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  1. How early is “early” as in “earlier than you can board”? If it is too early to drop off bags - after getting off the plane, getting your luggage and getting ground transportation to Red Hook, - I would suggest you taxi direct to Fairway Market and keep your bags with you - which is pretty much what you would be doing if you stayed at JFK.
  2. Biscay is known for nasty seas - not so much the size as the erratic pattern which can give a vessel a jerking motion rather than predictable rolling or pitching - which is easier for you senses to adjust for. If that is the only area you have trouble, just avoid it on itineraries - or at least just eat saltines and tea - with some ginger- and push through. Most people overcome their tendency for seasickness after one or perhaps two experiences - of course if you always medicate yourself, you can make yourself dependent on that medication and never get over it.
  3. Yes, travel insurance premiums spike up as you age, but at least you can still get it here. We had to cancel a February cruise at the last minute in 2018 due to severe bronchitis - total insurance recovery except for rail fare to cruise port - but we were given credit towards future train trip. Of course it makes sense - the risk of claim is greater as we age, so you can’t blame the carriers to nick us .
  4. Precisely - and the more a line emphasises it, (a la NCL’s “Freestyle”) the worse it is.
  5. There have been nights when I would prefer a soup, a salad, two appetizers rather than a main, then dessert - on one occasion I had two soups - being unable to choose between a hot and a cold. I have always found the dining room stewards to be accomodating.
  6. Are senior citizens in the UK entitled to different insurance rules than the general public?
  7. I know in the US homeowners insurance is deemed ineffective if the residence is unoccupied for a prolonged length of time - which varies by state. A small occurrence can cause massive damage if left untended for any significant length of time - the fact that OP could get ANY coverage at ANY reasonsble cost strikes me as unusual.
  8. However, apparently not yes. But why stop at ***** - shouldn’t one want to wait for the results of a pregnancy test? Seriously though, an intelligent man should probably not go any further than a handshake with the sort of control-minded flibbitygibbit who retains the option to say “no” after repeatedly saying yes, even at the point of “doing it” (which presumably includes while “doing it”).
  9. My son regularly travels to Vietnam for the Department of Commerce - the officials with which he meets tend to call it Saigon.
  10. Agreed — but would you think that a “YES” to the third to last and second to last would at least complicate things? You get into a gray area - sort of like those situations in which a dropped fiancée has successfully sued her ex for breach of contract after rescinding his proposal of marriage.
  11. Of course, a series of consecutive (increasingly approvingly) "yesses" to a series of questions seriously complicates -- shall we go for a drink? you want another? shall we go back to my place? want to sit here? can we take this off? shall we go into my bedroom? OK if we slide these off?
  12. Definitely the way to “do” Italy. Naples, Rome, Venice, Florence, by train - then, car for Tuscany from base villa for two weeks near Greve in Chianti - halfway between Florence and Siena - for lazy day trips to the hill towns, then back to Rome for TA home.
  13. But is East Bay “true west coast”? I would not refer to myself as “Atlantic Coast” - because Long Island Sound and then Long Island (that dreary, hideous amalgam of commuter suburbs) lie between CT and the Atlantic. I do, however, have to acknowledge an acceptable aspect of Long Island —- it will serve as a breakwater to protect CT should a tsunami threaten the East Coast. Much as New Jersey exists to protect Philadelphia.
  14. Once you rationalize your “work schedule” - to what amounts to an endless series of seven-day weekends, you might want to look at TA repositioning’s - a leisurely way of getting to the continent for tulip season in the Netherlands or returning from your October in Tuscany. Sadly, they seem to be catching on, and are no longer the absurd bargains on uncrowned ships - still, they beat flying.
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