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  1. Having already been to Barbados ( so we don’t feel we are missing seeing the island) we have decided to change our flight to arrive the same day as the cruise so we can head straight to the ship on arrival. We will hope that no bad weather or other calamity delays our flight. Post cruise we fly out at 9pm so we hope that Seabourn can either arrange a day excursion or day room at a hotel - still to be arranged
  2. I agree that one week is never enough! Our first Seabourn cruise was also our first ever cruise so we only booked one week “in case we didn’t like it” 😳 - it makes me laugh every time I think of that - of course now we are hooked 😂
  3. I find that if I go through “booked guests” and then “ account” either nothing happens or the whole thing freezes. if I choose the “flight ease” option and select “ book flight” I can log in and view everything - all the itinerary, excursion options etc (you don’t have to book a flight) so I always do that now. I am using Safari very strange!
  4. Thank you cruiseej- really helpful information that you can leave the hotel for the port if results aren’t back, I hadn’t picked that up from other sources. So maybe we will go a day or two ahead after all. we have stayed at 2 different hotels on previous visits (Crystal Cove and Accra Beach) and both were disappointing but then I am comparing them to the Odyssey!!
  5. We have booked the Barbados cruise in January. I know entry rules and testing procedures may well change before then but I’m undecided whether to arrive the day before or on the day of sailing. Day before - gives leeway in case of bad weather delaying the flight (from UK) and this is what we would usually do, but I have been reading on Trip Advisor that Barbados is now struggling to process test results within 24 hours due to an increase in flights so are we risking not being cleared to leave the hotel for the ship? With Dec/Jan being peak times I’m thinking this could get worse Day of sailing - no test at the airport is required so you can go straight to the ship from the airport assuming current rules carry on, what would you do?
  6. We will be on the same cruise and I had a slight panic when I read your post. I have also emailed our contact at Seabourn after reading that the floating market in the Mekong will be closed as I really wanted to see that. I’ll let you know what they say. Trip Advisor has a few threads with some positive comments from people saying that HCM is a good place to visit during Tet https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowTopic-g293925-i8433-k13012003-Tet_2020-Ho_Chi_Minh_City.html hopefully someone else will be able to help.....
  7. House wines are available at all dining venues including TK. No effort to up sell was ever made by any staff to us - we always love the choice of house wines so wouldn’t buy anyway. You can get a list of all the house wines and choose any of them at any venue including in your suite bar.
  8. I am a bit concerned by this last comment - how rough are we talking? 🙁or 🤢? we are also doing this cruise in January
  9. We have used Seabourn to book our flights twice when we have booked our cruise directly with Seabourn and they have had offers on airfare deals. Our flights for our Baltic cruise (from U.K. ) ended up free and for our upcoming Singapore to Hong Kong cruise in January the flight prices Seabourn quoted were considerably less than any other quotes I got. They offered a few options (different airlines and Heathrow/Gatwick airports) and we booked at the same time as the cruise. So it’s definitely worth asking them for a price. I don’t think you can use your air miles though as you’re booking through an agent (Seabourn).
  10. Thank you all for these recommendations - I’m looking forward to the cruise and the extra 2 night stay in Hong Kong. I hope the political situation in Hong Kong improves in the meantime.
  11. Does anyone have a recommendation for a hotel in Hong Kong (post-cruise for 2 nights )?
  12. We have booked OB twice. Got V1 and V4. There is another thread with a lot of comments called “interesting ob assignments” about 4 pages in. Sorry I don’t know how to link to it but it covers that assignments are totally random. Hope you can find it and hope that helps. All cabins are fabulous so just don’t worry! Have a great cruise !
  13. I agree. I love to see people make an effort. I was slightly disappointed with the dress in the Colonnade on our recent Baltic trip (e.g sneakers, raincoat and backpack - I assume these people had just come back from a trip - but surely they could have spent a few minutes to change) . However, I don’t let it worry me - I just love dressing up in the evenings and wear my poshest dresses every evening regardless of where we dine. A cocktail in the Observation Bar just wouldn’t be the same without a nice dress on!
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