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  1. As mentioned, Arosa Sena does have the family cabins (bunk beds for kids across from parents bed), there could be one other thing to think of. I looked in the bathroom, looks like a smaller shower. Would you be able to fit one parent and your child in it to clean them?
  2. @Tedferg, we sailed the end of Sept. last year. We were to go from Budapest to Nuremberg, but couldn't make it past Passau. Usually summer is the dry time, but unfortunately, we got caught in it. You can never tell with the rivers, which is why they are reluctant to cancel any cruises. Rivers can be perfect, but add in a week of heavy rain, or a week of hot dry weather, and things can change quickly. We were bussed to Regensburg from Passau, and I was really glad to see it, as it's a beautiful city. Next Danube cruise we will tour Passau.
  3. We've always pre-paid our gratuities, which covered those onboard. It covered all crew, not just the ones you interacted with during the day. You get envelopes either at reception or in your cabin if you haven't pre-paid, and then leave them in boxes at reception. You can request to pay them at reception, but onboard purchases are in Euro's. While there is a suggested amount, it's up to you what you wish to pay, no 'automatic" add on at the end of the cruise. We usually give a quite handshake to those who we feel gave exceptional service as a thank you. That way we can give them an extra thank-you as well.
  4. So if I'm reading this correctly, the draft (draught) for the View (135m) is 1.6m, the Imagery II (110m) is 1.7m. Therefore, the View has less draft even though being a longer ship?
  5. Not always. Just looked draft for Avalon View (135m) and Avalon Imagery II specs from the ship yard and they seem the same. I’m not a ship expert, so could be wrong.
  6. I was worried about having more passengers on the larger ship, but I guess with the larger sized ship you didn't notice it. Plus, it's only 19 more couples, if both ships are booked full with couples. Counting in solo travelers, and ships not being fully booked, you may not even notice the difference. I think for the tours on the French rivers (excluding the Rhine) are all on the smaller ships, I looked through several and that was all I found. The Danube will have both sizes.
  7. If it's your first time on the longer ones, be prepared. We boarded, had lunch (the lounge doesn't seem much bigger, probably due to being furnished), then went up to the sun deck to wander. That's when it hit us how big the ship was! Our cabin was about 1 past the ones we usually get on the smaller ships, and we noticed it there as well, just that little bit longer to get to. Didn't mind, it was that much more walking to wear off all the excess calories we take in with all the great food. 🙂 Enjoy your cruise, I hope you manage to do a review, I'm curious as to what it's like.
  8. We've travelled on both the Imagery II (110 meters) and the Envision (135 meters). I think the only difference you would find is the smaller ships have fewer cabins (so yes, the lounge & dining room are smaller as they don't have to seat as many passengers), and the upper deck gives you more room to walk. The larger ships will also have more bow space for seating that is shaded. No difference as to cabin size or anything else, both are equally good. We did the Envision on the Danube, the Imagery II on the Rhine and will be on it again for our upcoming Moselle cruise - even down to the same cabin! Plan your trip for the itinerary, not the ship. They are almost identical as to layout, just the longer ones are....well...longer and that much more walking around. 🙂
  9. Don't feel bad, we took the train1x (well, twice, we had to come back). Not a good experience as we were late getting to destinations both times. So glad I left lots of time to get through the airport, if we had been cutting it close we would have missed our train. Returning, we were 1/2 hr late leaving, and 2 1/2 hrs late getting in. My poor Dad was overdone on the coffee waiting for us. 😉 Never been on a subway. The trains we took in Europe were on time (actually we almost missed one as it was sitting there early and we were thinking it would be leaving and our train coming in) and smooth. We did have a short trip on a high speed, but I don't think it was a long enough distance to get to the full speed...but it did go a lot faster than our milk run ones.
  10. We took the train to Montreal in Sept. for our river cruise...there is quite a difference from the European ones and the VIA. We found the ones in the Netherlands and Germany/France to be very smooth, and were surprised at how you really felt the VIA train. We took the "milk run" from Basel to Amsterdam along the Rhine, and also while in the Netherlands, took a train up to Enkhuizen.
