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  1. I would recommend the same. We had an XL cabin booked and rebooked to get an offer. Sadly, the cabin we put back into inventory would not release back, and so we ended up on a total other deck in a less desirable place for us.
  2. I mean it’s a bit silly now we all know what’s happening, right down to the new marking strap line of “Brilliant for you”, Portsmouth will be a start home port, and the 2024 offer will be 30% off all European voyages plus $600 of free drinks (so that means it’s a 7 nights or more itineraries). We just need the site to go live.
  3. that I imagine is just a hang over from the 2021 and 2022 seasons, but then again… a little bird is telling me that new itineraries will be launching from Portsmouth, and agents will be getting special rates on them if you booked by the 28th of sept. Based on that, I would expect an announcement any moment.
  4. New offer will kick in tomorrow (28th of Aug) through to September the 28th. Happy Fall Y’All
  5. It might just be an error, but looks like BL is not getting the next set of discounts being released by VV according to terms. I assume they will correct it before go live, but if you are about to book, 100% check with the agent first that you get the offer.
  6. It could be more to do with people wanting to breath fresh air in the port area. We all know cruising is one of the highest polluting activities you can do. One brand of cruise company pumps more pollutants into the air then all of the cars in Europe combined. We are also generally as cruises not the best of tourists, as we don’t really stay long in port cities very long, we don’t spend on the food or hotels for multiple nights and tend to spend very little entertainment shoreside. Most European cities don’t need cruise ships for tourism. We are a nice side gig for them, but at a cost.
  7. I think we all just need to be very British about it, and have a nice cup of tea, and wait to see what happens.
  8. Yer. The logic is there, but we are all just waiting for. Others have speculated that if there is going to be a big switch up and north Europe for the summer of 2024, they would want to make a splash this weekend on the special sailing,
  9. On VV you will be in the minority, but thats not a reason not to dress up. it's very much a "you do you" approach. if you want to wear a top hat and tails, no one will bat an eyelid, and if anything you will just get compliments. Wear what you want, and don't let alone make you act differently. enjoy it, it's your vacation.
  10. I would love a compromise. The ability to get rid of the bed and have a space to sit back socially as a large sofa is nice, but I agree for the two single beds sleeping not ideal. Maybe they could modify the fitting so the current beds can be a traditionally sleeping setup at night, but still the sofa in the day time..
  11. I always feel a bit trapped at Gunbae. I really enjoy the Dakgang Jeong and the Bibimbap, but I'm not the most social of people. I would be happy with a meal of just that. The second they sit me down with others around a table and play a drinking game to break the ice I want to hit the door. If you are unlucky enough, you can end up sitting in the middle of the booth, so if you want to get up, you need to then ask random strangers to move and disrupt their enjoyment of the meal. I think I'm just to British at times about things when it comes to forced fun and sharing food/tables lol
  12. so let us unpick this one hey lol The perch is the only place where topless sunbathing is allowed. Its not a nudest / topless hang-out area. It's just that some people do not want top tan lines for dresses with straps etc. It's not a clothing-optional type cruise company and there are dress codes about what is acceptable but are enforced by security. An example of that ties into your next point and the PJ party. Thongs, just underwear or topless/nude is not allowed at the PJ party. for men, Jocks are also not viewed as swim, sunbathing or PJ party attire. When it comes to club wear, there can be sexy without revealing all. Think about the red carpet, set to stun and leave it to the imagination rather than get it all out, stripper and lap dance chic he he he
  13. 100% VV is very much a different and more practical take on a cruise. The rooms do not need to be overfilled with tacky junk, or more storage for the sake of it. Most sailors are onboard for 7 nights, having extra draws would take up floor space and fill the room, rather than giving people more space to explore themselves. The article did not mention that below the bed are two large drawers which are hidden under the side section of the bed (or can be used to store bedding). The pricing in the article I imagine is peek season, zero offers, in a central sea terrace, on the most desired route. The average we have paid per cabin per night over the 6 voyages so far is $419 (£329) a night for two people.
  14. Depending on how you want to play the game... On the 22nd the end of the current offer, on the 23rd you might get a better offer for you based on what is available.
  15. Now someone might know better than me, but I think they do not have a battery anymore. I think they took them out and now it's like the NFC chip on your contactless credit cards. The ship locates you by your mobile phone for things like Ship Eats and Shake for Champaign as that does have blue tooth active when using the app and they know which wifi transponder you're near.
  16. let’s face it, if people are paying $20,000 a week for the massive suite, I don’t think they are going to spot a few drinks on the final bill, or indeed care about it like us normal folk lol
  17. 100% on this. Some brands do listen to the TA and have engagement groups, but some of the “old school” brands won’t ever do that, as they know, or at least think, they control the market.
  18. So my guess based on what we all know so far is on the 23rd the next set of itineraries will be released. Normally VV run limited time offers for whole months or over “special weekends”. For some reason the august ones finish on the 22nd. If you want to ensure offers do not reduce the potential income in your 2024/25 season you need to stop the offer, and issue a new one on the new routes. A couple of weeks and we will have through to November 2025 on sale I bet. finally we can all stop guessing lol
  19. we love our Sea Blazer bands and hope they keep them on in the new reward program. Different colours you can collect and work through.
  20. Are there any dates for the above locations? Curious to see what the plan might be and if its over winter in Europe or just the summer season and off to the USA etc in October/ November 2024
  21. How many people managed to get The Band which was customised? I really miss that from each Voyage. Has anyone found any good third-party cords that the band's "pill" can attach to?
  22. I would say this style of pasta is not really Italian by any stretch of the imagination, it is more of a local family joint which cooks it's to over soft with very little "bite". Think of it was doing to Italian pasta what Taco Bell does to Mexican food.
  23. Honestly, it's not a shocker. With a whole new type of person starting to cruise, it's hard to explain to us why on earth the "old" way of doing a cruise is better. Second someone tells me "your eating when we say, where we say, and on a table with who we say, unless you pay us more" I'm leaving.
  24. From the booking terms.... Once you’re within 44 days of your voyage, all funds paid are final. But you do have the option to send someone else in your place up to 48 hours before your voyage if you really can't sail. Please note that taxes and fees will be refunded regardless of when the booking is canceled. I would assume you would lose the booking at such short notice and no refunds. Your insurance would be the way to reclaim the costs to explore.
  25. I think the standard table that slides under the edge of the bed might be too short as the beds are higher in a suit (being a true bed with storage under them), but might be worth asking anyway as can be turned on its side as an over-bed tray. I do love that little secret that people do not spot or use 🙂
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