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  1. The WW2 items would be tough to get rid of. All i have from my dad back then is a photo of the bomber crew he was a part of.
  2. I'd love to read more from you on this. I have zero background in law.
  3. My guess is that people quit masking outdoors, and the govt had to catch up and "grant permission" in order not to look ludicrous.
  4. I'm not sure about that. My brother's kids were raised the same, very close in age. One a good eater, one super picky. The picky one grew up to be a computer nerd and eats just fine.
  5. I appreciate you passing this on to us!
  6. Makes me thankful I'm married to a man who isn't prone to "attack mode."
  7. They know how to stem the tide. Put the protocols back in place that had been working. But they'd have to admit they did something unwise. Pride rules, unfortunately.
  8. Will the CDC get involved in the border crossing disease risk? Or no jurisdiction?
  9. I actually requested to enroll a grandchild in summer school last summer, after struggling with the homeschooling. The answer was no. I'm assuming Covid had a lot to do with it.
  10. I think it's tough for US citizens to agree cheerfully to ongoing restrictions as we watch people pour across our southern border and be transported, unvaccinated, around this country.
  11. For various reasons, people who had their kids vaccinated, get flu shots, etc, have less confidence this time. I respect their choices to wait or decline. I have a relative who has an autoimmune illness that ruled this vaccination out for her.
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