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  1. Is this package only for alcoholic drinks or would any special coffee drinks be included in this? Thank you!
  2. Also, we have 3 in our cabin. Will we all get access? Is there an age limit in the spa? Thank you again.
  3. Thank you for the replies. Now I am really confused because I called my NCL representative and she said we would not get the spa passes if we bid on it. ???????????
  4. We have the opportunity to bid on a spa mini suite. I have tried to read all about bidding (Sorry new to NCL and our first cruise with them!), but is all you get the location and spa cabin, no passes included?? I read where you do not get the perks with your cabin you bid on. Just wondering if it is worth it or just bid on the mini suite balcony. Thank you very much! (This will be on the Escape)
  5. We will be going to Manhattan Seaport on a Sunday morning. A nice, good priced hotel is before the Queensboro Bridge. Silly question, but should we be concerned with problems, traffic, etc. getting across to the port.?? Thank you so much for any replies. We won't be site seeing. Just flying in the night before the cruise. Thanks again!!
  6. We cruised out of Brooklyn and flew LGA, and had no problems. But it does seem by your post you are flying in the same day of the cruise? If so, I would take the earliest flight to get there in case there are any problems on the way. If you still have the option I would consider flying in the day before. Can't help with Uber as we took a taxi to our hotel. We did this cruise on Princess and you will love it. Have a great time!
  7. Scheduled to arrive 7 a.m. at Manhattan Seaport on a Sunday. Is 11:20 a.m too early for a flight out of LGA? Thank you.
  8. Scheduled to arrive to Manhattan seaport at 7 a.m. on a Sunday. Is 11:20 a.m. to early of a flight to try and catch? Thank you.
  9. What is the show about? Kid appropriate? Thank you!
  10. Yes, I have been researching on travel to and from airport. Most are saying how crazy LGA is. Flown into there several times, but has been more than 5 years ago. Hotels are cheaper at EWR so seems it all evens out. Thank you for all the advice. Now just to decide!!
  11. Flight is cheaper to fly into EWR than LGA. We will be arriving on a Sat.(In June) and staying at hotel around airport and going to Manhattan port Sunday. The return flights are EWR leaves at noon and the LGA flight leaves at 1:20. Our ship the NCL Escape is due back at 7 a.m. We will hire a car service to take us from and to port.. Is noon too early from EWR? I am sorry I am sure this has been asked a million times. I have read through so many threads and cannot find an answer. So thank you for any response and help!!
  12. Our daughters cabin and ours were there today. We are very happy with both cabins, location and especially the price! Thanks again everyone!
  13. Thank you! I will just periodically keep checking. Yes, it was sail away, NOT gty. I appreciate all the answers!!
  14. I am sure this has been asked, but cannot find what I am looking for. We booked a sail away balcony for Bermuda because of the price being great. Never have done this before and I was wondering how do they notify you when you get your cabin assigned? Do you just read it on your reservation, email, call? Thank you for any replies!!
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