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  1. We had a thunderstorm around 6.30pm, went really dark, the solar lights came on in the garden a few cracks of thunder and flashes in lightning and hailstones the size marbles mixed in with the torrential rain. The noise on the metal cowling on the chimney echoed down the chimney. Weirdly throw there was blue sky to the east, south and north, could see west as no windows that side of house and I wasn’t venturing outside.
  2. NHS App is only available in England, Health is a devolved matter, so will be different in Scotland and Wales. NHS Digital England are developing the additional functionality, for the App.
  3. The U.K. Chamber of Shipping issued a set of guidelines in October 2020 about how cruise ships should operate during Covid Pandemic, there is a section on repatriation which I suspect P&O and other cruise lines sailing out of U.K. will be utilising to some degree u
  4. I think it may be more of they can’t trust people to give truthful responses to self administered tests, the indications from the Rules are that the test on return to U.K. can be a LFT but not self administered. Tests need to be done 72 hours before departure testing someone who has travelled a few hours on a coach is not likely to be picked up in any test I would have thought. The risk is if you travel by coach and someone on the coach tests positive at the Port, then it is likely that the people onboard that coach will also be denied boarding.
  5. From Government website, on what is required on arrival in respect of internal &CTA travel Travel within the UK, Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man You do not need to take a COVID-19 test or quarantine on arrival in England if you are travelling within the UK, Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, (the Common Travel Area), and you have not been outside of the Common Travel Area in the previous 10 days. However nothing on rules before departure from U.K., which are normally set by the country you are travelling to, as ships are around U.K.
  6. We had the brochure on Wednesday, it is currently on its way to recycling centre after our bin collection this morning. We have zero interest in ships the size of Iona and Our Vera.
  7. Apparently St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha are also on the Green List, Tristan da Cunha is only accessible by ship from South Africa, which is on Red List. 😂
  8. The Green List People returning from these countries will have to take a test before they return to the UK and one on day two after they return - but will not have to quarantine. Portugal including the Azores and Madeira Australia New Zealand Singapore Brunei Iceland Faroe Islands Gibraltar Falkland Islands Israel Turkey, Maldives and Nepal added to Red List France, Greece and Spain on Amber List https://news.sky.com/story/covid-news-live-latest-updates-government-to-announce-quarantine-free-holid
  9. I see it is Grant Shapps/Michael Green doing the briefing, whatever he reveals only applies in England of course. I suspect the number of countries on green list will be limited, so for a 2 week stay in an amber listed country you would need to add on an extra 10 days in self isolation on return. Plus the added cost of a Covid test 2 days before you leave your destination for home, did see that TUI were offering to subsidise in resort testing for its customers. Would seem from that that taking LFT tests from home and using in resort, are not going to be enough to get you on a flight
  10. A first for me today, a telephone appointment assessment with the practice physiotherapist, seemed very odd following his directions over the phone moving my arm and neck in various ways to identify the problem. Appears shoulder joint and neck maybe unrelated problems, the shoulder appears to be tendon related and the neck most probably spondylitis. Being referred to hospital physio which will take 4 to 6 weeks to come through, in mean time he has forward some exercises for me to do for both problems and advised getting a heat pad to ensure muscles in shoulder & neck warmed up be
  11. There maybe others, we only know about these 2 cases as TUI decided to publicise it
  12. No idea perhaps subtracting deaths from number of positive cases. The government have been criticised a number of times for not collecting the data to enable details of figures of those who have or are recovering, other countries manage to do it, and it could have been done here if they had involved local public health staff at the outset, but chose to bypass something that has been working for many years.
  13. The government haven’t been publishing figures of those who have recovered, according to ONS there are over 1m people in U.K. suffering from Long Covid, where the after effects continue after they have “recovered” https://www.health.org.uk/news-and-comment/blogs/what-might-long-covid-mean-for-the-nations-health
  14. P&O may well be waiting for the government to clarify exactly what it going to be acceptable as proof of vaccination, Not sure it’s a decision P&O alone can make.
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