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  1. You are extremely lucky compared to almost all other cruise ships. Enjoy your final days of this great voyage. Aloha from Hawaii
  2. What a heartbreaker for you and everyone on board. Wishing you a painless trip home and the chance for another world voyage next year. Thank you for taking so much time to let all of us know about your ports, trivia, knitting, friends and the experience. It's been something to look forward to every day. ~ Aloha from Hawaii
  3. So VERY happy to read that your voyage will continue. It's so sad that so many other ships are not going to be cruising. Your attitude is outstanding!
  4. Kathi - I have loved all your blogs and this year's is no exception. I had to laugh at the notice you posted from a store saying they had a limit of only one roll of toilet paper per customer. That has been the case here in Hawaii from the start and now is all over the U.S. I also loved the smooth escalators without stairs. I would love to have those everywhere. Going up is OK but I can't go down. ~ Enjoy the second half of your journey.
  5. We'll be waiting for you and will watch your arrival into Honolulu from our condo. Hope it's a perfect trip! ALOHA!!!!
  6. How wonderful. You're staying at the perfect hotel in Sydney and having another fantastic 50-day journey. Enjoy. Aloha!!!
  7. Roscoe - I left you a message on your blog. It's going to be great to follow along with you again this year. Aloha, Patti
  8. Roscoe - -when do you board the QV so I can start reading about your adventures.? Wish I could be there!!
  9. This is exceptionally well-written and enjoyable. Looking forward to lots more.
  10. Happy to have another wonderful itinerary of yours to follow. Hope your circumnavigation works perfectly this time. Have a grand time!
  11. If you would like to read numerous blogs about Holland America's Amsterdam 128 day cruise that started on January 4th, go to www.theinsidecabin.com On the right side of the page he has listed about 12 or more world cruise blogs. Many of these people go every year. You could spend all morning reading the posts.
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