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  1. Wait a minute, Why not also quote this sentence from the same NEJM article, which by the way is addressed to hospital workers, not the general public: "More compelling is the possibility that wearing a mask may reduce the likelihood of transmission from asymptomatic and minimally symptomatic health care workers with Covid-19 to other providers and patients. This concern increases as Covid-19 becomes more widespread in the community." I believe most folks understand wearing a mask is more for the protection of others than themselves.
  2. As things begin to open up at least here in Virginia, I wanted to bring back a post Spins made 2+ months ago. So many lives lost...but the hope and reminders she offered in this post still ring so true.
  3. Not a bit DW, I appreciate your input & I got the same question as Stumbles 🙂
  4. Agree & thanks. Odd to say, but these are odd times, I woke up thinking about exactly this - I should have roughed up the edges of my potatoes to brown them as DW suggested.
  5. OK, I had to make a couple substitutions (i.e. sunflower/olive oil blend for goose fat), but I appreciate your sharing DW and these potatoes turned out delicious. Boil then bake is a great idea. Would love to try them done properly by your recipe.
  6. Very nice Mr banjo, both the music you shared and your volunteer work. DW, I agree with cb, that is so cool! And that you know how to execute it is even more so. Going to try to find a way to see something similar here in Virginia USA. If not, when is travel to UK and Ireland going to open up?
  7. I enjoy the humor TLC, thanks. Starting to despair about visiting Aus and NZ, at least for awhile. 2 years maybe? This topic title includes "Needs?" A need I think many of us have to visit anyplace is to feel welcome upon arrival. Reading the Guardian article Jeff posted reveals very questionable actions by Carnival. Will they spill over to SS?
  8. Wow, I think we are seeing spuds done right! Too late to accompany tonight's halibut but wishing they could. My first line of thinking was these look almost as good as Southern hash browns. My second was, let me go back over these posts to figure the recipe our friends are using
  9. But I still think someone needs to bail me out on this hokey pokey thing
  10. I add my welcome wishes to those given by Jeff, Lois R and JP! I might add wine and some interesting mixed drinks to the topics that can be enjoyed here. And people here are very helpful. Why, I might never have thought of giving wife a vacuum cleaner for her birthday if not for stumblefoot for example! 😉 I thought it was the Hokey Pokey Davey & Jeff, or I might have missed something...
  11. May have unintentionally hijacked this thread, which I think was a great idea by cruisinbanjo. I would love to see next steps/projects by those who have posted, or new thoughts by those who haven't. Are the steps towards reopening making a difference for anyone? But for closure I must say done, thank you stumblefoot and I agree these are great, we are half way through a bottle of Mud House sauvignon blanc from NZ and finding it terrific. May have to order dinner in tonight 🙂
  12. The only Chateau d'Yquem wine I could find was a Sauterne. I thought sauternes were for cooking but feel certain I'm wrong about that based on the price. Moving to the USA, had no success lining up a Favia sb, a Chardonnay was available but I know that's a no-go for DW. Just found where I can order Lail Blueprint sb 2018 - sound good?
  13. Also wish to add to Jeff's beautiful post above Happy Anniversary to Stumbles % co., and a bit late but just as heartfelt, to JP and Chris.
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