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  1. Thanks, I see one of my cruises listed, but then again sail soon=non refundable deposit, is not for me.
  2. Just caught up on your blog. Love hearing about your cruise on the new Sky Princess with sweet mamma. And your photos are very uch appreciated. I have a balcony cabin, midship booked for the Dec 4th sailing. Looks nice.
  3. Happy for you! I'm following along and love seeing your photos of Barcelona. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Sorry to hear that you missed your flight. Glad your mom made it safely by herself. Best wishes for the rest of your trip.
  5. Thank you so much for the photos. The ship looks amazing! If anyone has a photo of a balcony cabin, could you post it?
  6. Pools & lounge chairs: Where are the ones located that do not have an extra fee to use?
  7. Got it bookmarked. Will be following along. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Yes, read the terms carefully. Several promotions came with conditions like a non refundable deposit before final payment.
  9. It worked well for us. Call Princess or your TA and get pricing in Canadian dollars.
  10. 😎 Is there shampoo & hair conditioner in the shower stall? What kind--from the spa? Thanks for photos/information. Dec. 4th sailing for me. dog
  11. The Princess website is down for maintence right now. I have been logging on each day trying to purchase something for my cruise, get as far as pressing the pay button and then "wait", no purchase made. Is this their website or my computer causing this problem? Yes, I know I can call to order.
  12. Aft facing balconies on the Grand are fully covered. I had C753 on the Grand.
  13. I answered you in our Dec 4/19 roll call. Saw several price drops over last month. Lots of cabins open except for suites. Still many aft balconies available. And lots of obstructed view balconies and a few obstructed view mini suites. My offer was from balcony midship to a mini suite. They did not say which cabin or category. $99US PP/$144 CAD PP. Email offer/respond by email or phone within 24 hrs. I'm not taking offer since I have a nice midship balcony and from what I can tell I could end up with an obstructed view mini suite.
  14. scootaround offers loss/theft insurance. Put identifying tag on it. Keep eye on it, ask to sit close to entrance.
  15. The port ground crew will assist from terminal door to check in for wheelchair assist. Then a ship's crew member will wheel your wife on board. Someone in my party had to wait 1 & 1/2 hours for their turn, as there were many requesting assistance on that cruise. Next time their cabin mate will board, get their rental wheelchair from the cabin and go back to the terminal and wheel them in.
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