  11. Yes, there is both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks offered during happy hour...it's basically just time for socialising before dinner, and also to hear the CD explain the excursions for the next day. Same with at dinner, I believe soft drinks are available, and ice tea (unsweetened - my favourite) and coffee / tea are always available all day. They also have water "machines" in the lounges and various public areas where there is flaveroured water, ice water, sparkling etc.,, and coffee machines (I've heard the hot chocolate is really good, but as we go when it's warm, it's not exactly what we are looking for). Here's the link for the bar menu. Don't worry if you are dining with others who are enjoying the wine and beer if you aren't, no one will notice. https://www.avalonwaterways.ca/why-avalon/drinks/
  12. Another one for Avalon - beer & wine with meals, happy hour between 5:00 and dinner, and sparkling wine if you wish to start the day of with a mimosa, but that's all that's included. As you don't drink much, you aren't paying for what you won't use. Avalon also have a healthy inspired menu with fresh, local ingredients. We find that we can eat all we wish, but don't come home with the extra "vacation" lbs. We do make sure to skip the 4:00 afternoon tea. 🙂
  13. Look on the itineraries that specify "lights" and or overnight docking. Those ones will be evening Christmas Markets.
  14. We've been on two as well, both with temps well into the 30's. We always choose cabins at the stern, and have never had a problem with our A/C. We've never had problems with the food, I've been surprised considering how small the kitchen is how well they get your food served.
  15. You can never know about rain, this year Europe has been hit bad, and the rivers are flooding. As to the weather, I'd suggest looking at a weather app that does long range forecasts - I use AccuWeather, and will check the towns along the way starting about 1 month prior to sailing. As time gets closer to packing, I tend to check daily. Enjoy your cruise.
  16. Agree, as someone who can stretch their legs out on an Economy seat, I would have a lot less balance trying to stretch that high walking down the aisle.
  17. @Canal archive, nope, it's Scotch "with a threat" for me. 🙂 The "threat" was a line from Fred Elliott on Coronation Street.
  18. That's our plan, once we run out of rivers - choose a base for a couple of days, travel by train on the local lines to see the country, then move on to another base. So many plans, so little time. 🙂
  19. Wish we had the time, but will have to add it to our bucket list for when we do Germany by train. We tend to like the hop-style of beer, or my husband likes a stronger "red".
  20. We do like Bitburger, it's what we buy here as well as enjoy while onboard. 🙂
  21. We did the Danube last Sept. with Avalon. The third day onboard, they announced after our excursion that there was a low water problem. While we were out, the CD, Captain and Avalon had figured out exactly how to handle things. They added an extra stop at Engelhartszell, with included tours. They changed the optional tours to Cesky Krumlov and Salzburg to be "included" and open for everyone. Those of us who had paid for the excursions were credited back (I had my money back on my CC before we even took the tour). Then, because we could only go as far as Passau (we were to go to Nuremberg), we were bussed to Regensburg for a full day excursion (not quite a full day, but extended to cover for the bus ride). They had coupons for the sausage meal at the Sausage Kitchen which included a beer or drink. They also gave us 60.00 Euros each for lunch (which I don't think anyone really used, the sausages were more than enough). Since it was our final stop, we had our Captain's dinner the night before, and for those who were supposed to leave from Nuremberg packed up and they went from Regensburg to Nuremberg and put up in a hotel with dinner. They also had transfers to the airport and or train, however they were leaving. The rest of us had one more night onboard, as we were to be bussed to Prague for the rest of our tour. I didn't hear anyone complain about how things were handled, and I think everyone was happy with the arrangements. I was disappointed in missing Nuremberg, however, that just means we have to do another cruise. 🙂
  22. I wear ball hats around here if out for drives - could keep them on with the convertible better. I also have a nice straw hat for wandering around town. However it doesn't pack well, and I'm not one for ball hats while travelling. I purchased one that was supposed to be "foldable" with a wide brim thinking it would keep the back of my neck covered (and it had a hole for my pony-tail 🙂), however I found out after our trip we just got back from...it's not exactly foldable. So I guess I'm back to my Tilly bucket hat, not as wide of a brim, but will help keep the sun off the top of my head, which I need. Bonus points for it being washable and packable!
  23. We take about €150.00, and if we don’t have any coin, we’ll usually stop at one of the convenience type stores at the airport once we land and buy something small. That way we can change a €20.00 for small bills and coins. We aren’t shoppers, so if we do treat ourselves, we usually use our CC. If purchasing something small, I’ll usually ask if CC is ok - we got caught in Budapest when it was 30C and I needed water. I felt bad, but the lady in the little store didn’t mind.
  24. We don't follow sports much here, but last night was the opening game for the closest professional Football team, up in Ottawa. Between severe T-Storms, and Tornado warnings....it didn't go well. Although they did manage to win the game. 🙂
  25. @terry&mike, I'd love to hear how you find them. We would like to do the Loire and they are the only line that sails that river.
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