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  1. So it might be all 16 voyages on BL that have been announced that going to be cancelled maybe?
  2. Did they indicate how long? IE is the ship still going over to San Juan or staying in Europe for 2023/2024 instead?
  3. People would get back everything paid except the deposit which would be FVV. BUT.... What happens if you use a MNVV voucher that has the deposit built into it? hmmm.
  4. If I was a gambler I would be tempted to book a voyage right now, knowing its going to be cancelled, and see what I would get back. I mean in theory I could spend $3k, and get up to $6k future credit, and use that on another 2024 voyage to upgrade cabins.
  5. The charter company can basically charge what it would like to make a profit, or loss on the core voyage price, but the drinks prices at the bars for example remains fixed. I cannot comment on virgins policy, but when Atlantis book other ships, they often continue to sell drinks packages, so a bar tab bonus might operate. Atlantis Events are the charter company, and even as a gay guy, I would not book them myself, as seems to be a non-stop party, they throw a lot more entertainment on board, and a theme every night, but that’s joked about in the community as “which colour harness and jock night”, as that’s what every theme turns into. as a charter you would not gain benefits as it’s not a booking to them, it’s a booking to Atlantis Events who in turn pay VV. no DBE, gaining “points” or adding to your total VV spend.
  6. This is the double dip thing as of right now. One won’t be right either way.
  7. yer the ports line up on Atlantis, and on VV for that sailing shows as sold out, but the right location at least for the ship.
  8. A couple of cancellations going to hit RL. 4-13 of Aug 2024 they have a charter booking of Athens to Barcelona 13-23 of Aug 2024 a charter Barcelona to Portsmouth. the routes are being sold by the private company as an LGBT+ event.
  9. RL is in Australia over winter, so it would not be able to step over and cover a delayed BL. VL is heading over in October to the USA through 2024 SL stays over until April 24, and then moved to Europe for the summer season and then a dry dock. I think there will be cancellations rather than just moving bookings to another ship.
  10. That combined with a new offer for repeat sailors for voyages through to the end of May 2024 would be a good combo that’s for sure.
  11. Sounds like a plan. I was on the ship a few weeks back, on my Instagram you can see a few pics. by all means, have a look and add me if you want.
  12. Thats because they have not released it yet. If your a First Mate its a Shore Thing you will find out about Australia and New Zealand later today, and loads of details.
  13. Some dribbles starting to get out now. Resilient - Australia season will start 03/12/24 (Perth) and end 24/03/25 (Sydney).
  14. Could always switch and do one of the other repositioning at the end of 2024, like the Resilient lady Europe to Perth in November.
  15. Sometimes it's all based on the Miami 10am in the office and release of items out to the first mates, well, first. I'm sure they will be testing, double-testing and getting it ready to roll smoothly tomorrow.
  16. Hi @Fogcityca13, we have a suite booked for next year, but in the app cannot see that screen. Does it appear somewhere at a set time before departure? if not where in the app / website is it please?
  17. I would not count on the above being always acceptable. The standard terms of the pay in full as as below...
  18. From his insta he does appear “pretty close” with quite a lot of people.
  19. Thanks for the great spot. im sure Google used to date the image capture at some point, but for the life of me cannot remember how to check.
  20. From a google view, you can see the same cutout shape with a barrier around it so I assume the net remains.
  21. It depends on the rate and cabin you booked on when the release takes place. It can range from 65 days for people paid in full, through to a couple of days for Lock it in rates, as you can only bid after a cabin is allocated.
  22. I would say not to get your hopes up too much and get planning for the suite etc. It does seem to have many many variables on the upgrade allocation. Everything from your original purchase price, if your current cabin is "in demand", is inventory limited on the new cabin for an offer (not all cabins even if they are available on the site may be sold). I would say though people on lock it in... always have a cheeky bid! The rate is at least $1k lower than the limited-view cabins, and by being flexible, you might be able to drop that $1k back on a bid and end up in a suite.
  23. We were on a voyage and someone I think improvised a bit too far for the PJ party with a jock and a dressing gown. Nothing was on show and from what you could see it was nothing less than swimwear with a throwover... but there will always be someone who would go that step too far.
  24. I would imagine this is the usual fair use and reasonable behaviour policy. For example, you go up to sit on a lounger at mid-day while your friend/partner is still getting ready, and popping their towel down for 15 minutes is fine. Going up at 7am, sticking two towels on loungers, and not going up till 4 p.m. is not really fair use. Same with shows etc. turning up 10 minutes before and reserving another seat at the table is fine, but turning up, dropping your stuff off, and going to another bar for an hour as you only want to see the second half of the show would be being a bad sport.
  25. Loot and Bar Tab are not part of your Cruise Fare, but would be refunded. any Promo you get would be cancelled, ie if your current booked offer had $600 bar tab included, they would not just add this to your credited amount back to you.
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