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  1. Exactly — unless you maintain precise records, you will need to get 1099’s, W-2’s etc. to properly file - and you cannot count on getting them before the end of February. Just make sure you pay in full before you sail, then file return by October.
  2. Charles Dickens said it pretty well about a century and a half ago: “Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen nineteen and six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery.”
  3. A noble hope - and, while I do not think they would intentionally expose others, I do think that a lot would simply go about doing what they want for themselves. There are a lot of people who do not wear masks simply because they do not think that doing so will directly protect them- ignoring the fact that wearing masks protects others (while, of course, also protecting themselves). Many will pay for phony cards which claim to exempt them from mask requirements— a number will make absurd claims that their doctors tell them not to. Why do you think COVID infections are increasing now? A lot of people just do not give a damn if their whims are denied or convenience is limited.
  4. Very helpful input -- the makeup of the American workers who go into those statistics needs to be understood: a 17 year old high school student who might earn $2,000 a year baby sitting or bagging at a supermarket, or the 76 year old pensioner who is a part time greeter at Walmart, the stay-at-home mom who makes a few thousand from Mary Kay or Tupperware salesare all cranked into the figures. The only relevant measure is household income - which then might be divided by the number in that household to get a per capita figure. The well paid exec who might have three children and a stay at home wife earning $150,000 per year really counts as $30,000 per capita -- the same as the recent grad making $30,000 --- but probably paying a lot more in taxes.
  5. It does pass the time - I always print out two — either to get a clean start after hopelessly messing up or, if I do get it right, to set aside for a few days later when it is as good as a new challenge.
  6. So you deny the possibility of a second infection with COVID? Once recovered NEVER retested?
  7. If you do connect with someone in authority who is willing to take action, please pass along my concerns about the shortening days and waning warmth . We had frost last night - it might trigger colors, but somehow the sugar maples seem to be just turning dull brown so far. Sent in ballot by mail the other day- without disclosing choice, I must acknowledge disappointment in both partys’ choices. I have found a larger than usual number of people this year are saying they have not made up their minds — which is utter blather: they just do not want to have to defend their position. I think the bears have the right idea - eat all you want for a while, then sleep through the winter; or else the birds - just go someplace warm.
  8. There is not all that much that at this point is “generally accepted by medical professionals” . As you mention - there is no certainty that a “negative test result is valid and not a false negative”. What is “generally accepted” is the fact that we do not have certainty.
  9. No ordinary mask can be 100% effective all the time - before or after tests.
  10. Obviously a valid test coming up negative. I was talking about the unproven belief some have that people who have recovered can no longer be contagious.
  11. No one has claimed that masks GUARANTEE no transmission. But at the least they help.
  12. “possible reinfection” ”most likely” ”not real high probability” ”no known cases” Sort of suggests a lack of certainty.
  13. The problem is that it is now known that someone previously infected with, and recovered from, COVID can be re-infected -- and there is little likelihood that, once re-infected, he will not then be contagious. The fact is: no one (not even the CDC) knows enough about COVID to start coming out with certainties.
  14. And you know that they are no longer contagious? Just how did you establish that "fact"?
  15. Better to buy an ETF. —- “GLD”. has reacted along with the underlying gold but is much more practical for the individual investor than the physical metal —- which requires storage and, more important, is very costly/difficult to sell anywhere near market value because of assaying, handling, delivery, etc.
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