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  1. In the US a white dinner jacket is certainly appropriate (used to be virtually mandatory) between Memorial Day and Labor Day.
  2. I do not think that the United States Maritime Commission ( intended to encourage the building of merchant ships - just prior to World War II) was interned to field complaints or, n fact, still exists. I think what you want is to find some consumer protection agency - of which I am sure there are plenty in Europe. I think what you need to do is identify your complaint: false advertising,, fair labor practices, or whatever — and then try to determine where you complaint should be lodged. I doubt that you have a specific maritime issue in mind —perhaps a consumer complaint?
  3. Well, perhaps they cannot really afford to cruise. Yes, it is possible to sail without insurance — but then it is a gamble they have chosen to make: like any other wager, they put up a stake in hopes of winning. If they win, they have saved the cost of insurance - if they lose, they have lost what they paid in fare. If “...buying a cruise ticket is a hardship...” , it is self-inflicted and unnecessary -hardly rationale for imposing massive possible losses on the cruise lines.
  4. The itineraries listed are Eastern, not Southern, Caribbean - none hit any of the ABC islands. I would suggest getting there at least a day early — in spite of what other posters say, San Juan is an interesting port - one of the best in the Caribbean. The RC’s might have more bells and whistles, but I would opt for Celebrity Summit.
  5. Precisely - I prefer a less formal environment, but do sail Cunard when itinerary, etc. meets needs/wishes. (Great way to come home from yearly visits with family in England). When I do, I play by their rules - it is tiresome how people keep trying to lower the bar. It’s not hard for a man to understand (and comply with) the well publicized dress code - and when they say “tuxedo” or “dark suit” for the special evenings, that is what is called for - not just something dark.
  6. The only quarantine effectively imposed was that by Japan - in not letting passengers off the ship. Whatever efforts made on the ship - which lacked facilities and expertise - could hardly be considered a quarantine. Having untrained crew deliver meals to whichever passengers might have been separated from others was not going to be part of an effective quarantine.
  7. Correct - the point of the quarantine was to prevent wider spread- which would have involved Japan. Just because there were not effective methods on board the ship to isolate infected people from others does not negate the wider quarantine. The same result might occur at US Air Force bases used as quarantine sites: keeping all returnees in one area for two weeks until they are cleared must increase their chances of cross infection.
  8. The mortality rate is not really the bottom line. Even if it has just a 1% rate, if the number infected is twenty times as high - which could ultimately be the case as there is no vaccine (and may be none for a period of years) - the death toll would be twenty times as great as that from the flu - which is largely containable.
  9. What does OP mean by “Disabled Veteran”? Someone injured on duty and still living with it, or someone who served and who subsequently developed a disability which had nothing to do with military service? Both are “disabled veterans”.
  10. If you are coming from Medford, staying in New Jersey would not make sense - requiring crossing the Hudson twice. I’d suggest the Mass Pike then down to I-95 and spend the night in Stamford/Greenwich area. This would put you about 45 minutes or less from the cruise terminal - (starting about 9:30-10:00AM), the heavy traffic would be over, and you would get to the terminal around 10:30 - 11:00 which is the earliest you’d want to arrive anyway beause the offloading passengers would be freeing up parking spaces.
  11. This was really unavoidable once the mass market lines decided to go really mass market: they had to hold down fares if they wanted to appeal to enough people to fill their increasing number of bunks. There is no way to hold down revenue (fares) without holding down expenses (quality of product). Then, to avoid driving away the market segment who wanted (and were willing to pay for) quality of product, they found it necessary to offer alternative restaurants and segregated accommodations and amenities. This trend is likely to continue - possibly until they reach the point of having completely separated decks for the different classes.
  12. Did it ever occur to you that your being “... made to feel to feel almost criminal...” might have been a reaction to an attitude you might have displayed? I have flown into the UK many times (and come back home as well) and have never experienced that. Collective entities such as the European Union and the United States do facilitate interior travel - but why would you expect them to treat aliens as casually as their own citizens?
  13. The US is a bit Schengenist — you can go from the Commonwealth of Virginia to the California Republic without passing through any immigration controls whatsoever.
  14. I “decided “ to take my first cruise when the only alternative would have been to run away from home - in those days, my parents made all the decisions, paid the fare, and essentially controlled all aspects of my very young life. I loved the Queen of Bermuda - sailing from New York to Hamilton - where she spent a few days tied up across Front Street from Trimingham’s (sadly now gone). Then, of course, there were those years on my uncle’s gray ships - with zero entertainment (other than nightly movies) and rather uninspiring meals. Years later - shortly after my divorce - I sailed through the Aegean Sea in 1996 from Istanbul to Athens - that convinced me that it was the best way to vacation as a single - which I did once or twice a year until I met my new wife - we honeymooned on HAL’s Noordam from New York to the Caribbean in January 2008 - and now sail at least once a year - usually just as a preferred way to come back from Europe - but every once in a while as an escape from New England winter.
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