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  1. I would really appreciate the crew being so disciplined with mask-wearing because it cannot be easy during their very long shifts. They do it so passengers can have a break from wearing theirs.
  2. I must be confused on that. Thanks for the response. SF is not what it used to be, sadly. I never go into the city anymore.
  3. Thanks for the quick response. I’m on the west coast so actually I’m up a little later than my usual 6:00 AM. The Arts Cafe sounds great but correct me if I’m wrong, I thought it converted to another restaurant in the evenings?
  4. Lois, thanks again for your recollections. Just wondering, how is the cabin compared to other SS vessels? Any notable differences? Is there coffee service in the observation lounge in the mornings? That’s my favorite spot early morning when coming into harbor.
  5. Thanks for posting about your cruise. Sounds wonderful.
  6. Thanks JB! I appreciate you taking the time to evaluate the various locations. I think I’ve narrowed down my choice to Hamyard, Haymarket or Soho but your observations are really helpful. I see you will probably hit 15,000 posts today! Congrats. I know I’ve read many of your keen posts before. CC members like you have really made this forum into a valuable resource for travelers, not just cruisers. Thanks again.
  7. The Avenida looks lovely. Quite the bargain, too.
  8. No experience yet but we’ve rebooked at Flora Chiado apartments after our cruise was cancelled last year. Breakfast is included and it has service more like a hotel than apartment. They get great reviews and is a property of my destination club Exclusive Resorts so it is well vetted. Located in central Lisbon right above a Michelin starred restaurant in a vibrant neighborhood.
  9. Has anyone stayed at any of the Firmdale properties in London? After staying at Taj51 for many years we’re ready for a different area and all the Firmdales seem well located. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  10. Stayed at Taj 51 many times as members of Exclusive Resorts. They have several units there. The location is solid-not far from the Royal Mews and there is a great Indian Michelin starred restaurant affiliated with the property. The residences are multi bedroom, bathroom with living room and small kitchen dining area so great for mornings and takeout but breakfast is lovely at the hotel. Service is wonderful.
  11. That ship was rather tired looking on my cruise in 2018. Not sure how old it is but perhaps it’ll be time.
  12. Just realized my “Truck” typo! Whoops. I’m sure it’s possible to meet like-minded people anywhere but I noticed a difference on the cruises I was on. I think with the cocktail hour, seating in the restaurants and small tour groups you end up being pretty social on river cruises in general.
  13. Have cruised with both these companies chartering 6 pax. https://www.belmond.com/boats/europe/france/belmond-afloat-in-france/our-barges Fleur de Lys and Piovoine. The latter carries 8 pax but we chartered for only 6. https://www.french-waterways.com/boats/rendez-vous/ Because the boats are so small they book up fast. Let us know what you decide!
  14. I’ve done this several times. It is a very slow-paced vacation but be sure to book a barge that includes daily excursions and possibly some nice meals ashore. The food is usually excellent. I would not consider doing it unless you can charter the entire barge for your small group. The barges are small and it would be hard to avoid other pax that you might not be interested in getting to know better. There’s a lot of time spent together as a group and loud bores can ruin a vacation. Sounds like you’re already researching so just look at the daily itinerary, food and wine region, easy acces
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