them they are automatically refunded to your credit card or by check. they may try to give them back to you as FCC. You will have to tell them you want refund.
  12. Exactly same as me. I didn’t care for that either, told rep so, as a past passenger he reduced the new deposit by half.
  13. Are you waiting for a refund? If so will you use the FCC?
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