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  1. I would need that free drink. It better be coming. 😂
  2. Grab a cab. They are plentiful. It was $28 from SJU to OSJ with luggage.
  3. We were on the same cruise. I agree about the Wake. It was ok. If it were another cruise line and I had paid for it, steaks would have been going back. Steaks came out cold and/or improperly cooked. Service first night was great. Second night, awful. We could have done the Galley more and been happy. We also went to Jost Van Dyke and the Soggy Dollar. Did not disappoint. We enjoyed sailing from San Juan. Third time for us. We took advantage of the new itineraries and the MNVV and booked out of San Juan again for next March. Carlos was fantastic. So much fun. We enjoyed the vibe. The parties were indeed parties. Met some nice people, the staff except for one bartender were amazing. Glad you had fun.
  4. We were able to make some changes to the dining our TA booked and get restaurants booked when we boarded. You should be fine if you’re flexible with time.
  5. This is where we are at currently on the Valiant. An improvement would be welcome, but it is free.
  6. Thank you for that. It was amazing. Learned a lot and ate great food. Well worth it. We had 6 in our group so it was personal and stress free. I would definitely recommend that to anyone who wants to eat authentic and learn a little history.
  7. Who did you book this through? I’d love to find this and see if we can do this Friday.
  8. I liked my PVP but there were no perks to using her. When she retired I just did my own. I just used a well know travel professional and she has been amazing. I’ll never go back to a PVP.
  9. Glad you made it home! You burned the candle at both ends on this one. You need a vacation from vacation. 4 days and counting until San Juan!
  10. Thanks for sharing with us. We’re on in 13 days. San Juan in 10 days.
  11. What was your favorite thing to do in Antigua? We’re going in two weeks and haven’t chosen anything yet.
  12. We did the beach break with Spencer. Power boat down to Jalousie Beach between the Pitons. Lunch and drinks. Spent 5 hours on the beach. I spent every single minute in the water. It was amazing. Oh and I’m here for all of this. Get that ship warmed up for us. 2 more weeks of basketball and San Juan here we come.
  13. We enjoyed staying at the Sheraton OSJ on our last San Juan embarkation. So convenient. This time we’re staying a few blocks away. Still plan on walking on Saturday morning.
  14. Ready for another live. No build up, just here I am getting on the ship. Let’s go!
  15. We’re on in 3 weeks. Here for all of your observations and fun!
  16. Can’t wait to see Patti’s pics of the amazing sights as well as all of the husband daycare places as well.
  17. Watched your ship sail away. It truly looks like a wonderful sunset sail away. Enjoy! ~PB
  18. I was wondering where the next live was going to come from. Happy to see you’re back on a ship. This will tide us over until our Feb sailing on VV. ~PB
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