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  1. I’ll broach this subject again. If tomorrow, all cruise lines discontinue class distinctions, perks, freebies etc. are you still cruising? In addition, to compensate for doing so, cruise lines will lessen the price of all cabin categories by whatever amount was added because of the perks. The final price you pay to get on the boat includes room, meals and shows, everything else is extra. Understand, no more free food or drink of any kind anywhere on the ship, with the exception of non-bottled water. Most importantly, all our cruise line identification is exactly the same. You won’t know who’s
  2. I’m liking this thread. Occasionally it gets a little feisty, blood starts to simmer, dentures start to rattle and sides are drawn. Not unlike most CC threads, actually. Consider this post a recommence of my previous #250. This continuation fits quite well here considering some of the posts between then and now. As we are all aware, consumption of goods and services is not just a matter of what’s in our wallets but also what’s in our hearts and minds apposite to that consumption. Hence, one size does not fit all, for various reasons. That’s as it should be. I do find i
  3. So, AI equals PU to some. “I ain’t cruisin’ if I’m losin’.” “Now that I’m vexed I’m no longer X’ed.” “Give me liberty or give me debt.” “I wouldn’t even spend my laundered money on that.” Recall seeing these statements throughout this thread? To those implications I beseech you, does Pi really equal MC squared? All things being equal, are they really? Nothing wrong or right here, just differences of opinion, matters of choice and doubts about fidelity. It’s inconsequential as to which way we go. After all, if you don’t buy AI it’s all good, someone else will. Maybe in several mont
  4. Interesting seeing these Summer and Fall 2021 cruises cancelled. We are booked on a August 9, 2021 Infinity cruise, Venice to Barcelona, 11 nights. No word as to cancellation. Anyone else know information regarding this sailing?
  5. I like my excuse better than yours, TR. As for being a PITA, well, some of us just never get over that trait. In fact, we get better at it. I consider it an endearing charm.
  6. Second Moderna vaccination 24 hours ago and everything went just as smooth and incident free as the first shot through our county health department. Again, as I mentioned in a previous post, I am very impressed with the folks handling the process. Only negatives involve some of the knuckleheads getting the vaccination. Either they can't read or refuse to fill out the forms at home thus creating extra work for the medical folks and delays in the vehicle lanes moving forward. Also, how does one run over an orange cone at one to two mph? And these folks actually drive on our roads at faster speed
  7. Oh no, I HAVE to take my shoes off when going through airport security. Why in the hell do I HAVE to wear a seat belt while driving? I should not HAVE to keep my genitals covered when out in public. Curious as to why the OP capitalized HAVING in his thread title. Almost as if masking is a personal affront to one's freedom with absolutely no basis for implementation. To some, perhaps it is. Those who feel they have been subjugated their entire lives have no use for rules and laws, even if only temporary. Unless it fits perfectly into your own little corner of the world, don't want anything to d
  8. No, I did not say that. But please do. Murano dinners will do fine and I can enjoy them with a clear conscience.
  9. Thank you TR. A nicely condensed version. I know that it was very difficult for you not to add "ass" to the "wise". I do appreciate your restraint.
  10. Pinboy, You are too smart to be backed into a corner. Sorry, it just doesn't fit even though you said it. You are definitely a seasoned cruiser, I'll leave it up to you as to the truculent part. When you "bite the bullet" and book, I'll bet you don't even chip a tooth because you want to and you can and the cruise just fits. To answer your question; for you none. For me, plenty since I'm rattin' you out.
  11. If I am happy with the total cost of the cruise as it relates to what I am looking for, then monies spent on something that I might not take full advantage of is irrelevant. I don't look for reasons not to go. AI is fine with me. After all, Artificial Intelligence is what it's all about, if you know what I mean. Let's strip this thread bare naked, shall we. Forget all the perks, the points, the status, the self importance, the recognition and whatever else floats your boat. Whether a truculent, seasoned veteran with 500 cruises over 40 years or a diffident ocean-going virgin with n
  12. When cruising resumes in somewhat normal fashion, that is a win for all cruisers, correct? Because I was not selected to be among the 50% on the boat does not lessen the significance of the event. Eventually, I'll be back on the water. Not because X owes me anything for past loyalty and current status but because my time, like everyone else, has finally come. To dwell on circumstances beyond one's control is to mitigate the enthusiasm for a return to normalcy.
  13. Whining and fussing and moaning deflects indignation and the inability to understand and/or accept a situation for what it is. When taken as a personal affront, the thought of not being recognized for whom you feel you are or what you feel you deserve becomes more consequential than the overall circumstances. It can be frustrating not to have any say in the matter. So, if you are not included in that initial 50% passenger count when cruising begins again, consider the decision a wise one that best fits the interests of the cruise line. It might not be when you think it should, but
  14. Wow! Just Wow! Easy to see why there is a long road ahead of us. Makes you wonder how many more are out there, running loose.
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