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  1. The app back in 2021, before the first sailings, was really bad, but they have tried and made both the pre-sailing and onboard app much better. Yes there are issues when people try and all bounce to book dining at the same time, but that is just like when people all try and book concert tickets at the same time. stuff goes down and its just a fact of life.
  2. Its also worth noting a bookings types wont qualify...
  3. In the Massive suite, i dont think an agent would DARE say no to taking a bottle off the ship at the end of the voyage lol, I will try in 2025 and report back lol
  4. Rockstars have an arranged tour of the bridge, which is generally offered to them on VV. Megas also get a few things on top, such as blowing the horn on departure from a port I have saw offered to people in the Massive Suite.
  5. Hi all, Anyone on board or recently been on the ship tour behind the scenes? How much was it, and where did you go?
  6. Also booked the San Juan to Barcelona. I mean the prices were much better than we had booked on the Miami to Med just a few weeks later. Back to living the Suite Life lol
  7. Could it be a move to San Diago or Long Beach?
  8. This is what I'm used to as well. Every day I saw someone cleaning surfaces, vacuuming, cleaning windows etc.
  9. No one on the six voyages we have done wore sexy. Its more "fun sleep over" type vibe and cheesy pop music rather than anything more.
  10. You mean you want ANOTHER door between the room and the WC and Shower? it would be like running through one of them hall of mirrors lol Nah on a serious note, the sinks are tucked away behind a wall and from that you do have doors into the WC and Shower so its not like they are "open to the room" really.
  11. On both the wine and "drinks" pairings I have done in TK, i have got smashed on lol Some are pretty strong and on number 6, you better be a good balance on a bar stool lol
  12. This is why VV, to me, is the choice of where I go. How often do people go to a place that's so polarising? I have eaten in some stunning locations around the world, from mountain views to fireworks to music and burger joints in the middle of nowhere in a truck siding. Everyone should (and will) take away something from every meal on board VV. They don't aim to please all the people all the time, as that ends up bland and not pleasing anyone. TK is not everyone's bag, but it's not BAD. It's just not to everyone's taste. Certain cities seem to think they own the culinary world and how they serve or portion is correct. There is no correct, there is their way. Even the best "super taster" chefs in the world will have a dish they love which everyone hates. A well-known chef swears by fish-finger sandwiches with mayo, and a side of crushed taco shells. I mean, the only thing "wrong" or "bad" is the assumption you speak for everyone else.
  13. Thats when i get back on board, swoosh along to the Dock, and order some nibbles, and a nice cocktail, then along the deck to get an ice cream and sit outside late afternoon resting my feet.
  14. It gets worse lol I mean its all fake drama. The ship was still all shiny and new, and i imagine it was a "settling" problem for the tile, but it was swapped out and sailors would never have known. I would not be to shocked if the second season was canned either due to rating or at VV request lol In a show on Netflix about (of all things) mermaids, VV is featured a lot in the final episode to do with a competition. Much more honest as you can just see people getting along in the background and enjoying the ship.
  15. On this, a friend on VV also had a different experience as well. There is a structural beam through a section now and again that works like a tuning fork. So base or loud music was amplified up through the side of the cabin they were in towards the front of the deck. They were in deck 9 around cabin 350.
  16. I must have said this a thousand times by now lol It's still cheaper on VV than you can get on land for the same services. The friendliness, openness and generally crew, who all want to help rather than being paid to smile make the place my ideal go-to holiday.
  17. Unless, of course, VV pull it out of the hat, cancel Dubai to Athens, and launch Brilliant Lady with a TRF of the crew as well? Offer people credit for the flights, and do a trip around the med for the same number of nights, finishing in Athens on the previously agreed date?
  18. so compared to the canal, how many times would that add?
  19. Actually, I am quite curious on this as a challenge to beat. So, if the Suez Canal / Red Sea is not a route ships can use due to increased risks, where would the ship reroute via?
  20. Basically, with VV, unless it's a "win" like casino or bingo etc, it's a "use it or lose it".
  21. There are a couple of limiting factors which will also skew the demographic and median age older, and also the community they attract. Kids - it's adults only, so unless you're happy to leave your kids home alone or have your kids very young, you're going to be mid-30+ minimum. Most people will really be in the 40+ bracket if they had kids. Party adults - no kids means they may be younger, more out going, and of course, more open to having fun as they have less commitments right now. this is why the advertising in the early phases looked like the "insta crowd" and more party focused. LGBT+ - with fewer LGBT+ couples or singles having kids, you will also have a larger-than-expected community on board. Also, generally, because of no kids, you have two adults on a steady career path and will be higher earners, so have more holidays, or fewer, but higher priced ones. It's all pretty logical, really, but with the price hike, the bell curve on average income will shift, and I can see that being a barrier to entry, which was broken for a lot of newbie sailors, willing to drop the usual holiday budget on something new to them to experience.
  22. But it's not a "mini bar." lol You getting half bottles of each (or full size in some cases). 25 shots in a sitting is deadly (had to google that lol) when you walking about the ship tipsy after consuming a minimum of 22 shots from the bar(each), plus the wines etc your the walking dead by day two. lol Nah, on a lesser joke, most likely the only thing that would happen is the crew will think you a bit scabby, and the other MRS, who are just enjoying the holiday and not trying to stockpile for the back, will keep a distance.
  23. What this is all basically coming down to is fair usage policy. If on the last day, you have stuff left, then, of course, take it, maybe even a cheeky extra bottle you stash away from another day that they replaced as MRS, then you welcome to it. If, however you clear out the bar into your case daily, letting them restock it, and then doing the same over and over, then its not fair usage. Its very clear on the website that the bar tab is to "Revel in exclusive access to complimentary drinks and bottles of wine around the ship with a daily bar tab (with reasonable limits, of course).", and the in room bar is to "Toast every moment—from sundrenched days and smooth sailing to spectacular sunsets and epic evenings—with the endless, in-suite bar of your dreams."
  24. I will be using this on our MRS booking!
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