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  1. In US & Canada we can book with a refundable deposit and rebate if price drops mainly before final payment. I have had price drops after final payment a couple of times. I believe that is different in UK with Princess. Book a fare you can live with paying.
  2. Sounds like it to me. Looking back, to the leadership re: Diamond, Grand last Feb- Spring, I could see a need for change
  3. same here but it was a website problem. Prices showed at 10:30 am for me and again tonight. Looked now and can see prices and book online for Europe 2022
  4. I was able to see all Europe 2022 cruises with prices & book online this morning. This afternoon I no longer see the prices and cannot book online. So not much use being elite for this situation today. Would have to call to book.
  5. 3:30 pm still problems with website. Can log in but 2022 Europe cruises show but no longer see prices I saw this morning. also, email for elites gives a code for $100 off now.
  6. Just now 2:18 pm Princess website not working. Cruises for 22 showing but prices not available now. Also got email saying elite can book today.
  7. I wonder if they will be limiting capacity Dec 2021. I do hope it all works out for this cruise.
  8. Thanks I have my FCD & FCC on a 10 day Enchanted cruise Dec 10/21. If Princess cancels this or changes ships I will move my booking to Europe 2022. Not concerned with cabin. Will not put down $540 deposit. Willing to take my chance on reduced deposit, better promotions.
  9. Europe 22 prices are showing for me 10:30 am Ontario for elite. Log in. Deposits are up $540/ booking and cruise I’m looking at for Marc-April 22 is too high for me to consider. Good luck everyone
  10. I see they removed the cybersale in last couple of hours. Maybe elite bookings for Europe will show up later today.
  11. After seeing what happened in Yokohama & Caribbean last winter/ spring I would not take an inside cabin. Too unpredictable. A 7 day cruise could turn into one much longer, ports might not let ship dock etc. anyway good fare, I guess. Enjoy
  12. Thanks. I thought I must be missing out on this today. My cruise has gone up in fare but is now giving $50 OBC. I don’t want to lose all the perks so might just wait abit before calling.
  13. is the Black Friday sale called the Cyber sale?
  14. I understand. Today say we might start vaccinations in January but slow to get to everyone who wants it. Still too many flying in n to Canada, too many being exempt & too many ignoring restrictions in Toronto area
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