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  1. Maybe folks especially vulnerable will just choose to continue being very cautious about getting out. Others will be out there, but hopefully avoid contact with, for example, frail grandparents. Herd immunity will result eventually. There are now such huge numbers of tests being done that, of course, positives will show up. If herd immunity is the goal, then positives aren't in and of themselves a bad thing.
  2. I remember being on an RC cruise in the Caribbean and there was a cutoff age for a zip line excursion. I wondered at the time how the upper age limit was determined.
  3. I am, I guess, a "negative" only because I won't get to go along! Poor Nellie-ME. Enjoy your planning. If plans change, you will at least have had the fun of looking forward to the cruise, which is no small thing these days IMO.
  4. My understanding is that some folks only book directly with the cruise line. I don't know all the pros and cons.
  5. Before Covid, we had to cancel a b2b2b because of a serious health issue. Then Covid, and I really fell into an emotional slump. I wound up asking myself why I had depended so much on the stimulation of cruising - planning, waiting, packing, etc - and i didn't entirely like my answers, had to make some changes in my thinking. I will be so excited to get back on a ship, but I am more focused on my husband and children now. I doubt most of you were neglectful in these areas.
  6. We hear you, friends. We get frustrated too. My husband and I downsized to a small townhouse, now have a grown child and grandchild living here too. The walls can sort of close in, huh? I eat too much, do too little housework, get stressed over the news, but sometimes think about my dad on bombing missions in WW 2, my mom not knowing if he'd make it home. I guess I am ok with this aggravation. God bless you two!
  7. I wonder if it might be because some people, while sheltering in place, are taking on cleaning chores that don't get done routinely. I am the opposite, really slacking off, mostly reading.
  8. How about LASER - light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation (I think)
  9. REF AGE: Two people who live on my block are a joy to me. One is 5, the other is 93. They are each delightful. Today in a Wal-Mart a little boy probably not yet 2 caught my eye and I waved. He pointed down to his shoe; i think the shoes might have been new, and I acted appropriately impressed. We had a silent "conversation" while his busy parents looked over some product on the shelves. He added a smile to my day.
  10. I plan to prod my DH to book with balcony from now on. We had switched to inside cabins to save money and afford b2b's, but the older we get, I want a balcony rather than save for future trips that might not be possible due to health problems. And truthfully, no matter how hard i tried, I just missed the amazing view of the water while still in PJ's. Also, having a balcony would change quarantine experience drastically for both of us.
  11. I would cruise sooner, but my DH thinks the same way as JT1962 above. DH is the voice of reason in this house, me not so much, so i guess I need to acquire some patience.
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