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  1. Our dog, a dachshund, would manage to suck the peanut butter off, then spit pill out. Ref cheese, managed to roll it around in her mouth, keep cheese, spit out pill. Finally i just put pill in her mouth, held her mouth shut, let go and watched to see if she licked her nose, which meant successful swallow.
  2. I heard on news (?) that people who move south to Fl or East from California, to get away from whatever, tend to vote like they did back home, influencing voter trends in destination states. I found this interesting.
  3. I think my first new car (in the 70's) was $3000 or $3500. It was an orange VW beetle. I loved that car!🤗
  4. Am sending belated congratulations also, Singinalot! By the way, are you or have you been a professional singer? Or just choirs, etc, growing up?
  5. If a vaccine is implemented by early 2021, it seems unreasonable to me for the CDC to take actions that would in effect destroy the cruise industry. Very vulnerable people will choose not to cruise. I hate to see any government entity have too much authority in an situation that isn't that black and white.
  6. What brand cookware? I had one years ago, inexpensive metal, and i had a hard time cleaning it even if greased .
  7. Lately I'm unable to share jokes thru text. Does anybody else have this problem in the last week or so? Solution?
  8. "Crumblies"? 🤗. That is so cute! I want to visit the UK mostly to sit around here and there and listen to you talk !
  9. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. The more info we have, along with input from experienced cruisers, the easier to make informed choices for ourselves that won't lead to disappointment.
  10. I have gained more than 15 "covid" pounds and am starting over. You gals are an inspiration. Does anyone use Keto? My husband is starting it, and long as go I had tried it and couldn't lose. Might try again since he is. Wasn't there a keto thread in the past? Or part of this group?
  11. I don't much care about that. I'd just do whatever is preferred. Not worth being disagreeable over. However, I'd have 15+ pounds of lazy covid fat to take off so that I could fit in my dressy clothes.
  12. I will get the vaccine and don't believe any dangerous "rushing" has gone on. Thousands of people are participating in the trials.
  13. I have yet to cruise with Cunard but very much want to. The people who post here seem so delightful, genteel, gentle.
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