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  1. What would happen if she took her FCC and booked a cruise that is likely to be cancelled. Would that change her circumstances?
  2. WHO has some new advice for again... This advise lines up perfectly with GB declaration. https://www.theepochtimes.com/who-official-urges-world-leaders-to-stop-using-lockdowns-as-primary-method-against-ccp-virus_3534230.html
  3. The extra perks with a JS are nice but that great big wide balcony on the 7330 looks amazing.
  4. whenever I have website issues I switch to incognito browsing and that usually sorts it.
  5. When they restart, I think you'll see cruises that include Coco Cay, Cozumel and Costa Maya. The Quintana Roo health authority has already shown some interest in allowing cruise ships back. Last December I was in Cozumel when 9 ships were there. It was chaos. However, limit that to 3 or 4 ships at 50% capacity on cruise line approved excursions and it will feel like a ghost town.
  6. Thank you for this post double D, I agree with you completely. My position, which I have not been particularly good at articulating, is that all the statistics that are used to justify any position are relatively meaningless when compared across jurisdictions since there are too many variables across all data points. Even within a single country there is so much variation it renders comparisons meaningless. As an example here in Canada the testing rate is 212518 per 1000000 people. However, in the province of BC the testing rate is 95871 per 1000000 people. Is it because BC has a lower infection rate and a lower suspected case incidence or is lower infection rate a result of lower testing numbers. You can't compare data across jurisdictions when there is no defined standard tabulating data. My apologies for my inability to communicate effectively. Cruising should begin as soon as possible. People who don't want to go can stay home. Those that want to can go. All the statistics in the world are meaningless.
  7. Wouldn't this imply that it is not so contentious anymore. If their own Healthy Sail board is recommends it you would think that some sort of process is being developed.
  8. If this is so then flying to the cruise port is no issue at all then.
  9. I voted for December but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if I saw things start in January
  10. We’ll have to agree to disagree. The metric you are using has no foundation in statistical analysis. Mine does. What I have observed however is that no amount of legitimate statistical analysis will change someone’s mind who has consumed media for porn for 7 months. When people have become emotionally invested and deemed virtuous by the decisions made on their behalf by government, changing that opinion is almost impossible. I’m always going to default to liberty and question authoritarian and autocratic rule.
  11. I'm not implying anything. I posted the IFR and was responded to with a Fox News article that the IFR isn't valid and only the CFR is meaningful. So then I post ,based on CFR, that you are twice as likely to die in Canada as in the US and am told that the CFR isn't a valid metric but "simply data..." that isn't relevant. The IFR and CFR are genuine metrics. I don't make them up, I don't tabulate them and I don't interpret them. The metric you are suggesting be used can't be used because the way it is tabulated is inconsistent across jurisdictions. The statistic is meaningless. It's like comparing Aruba to India or Brazil. If we look at it based on your statistical analysis Aruba is terrible but India and Brazil are way better. Of course that is nonsense because of significant difference in population, monitoring, quality of healthcare as well as other factors the statistics can't be compared across these jurisdictions. Now that doesn't play well for the MSM because fear porn drives clicks and case and death meters look cool on Jake Tapper's show CNN or Power and Politics on CBC for us Canadians.
  12. And this is my point from the beginning. Someone suggested the US is the worst and nobody would want their people going there or would want US citizens traveling to their countries based on a metric that isn't consistently measured across jurisdictions. The statistics have been so manipulated politically and are measured so differently from one jurisdiction to another that they have been rendered meaningless. Safety measures need to be put in place and those that want to cruise can and those that do not can stay home.
  13. I'm sure you don't like my very true statistics. That doesn't make them less right.
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