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  1. We might have to try another brand from 2025, unless the prices crash down a bit for us. Never been with anyone else and not sure we would like it.
  2. Suites do get a few more perks than just the rooftop but it is clear there is a shift with the new CEO. It might make the brand long term sustainable, but there is a risk as i see it of the "Brat pack" coming in with demands, or a different less friendly type attending. I have booked one of the 2025 voyages, but it might be the last as suites are just way over the usual budget now.
  3. Yep and the only ship still missing.... Brilliant Lady.
  4. To me that one single sentence is worth a couple of $k. I don't have kids with my partner, and the idea of spending time which is hard to earn from work surrounded by other people is the worst! The prices right now per night and still good enough for me, but a substantive rise would reduce the frequency of the voyages we do.
  5. Some things can be collected in person, such as cakes, salads etc in person if you want to as that's just grab and go, But waiting in line for say ramen etc. is still not expected. It's a common sense approach.
  6. We booked a rockstar suite on the next two voyages we have booked. You cannot even get a Sea View for what we paid the Sea View is 20% more than we paid for the suite. It just shows that it pays to book early, know what you want, and the bargains are still out there.
  7. My perception of what VV has done so far has been to offer a lower-than-expected price (below market value) as a way to get people who have cruised before to try something new but also to get people who have never cruised before to give it a go. Moving forward, they will be aiming to charge what is market value for the service and quality offered. If you ignore the cheap rates of the past and look at what the new itinerary will cost, you then go "yep, that's about right for that". Without sounding (too) snobby, when we have been on a voyage where they have thrown a lot of stacking options together, a different type of sailor appears. They tend to be heavier drinkers, wanting to flash cash about in the casino or boast loudly at dinners etc. That does not really scream luxury liner, so VV are aware they do not want to become a budget-priced brand with sailors who get known for that type of behavior.
  8. Well they are recruiting for the roles in IT again now so in a few months it will start to improve. https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/search/?currentJobId=3681092782&f_C=15216801&geoId=92000000&keywords=
  9. Booked one voyage yesterday (across the med in Rockstar), and now just going to wait for 2024 and the announcement of the Brilliant Lady routes. Hope everyone else got sorted pretty quickly and was not disappointed at the prices and options.
  10. Some bargins out there if you find them. One example is the "Across the med" which if you have MNVV from a previous voyage, can mean $1,922 fare, and get $1,300 on board to spend for 9 nights.
  11. So, for your category you are correct, that is the name of your cabin basically. They also have a "meta category", and ranking of which are used for lock-it-in rates and I would imagine the easier inventory to move sailors between. Below for info....
  12. Correct, it’s 2 x 15 nights and 1x 14 night if memory serves me right.
  13. having stayed in suites, XL sea terrace and standard sea terrace, I can confirm it’s not really that big a deal between XL and standard. I was concerned about it for a longer voyage, but after the latest we did, I don’t think it would stop me going or remove any of the joy.
  14. I mean, are people really bothered about the age of the ships in this case given the oldest is only from August 2021? They are near identical, and it is a spot the difference game between them.
  15. 14th of January to the 19th of January has mega and rockstar available for booking. Not what you originally had planned but it’s the same cabins and period etc.
  16. don’t worry, your travel insurance will cover it as it’s VV cancelling and not your control or choice.
  17. Neither am I. lol I think a boo boo happened.
  18. @Ranger1227 we all just got an email that i assume was where someone clicked to send to all sailors, but meant first mates. I have cut and paste the whole email above.
  19. We all got sent the First Mates mail shot... An important update regarding Brilliant Lady. Ahoy First Mate, Because of some unexpected construction, supply chain, and staffing challenges, we’ve made the difficult decision to postpone the launch of Brilliant Lady. We know our First Mates & Sailors have high expectations for the award winning service and experience we deliver onboard and until we can meet those standards we won't deliver Brilliant Lady into service. This change means that our three other gorgeous lady ships will also be shifting their schedules, resulting in some cancellations and revised sailings. We’ll be reaching out to impacted Sailors, but we wanted to make sure that you have the inside intel first. If you have impacted Sailors, you will receive a more detailed email on all their options and next steps — because we want to make sure they have as many options as possible in terms of rebooking or getting a refund. Canceled Sailings • Brilliant Lady’s MerMaiden voyages sailing on December 24th and December 30th, 2023 • Brilliant Lady’s 7-night Sunsets in the Lesser Antilles departures on January 6th, March 30th, and April 13th, 2024 • Brilliant Lady’s 7-night Southeastern Caribbean Isles departures on March 23rd and April 6th, 2024 • Brilliant Lady’s 11-night Transatlantic Puerto Rico to Portugal departing April 20th, 2024 • Valiant Lady’s 6-night Western Caribbean Charm departures from January 7th, 2024 through March 17th, 2024 • Valiant Lady’s 8-night Eastern Caribbean Antilles departures from January 13th, 2024 through March 23rd, 2024 • Resilient Lady’s 7-night Adriatic Sea & Greek Gems departures from July 28th through September 29th, 2024 • Resilient Lady’s 7-night Greek Island Glow departures from August 4th through October 13th, 2024 Revised Sailings • Select 2024 winter Caribbean voyages scheduled for Brilliant Lady will now be operated by Valiant Lady. Brand new Itineraries and ports • 27 new itineraries and 19 new ports will be launching for the 2024/2025 season on September 11th. Our commitment to keeping your commission Please know that we’ll be protecting your commission on the original booking for the full amount of the Brilliant Lady voyage fare if your Sailors move to a new voyage or were scheduled to be on the Brilliant Lady MerMaiden. For Valiant and Resilient Lady cancellations, we will be protecting the commission on the amount the Sailor has paid thus far. On top of that, we’re offering a bonus commission for all rebooked voyages. Check out our Sailor Itinerary Options PDF for the best voyage options for your Sailors. Again, we are truly sorry for the inconvenience and our hope is that our offers not only show just how much your Sailors and your partnership mean to us, but still gives them incredible getaways to look forward to. We appreciate your patience and kindness through this process, and we can't wait to see your Sailors on board soon. Your Virgin Voyages Crew
  20. Also at the same time.... this seems to be released... https://travelweekly.co.uk/news/cruise/virgin-voyages-unveils-550m-cash-injection-and-new-ceo More financing and a change at the top.
  21. Please remember the source. It's an unofficial fan site, and has several typing errors on the site including dates and ship names. Lets see what VV says directly.
  22. Sadly these things happen on anything as complex as building a ship. but at least (for now) i feel secure that VV will look after us where they can.
  23. So it might be all 16 voyages on BL that have been announced that going to be cancelled maybe?
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