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  1. I had "social", which turned out to be worthless for me. All I need to do with WiFi on board is to check (and maybe respond to) my email. Social does not allow that. It was a complete waste for me. I had bought Premium for my spouse, which worked reasonably well. Blessed, don't forget time zone changes, your daughter will need to get her dorm selections in as early as possible!
  2. Thanks, Sonny. I doubt I've ever seen it being played, because as a craps player, I would almost certainly have noticed people rolling dice!
  3. This had struck me as a very dangerous move. Bringing refugees on board one at a time, using life boats to ferry them to the mother ship, seems far more sensible. Who knows what weapons might be hidden away in the foundering boat, ready to be used to attack the rescue ship? I'm glad there seem to have been no adverse consequences.
  4. Serious question: How do I identify Left Right Center when it is being played somewhere on the Lido deck? Is it a card game using one normal deck of cards? Or multiple decks? Are there game pieces? How many players? I have never been aware of this particular game until this exciting thread, and now I want to watch out for it on my upcoming cruise.
  5. The statement was not that all gambling on board must be sanctioned by the casino. The statement was that all gambling must take place INSIDE the casino. Big difference. Which is why I pointed out that bingo takes place outside the casino.
  6. Last month, Venezia, Ocean Suite with extended balcony, no lounger. Two chairs and a small table.
  7. I had the same experience. Two weeks ago, I had to wait until midnight in the Departure Port.
  8. I find bingo very boring and do not play/watch, but I am pretty sure that cruise ships hold bingo for $$ in a showroom that is NOT IN THE CASINO. So how do they get away with this, if the rule is "only inside the casino"? Also, I used to bet on "horse races" on the Lido deck by the pool, again "outside the casino." It seems that the announcement stating that betting is allowed only in the casino is a lie or is misinformation.
  9. Non-responsive to the OP's question, but my wife and I (and four of our best friends) ate here one night on the Panorama. $18 pp. Very good! I had Caesar Salad; chicken parmagian. My wife had braised beef and gnocchi, said both were best ever!!
  10. I just bought the one device Premium Plan for my wife for our cruise in 10 days. I plan to log on (which will force her phone off the WiFi) every morning (I am up hours before she is) to check my email, and then once she gets up, I'll stay off-line all day.
  11. I've never been to the Welcome Aboard show. I don't need to have the captain introduced -- so long as he can find the ship's parking space at each port, I don't need to meet the captain. I don't need to meet the Cruise Director or the cooks, or ... There are usually things I'd rather be doing, including taking a nap!
  12. Mazatlan has Stone Island for a nice beach experience. Cabo has Medano Beach. Puerto Vallarta has Los Muertas Beach. All three are worth a visit. None are as wonderful as Megans Bay (St. Thomas), but I dislike the cross-country flights! 40 minute drive (OC to LA/Long Beach) versus 5 hours flight (plus one hour drive OC to LAX, two hours pre-flight for TSA, etc.) No contest, in my never humble opinion.
  13. Padre Fan recommended Stone Island in Mazatlan. I enjoy Stone Island, and I visit it most of my port calls to Mazatlan, but for a first time visit to Mazatlan, there is the Cathedral/Market area and Golden Zone to visit. And the lighthouse to climb. I think I'd save Stone Island for a subsequent visit.
  14. I overlooked the fact that you are also visiting La Paz. The ship docks a long way from town, and there is a free bus from the dock to town. Halfway between, the bus stops to let people off at a local beach. I hope someone with experience on this beach will chime in. I've only glimpsed it from the windows of the bus.
  15. If you have not been to these ports before, I'd make Cabo the beach day. There are too many things to see on a first visit to the other three ports to give those up for a beach day. Cabo has the least to do, and the beach is near and convenient! Enjoy!
  16. I'll follow this thread to see the answer, but 35 years ago, on my first cruise, I tried to track down officials in the various ports to get a passport stamp in my virgin passport. I think I got only two entry stamps, and it cost me too much time in the various ports. And I finally gave up when I almost missed an excursion because I was looking for someone with a stamp.
  17. I am impressed by the lengths our members here go to help each other out! Good going, people!
  18. What a horrible thing! I hope none of the injured were from your ship.
  19. I had many problems with the early on-line check in yesterday, using my i-phone. I finally gave up and waited until I could do it from my desktop computer, and it worked properly. I still need to check in our two co-passengers who have to do regular check-in tomorrow, so I will run into my office to use my desktop and will not try to use the phone.
  20. From Orange County, CA, the obvious choice would be the Panorama out of Los Angeles (Long Beach). Save the airfare for four people and drive to the port instead. The Mexican Riviera ports are as nice as the Caribbean ports you are considering. (Much as I enjoy San Juan!)
  21. I cruised Carnival twice out of San Juan, PR. Dec 1997, the Fascination and the Inspiration. One was a 7 night Saturday and the other a 7 night Sunday, so I had a night in a hotel in Condado, San Juan. I guess they were technically not a side-by-side with that extra night in between.
  22. We use Verizon, and Mex and Can are part of our plan. I have not used my phone (phone, text or data) extensively in Mex, but I haven't had any problems with low speeds. I tend to check my email while in port, and make any necessary phone calls. I don't try to stream or to upload large files.
  23. In New York last month, getting off the Venezia, I was not even aware of whether there were separate lines for people with birth certificates. We have passports, and we just walked right through with barely a hitch in our pace. But I did have to take off my hat. Facial recognition took care of everything.
  24. I was on the Venezia in March 2024. The $25 Free Play was not offered as cash, but only as credit on the slots. Once you play the $25 through the slots once, any winnings are yours to cash out. The no-smoking casino is completely separate. It is its own room. Unfortunately for me, there is no craps table in the no-smoking casino.
  25. We were in Ensenada on Dec 25, 2022 off the Celebrity Solstice. We took a shuttle into town ($4 pp round trip). Ensenada was dead. We ended up taking a horse-drawn carriage ride, and we bought some junk (t-shirts, sweatshirts and baseball caps) for friends/relatives. We were back on the ship in under two hours.
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