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  1. There are so many transportation options to LAX, no need to go through VV and the mega bus experience.
  2. What's done is done. Not worth the cabin anxiety. Think of it as an adventure no matter where they end up putting you. Enjoy
  3. I'm a Socio-economic 1%er, what perks can I expect?
  4. Just put a leash on it and identifying cover on it and call it a therapy animal. As long as you cover it in fur, there should be no problems. After they say "NO!", you simply retort, "So I guess my propane grill and outdoor heat lamp are a no go?"
  5. I'd leave the upside down picture. Tell them you are from Australia and that's how all the pictures look. Should be a good giggle.
  6. Here is the price history for your cruise. XL balconies are not a specific graph line, but you get the jist.
  7. We LOVED our Virgin Voyages and the adult environment the ship brings. But I found an interesting quirk about talking with people that either are not cruisers or have never tried Virgin Voyages. Some people are a bit put off by the thought of being on a ship that is LGBT inclusive/accepting or even the thought of a drag queen leading the festivities. It was so interesting to me that people we thought were like minded about it, were very judgmental about it. My bride and I are a sis normal couple so we do not experience the biases many people experience in life, but this micro sliver of living an alternate life was very disturbing. I certainly hope that as more people experience VV, that there a is a greater sense of inclusiveness and acceptance of how other people choose to live their lives. When you travel and immerse yourself in the culture of another country or people, you learn much more about others and about yourself. That is the power of travel. I cannot wait to board our next VV experience.
  8. You guys are really getting the prop shaft from Princess on that cruise
  9. I am just off a Princess cruise and was really curious why the 45 minute strict timing.
  10. There is no way to put this into a spreadsheet, but the vibe is so much better on VV. Everyone from passengers to crew is just there to have a friendly time. The Halloween party on the Valiant TA last October was epic.
  11. Oh it's campy for sure. But it beats panning for Gold.
  12. I was forced to learn Guitar from a nun. Let's just say I only play Air Guitar now.
  13. Any days spent in Alaska on land are 5X -10X better than any cruise port stop. You'll get to 10X doing it yourself away from the Cruise crowds. Getting to the interior of Alaska is so much better than the Fudge peddling (bother literally and figuratively) port stops. If you want to see glaciers, there are some fantastic opportunities on Day cruises out of Seward where you will see it all from glaciers, to puffin, to seals, otters, salmon, moose, eagle and bear. The smaller day cruise ships can get right in next to the glaciers and wildlife. No binoculars needed. Climb the Harding Icefield trail without worrying about getting back to the ship - cruises just don't give you time to spend in the real Alaska. I just got back from an Alaskan cruise and if not for the Northern Lights and the from a distance wildlife encounters it was a Meh cruise - punctuated with 2 cases of Covid from 7 days on a FULL ship.
  14. I have sinned, I have sinned, please welcome me back into the fold but I have SINNED. Just got off an Alaska Cruise with Princess and it it wasn't for the Aurora.... The entertainment was Uhhg - don't get me started darling, the cruise director and team were great but no DIVA level, the food was Meh to sub-Meh if you were not in a specialty restaurant and the crew although hard working had a certain indentured servitude feeling about their mood. But oh how they hawk for that "10" rating on the comment card. To top it all off, the seemingly We are scheduled for our next VV adventure next year and the countdown has BEGUN!! Really looking forward to the 2026 itineraries out of Vancouver.
  15. We have not traveled on Princess for a decade or two. It was like entertainment for people with ADD.
  16. I just got off the Discovery Princess and was frankly disappointed in the entertainment. All the entertainment whether it was a "Production Show" (They are not), a comic, a gameshow, or anything else was 45 minutes to the second. I felt like I was back at Middle School and the bell goes off and everyone scatters to the next class. The Cruise director and his team were awesome but holding to the schedule took the spontaneity and mood out. Game going great, people having a great time - we have to end this now because we are at time. What gives with Princess Entertainment?? In the words of Caesar - Are you not entertained!?!? Uhm, No we were not.
  17. The Virgin TAs take a more southern route that is more likely to be smoother than a Northern route TA. We took the October Barca to Miami 14 day and although not calm and we were getting hit broadside with wave swell action the internal Gyros took most of the brunt. I don't think we had to have nay shows cancelled due to weather. I do agree that Virgin ships are not designed like Cunard Ocean Liner ships for Trans Atlantics.
  18. This is a really fun show. Combined with walking Creek Street it can be a complete port day. However, I recommend getting tickets early, the show does book up when multiple cruise ships are in port at the same time. We were in port with two HAL ships and a few smaller ones and the city was bustling. You can acquire the tickets either from the ship in conjuction with other stops or directly from the show.
  19. I never really understood the Lord of the Flies bidding game. Some suites just ain't that sweet and you end up paying more for a lesser experience. The bidding process is useful to VV since they get to see relative demand and what people might be willing to pay.
  20. I do a mean Jack Nicholson impression, do you think they would get it?
  21. Shhh, Don't tell the cruise lines but the uplift on cabins is for suckers. If you take the cost differential and put it towards experiences you'll come out way ahead. In the olden cruising days, balconies were very limited. most cabins on a ship were inside. I love sailing inside. It is so restful and no worries about somebody smoking on their balcony, talking loudly or playing music. When I want the sit quietly outside the ship offers so many options not the 10x5' cell called a balcony. You will NEVER sleep so well as in an inside cabin. Let the dog piling begin from the Sweet Suite crowd, but this sailor can afford any cabin on the ship and still chooses an interior cabin.
  22. I just checked and that is a GREAT idea. I have a bunch of AA points - I think it is time to dump them.
  23. I know we are WAY early to book flights, but does anyone have tips on getting decent one-way fares back to the States?? Last October I got lucky and found $800 PP fares from ABQ to BCN on Delta Comfort+, looking at comparable flights the fares are more than the cruise. I'll return from any city in Europe. It might be cheaper to come back on the Queen Mary.
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