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  1. It's not like anything California does is rational or makes sense.
  2. I would love to see Voyager doing 5/5/4's but I could live with a 4/3 schedule. She's the perfect size and class to be doing that. I know that now with all the uncertainty going forward that 2021 is a write off but I'm really hoping that the screen shot shown earlier is their intention. My suspicion is that there was obviously some conversation to this end otherwise why would the port of LA post that. Royal probably had them pull it from the website because they didn't want to tip their hand on itinerary releases. I'm usually only just over 4 hours drive from the port of LA. Jumping on a 4 day once a month would suit me just fine 🙂
  3. My guess is you are out of luck... If Empress doesn't return for the Caribbean season it's not likely going suddenly come back into service for the Canadian Adventure cruises and will have no need to reposition to San Juan. There's another thread dedicated to Empress' demise. I'd follow that one for updates. I'm scheduled on her for an 8. nighter in Feb. My hope for that cruise is on life support at this point.
  4. Don't tell anyone but I was a closet Britney fan back in the 90's
  5. I was actually booked on Princess to do a NW cruise of SFO. Unfortunately that one got cancelled. I would love it if Royal did short cruises out of CA. I'd probably hurt myself financially but it'd be fun.
  6. Brilliant thread! Sorry it took till day two to catch on. I'm caught up now and looking forward to the rest of the journey. If there was a way to double like a post I would.
  7. Typically, when a cruise is cancelled Royal will offer you comparable's that are price protected. The challenge with Empress will be if you are on one of her 8 day eastern itineraries. There really isn't a replacement for those. If you are on a 6 or 7 day western it'll be easier to replace since there are lots of similar itineraries on various classes of ships.
  8. I've never understood suite or tier envy. I don't begrudge those in first class on a flight receiving more and better service when I happen to be in coach nor do I swirl my OJ at folks, served to me in a real glass, while economy is boarding to lord over them my being in first and them not. Nobody does that kind of thing. With Hilton I am Diamond status. It comes with perks and access to parts of some properties not available to other guests. I'm not going to feel guilty because I get access to the executive lounge and an included breakfast while others don't. Conversely, I don't begrudge anyone in the executive lounge who has no status with Hilton who happened to purchase a deluxe suite that includes access to executive lounge. I know there have been a few anecdotes of pretentious folks, whether they be high tiered or suite dwelling, acting all douchy but my experience is that that is extremely rare. Most high tiered folks, as evidenced here on CC, are remarkably helpful, sharing their knowledge and experience with those less experienced enabling myself and others to get more out of our cruise experience. How would you know about preferred cabins, special order off menu currys in the MDR or the myriad of unadvertised things available except some higher tiered cruiser shared it here on CC or onboard while chatting at lunch or in the Schooner bar.
  9. I know... I was equally scandalized by their complete lack of knowledge of mid 80's pop. That's like confusing late Madonna with early Britney Spears. Scandalous, I say!
  10. You are not sorry at all and I took your post in neither a negative nor positive way. I read the words and the words have meaning. If you want to criticize humanity find a forum dedicated to that and to whatever cause makes you feel virtuous. This forum is dedicated to cruising. This thread has been a civil discussion about issues related to cruising especially as it relates too long time cruisers. Why you would think that is inappropriate is beyond me. There have been no nasty comments nor has any high tier'd Royal cruiser has lorded anything over anyone else on this thread. Your preachy, self righteous virtue signaling is the only inappropriate post on this thread. Even your passive aggressive "Have a better day" is a thinly veiled attempt to belittle. If you don't want to discuss cruising, tier status within Royal, suite life or other cruise related subjects that's fine but some of us do and would appreciate you taking your self aggrandizing, non-cruise related posts to a more appropriate forum.
  11. LOL "Who even cares!" Apparently the people who have posted on this thread. That little red x in the upper left corner of the browser will work wonders for you. Some of us find this discussion enjoyable. I understand you don't. That's the beauty of freedom. You are welcome not to participate. The rationale of coming onto a discussion forum to criticize discussion of a pertinent topic completely escapes me.
  12. So I guess with this post you are one up and most of us are one down. You criticize our discussion of the various cruise topics covered in this thread by calling discussion criticism. Like you, I took one Psych class in college a billion years ago so I'm qualified to sit in judgement of anything too. Could you help me understand how criticizing the friendly discussion this thread has been qualifies as reevaluation of your behavior leading to a greater degree of kindness. My one psych class either skipped that module or I was high that day.... Thanks Psych 101 Alumni 1985
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