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  1. It's my least favourite line that I will still consider, but sometimes the value and/or itinerary is such that it makes sense. Eg we like transatlantics and P&O do more stops on the caribbean side (which we would prefer) than other lines who presumably targetting an American audience see the European stops as more appealing. The service level is a bit lower on the whole and the food a bit worse, but that doesn't mean I can't have a good time at the right price.
  2. One thing that really annoys me about the carnival brands is the lack of flexibility in these kind of situations - with RC/Celebrity you can at least call to upgrade your cabin if you're before final payment & the price has come down to a point where you're happy to do that (even if it's less than what you paid for the lower cabin). I have been able to downgrade once (inside to inside guarantee for a substantial saving but I'm not sure that's normally allowed).
  3. Date of Cruise: 10/3/2024 Ship: Ascent Cabin #: 3161 Deck #: 3 Cabin Category: Inside Cabin Location: Port side Bed Position: N/A Balcony Type: N/A Balcony/Window Size: N/A Balcony/Window View/Obstruction: N/A Balcony Overhang?: N/A Magic Carpet Issues?: N/A Noise Issues?: Severe - prompting me to make this review. We experienced loud sounds which we guessed were trolleys being moved in the corridor which is behind the room leading from the martini bar. Also some loud plumbing noise which we initially guessed was toilets flushing, but wasn't sure. Wind Issues?: N/A Connecting Cabin? Where Does it Connect?: No Suite Details: N/A Advantages/Problems/Comments: The room was pretty well located. Would You Book It Again?: No Photos or Photo Links:
  4. VV was great, and I really wanted to do it again, but I'm not paying more than what Celebrity costs with the drinks package included (indeed even if it was the same I'd pick Celebrity rather than having to pay for drinks as I go on VV).
  5. I think (alongside Cunard) inside cabins on Celebrity are excellent value. The included food options, especially the buffet, are ahead of the other lines I frequently cruise on (RCL & Princess). Of course there's no perfect line, I'd dearly love to have princess's cocktail menu available on Celebrity, but X is still my favourite.
  6. The notification states £300 penalty against £0 and totals out at £0
  7. I cancelled the second one without penalty - they did need to unlink them first and make a special note so make sure you call in the afternoon UK time when you tend to get the more experienced agents. We're now doing a quick trip from Miami to Fort Lauderdale for the second week so we get to do Oasis and the new Celebrity Ascent, very exciting!
  8. Both times I've booked B2B I was only required to pay a single deposit. Maybe it's a UK thing?
  9. Yes this is how my reservations are - I did it on the phone (not onboard) but they seem to be linked and I only had to pay a deposit for the first one hence my question
  10. Hi all, wondering if your collective knowledge can save me some time on hold - I'd like to cancel the second leg of a back to back, but am concerned it might trigger a reprice of the first leg. The cruise price has increased sharply since I booked. If anyone has done something similar / knows how this works I'd appreciate the insight.
  11. I hope you all have a fantastic time, take good care of Silhouette for us and we'll bring her back to the US in the autumn!
  12. If you're paying it's no problem to charge both of the drinks to one card in one go.
  13. I've found, across several lines, that the 'day drinks' from the pool bar etc aren't as strong (for the same cocktail) as those in the evening. This is probably just a function of the glasses being larger, but the drinks from the interior bars do seem to hit different to me. On both my trips on Princess I've had no problem reaching a point where I wouldn't want to drink any more well within the drinks limit.
  14. Thanks to everyone who's given their experiences. I'm thinking along these lines, something in between, so it's definitely been helpful for me.
  15. I posted this precisely because I was reading a huge amount of opinion and very little fact... However I've now got my question answered, happy to close
  16. I've been watching with interest the various debates about what people should wear for formal night, but it hasn't really answered my question of what they actually do wear. I'm debating whether to bring the tux from the UK for my first caribbean cruise out of the USA. I know the stock answer is 'wear whatever you want' but what I want to wear will depend on what my fellow passengers do. On the european cruises I've taken with Princess enough people have worn suit/tux/blazer/jacket/etc that I've been comfortable doing the same (whereas on Celebrity in Europe they don't so I don't). If I'd be in a smallish minority doing so on my upcoming cruise I simply won't bring it for it to just sit in my suitcase. Again looking for recent experiences (on week-long cruises if that matters) not a debate on what should happen.
  17. I've also lost all my bookings at for a February cruise, plus one at the crown grill for my wedding anniversary which is more concerning.
  18. Can't help with most of your questions, but this one I can answer - the cheapest would be the national express coach (though I'd book a train in advance which wouldn't be a lot more expensive)
  19. Assuming yours was a 7 night (or some combination of those) were there two formal nights, or one formal and one dress-your-best or equivalent? Trying to decide whether to pack my tux - this will be our first time sailing out of the USA and it seems like people dress a little more casually, also seems more worthwhile if we'll have 4 formal nights on our 14 night cruise.
  20. As another local I can second L'Osteria, though it is often pretty busy. Casa Brazil is good if you want to start your cruise gluttony early, same with the Cosmo world buffet. Stopped there on a Disney transatlantic, since DCL don't have a drinks package we made good use of the Wetherspoons app that day!
  21. I love Celebrity, but there was no way I was paying the all-inclusive price for Apex out of Southampton in 2024, so I booked two cruises on Cunard's new ship instead and will add their drinks package separately.
  22. We sailed a side-to-side with Regal Princess and I really missed the choice of lounges that Regal had (though I prefer the Celebrity experience in many other ways), if the Martini bar was full there were very few other options. It wasn't an issue we had on Silhouette last summer, though since that was sailing at maybe 30-40% we may have been spoiled by the two sailings we had last year. When we have a traditional balcony we probably use it more like an IV (large window, occasionally go out to see the sights) and would very rarely sit out for any length of time so I guess that's why the IV suits us better than most.
  23. I really liked the IV, wasn't the biggest fan of edge. It really comes down to how you use the balcony usually I think.
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