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  1. But if it happened because of heavy snow in Chicago delaying your connecting flight —- when you might as easily have made your December connecting flight plans through Atlanta or Houston it is your fault because you did not think about such implications. Sometimes keeping your brain turned on when making plans can help.
  2. ... NO! NO! NO! : Put down the minimum deposit, then “pay” slowly into a special savings account to accrue the necessary balance by final payment date. The interest you earn, while small, will go into your pocket rather than the cruise line’s, and — much more important — if there is a significant drop in price, or another cruise seems more attractive, you can walk away from the deposit.
  3. True - it is difficult to say which end of the political spectrum is less tolerant of the other.
  4. Two good points - a) always good to keep your options open: including walking away from a deposit if prices drop significantly, so you can re-book. b) once you have committed yourself, do not check fares or talk to others who booked earlier or later than you —- the odds are very strong that someone will have done better than you, so why torment yourself?
  5. A good, almost complete, summary of an incredibly long, difficult to read text. I would only add: “If you are willing to spend more, you can have a luxury balcony suite, have a few drinks, take a few excursions, bring back some mementos”.
  6. You probably cannot book a 2022 cruise now, but you might want to start thinking/planning - perhaps even tracking prices on several lines/itineraries to see if they move and in what direction. Of course every year is different, but if you are taking the “entire family”, pricing has to be a significant consideration.
  7. I hadn’t focused on the group transfer aspect - on top of everything else involved in flying into JFK from overseas, I would think that by the time you were able leave your bags at the hotel it would be just about supper time - and certainly feeling like it - at least 4:00 to 5:00 PM, and, coming from London, feeling like 9:00 or 10:00 PM.
  8. I’ve never seen a problem in menus occasionally repeating. After all, over a two week period you can have a lot of variety —- and don’t most of us occasionally repeat meals at home in any given three week period?
  9. I have cruised many times and have, in fact, encountered a few people who wanted to push political agendas at meal time - but none who refused to accept suggestion (from me and/or others) that the table was not an appropriate forum.
  10. ... I suspect that you are right: it is likely that there will be several other people on the ship with you.
  11. Having done six Fall trans-Atlantic repositionings —- and planning another for later this year, I have not found the entertainment to suffer - I know we have switched entertainers at least once at Madeira and, I believe, in the Canaries - so you are not talking about too many days without cast change. The Atlantic is at its warmest in September - true, it is during “hurricane season” but predicting is pretty good, and the Atlantic has plenty of maneuvering room, so that should not be a concern. We have had very calm crossings - and none as rough as on a couple of winter sailings down to the Caribbean. It has usually been ideal cruising weather- in the seventies to low eighties as you near the US. If you book a balcony, port side will give you sun all day every day.The 25 hour days due to time change enhance the leisurely feel. The only “hardship” I recall was when the Prinsendam ran out of tomato juice - but (strangely) could still sell bloody Mary’s in the bars
  12. The problem would remain: would you be the one to judge whether the provided citations were verifiable and reputable or would it be the person whom you asked - or would there need to be a mutually acceptable disinterested third part to make such determination?
  13. And perhaps the most directly relevant Biblical passage is Paul’s “... no longer drink only water but take a LITTLE wine for your stomach’s sake...” (emphasis added); there being no conflict with strictures concerning gluttony.
  14. This is the thing - it is entirely possible to have a rational discussion about politics - even with someone with different views. It takes a willingness (on both sides) to listen, a commitment to facts, and (most important) avoidance of pushing a personal view. Sadly, the levels of intelligence, courtesy and self discipline necessary to achieve this are rarely found.
  15. It’s referred to as a “style” - the same word you used, along with “cute” , in referring to girls’ bra straps. Whether something is seen as “sloppy” depends upon the taste of the observer- I am not inclined to play fashion police — I simply asked if those who are bothered by people wearing bathrobes have any thoughts about people flashing their underwear.
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