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  1. 8 hours ago, Arizona Wildcat said:

    Speak to the restaurant host when you board and arrange for a table the best meets your needs.  

    Also look at eating late when it is much less crowded.

    On your prior cruise did you go to the food or hotel manager or customer relations manager?

    We spoke with maitre d when we boarded the ship. He said that the ship is fully booked, he'll try to accommodate us but when we came in the evening all he could offer was the table which we tried to avoid. It looks like we should've escalate this and speak with someone else but were too upset and decided to skip dining room. I'm trying to avoid this on our upcoming cruise.

  2. I know that tables for 2 in the main dining room are literally inches from each other. It was never a problem for us before.


    Unfortunately with my husband's hearing loss it causes quite an uncomfortable situation. When people next to our table trying to start a friendly conversation he gets very upset because he can't fully participate in it. I have to apologize so people wouldn't take his behavior as rude. 

    On our recent cruise we spoke to maitre 'd on the first day but  were not accommodated so we skipped main dining room altogether for a duration of the cruise...


    I'm trying to find out if there is a way to request a separate table for two which would not be jammed with other tables inches apart...At this point it is more than just inconvenience...

    Any suggestions? 

  3. Called Captain's Club to use our Elite discount for Wi-Fi package and 2 different reps gave me completely different information. One - the pre-cruise discount can be combined with Elite discount (I called late at night and she couldn't complete the transaction), the other- no, it can't be combined. 

    I'm waiting to call again but it's so frustrating that the reps for the same company give you different answers to the same inquiry....

  4. 1 hour ago, conquesodor said:

    Hi everyone,


    Should you want to take advantage of the discount benefit, please feel free to call our Cruise Enhancements team at (800) 722-5941."

    Thank you for updates! I was under impression we should call Captain's Club phone #. What is this Enhancement team? Can I call them to apply our discount?

  5. I asked the same question om another thread but got no responses. Hopefully someone who bought internet package after using their 90 min.Elite perk would share their experience....


    I was planning to pre-book a one-device premium wi-fi for our 10 days cruise. If I do this I assume my husband can use his free 90 min. separately on his phone. So my 90 min perk is lost, right?


    Can I use it onboard first and then book the remaining days as a package or the wi-fi package has to be bought only for the whole duration of the cruise? 

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  6. 17 hours ago, Keith1010 said:

    Bags packed. Ready to go. Can't wait.   😃



    Will you be blogging on your website? I always enjoyed your blogs and would be interested in following your and Anna Marie's adventures on the new Crystal.

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  7. On 2/14/2023 at 12:05 AM, Maplemoose said:

    Thanks, Choozin! Actually there are a few bus tours shown online plus Harbour tours and a combination of the 2. Adventure Sightseeing operating out of the market. I hesitate to book anything in advance because of  risk of paying a non-refundable fee. I like the idea of the free Dash bus as we have 2 days in town. Do you know the nearest stop to the cruise terminal? I could not spot it on Street View. 

    Thank you for the suggestions. I checked the Adventure Sightseeing website and they offer a tour we are interested in at half the price of the Celebrity excursion. How far from the cruise terminal is the Charleston Visitors Center, the pick up point?

  8. can we still bring a case of water on board. No, we don't drink enough to justify buying of the drink package but my husband enjoys his favorite brand of water....


    I know before you could bring a case of water, put a tag on it and it was delivered to your room. Is this still allowed or there changes I need to be aware of?


    Thank you!

  9. 3 hours ago, spammie said:

    Per member

    Thank you! 


    I was planning to pre-book a one-device premium wi-fi for our 10 days cruise. If I do this I assume my husband can use his free 90 min. separately on his phone. So my 90 min perk is lost, right?


    Can I use it onboard first and then book the remaining days as a package or the wi-fi package has to be bought only for the whole duration of the cruise? 




  10. On 2/12/2023 at 2:03 PM, joetop2467 said:

    They do stack. We are elite going on Reflection on 2/19 and Beyond 2/26. One device cheapest WiFi service is $83.93 for the week.  That is $11.99 a day. We will get 90 minutes premium internet also.  We’ll get that on ship when it is best time to use it. Also, remember that St. Thomas is US, so we can use our Verizon phone package there just like at home. 

    The 90 minutes free wifi..is it per cabin or per member? 

  11. On 1/22/2023 at 11:13 AM, life is to be happy said:

    so with a few videos and news about NCL in financial issued (allegedly) what does this mean for NCL cruisers


    Having heard quite a bit over the past couple of days what does this mean for NCL cruisers


    My family and I have cruised with NCL on EPIC and totally loved it - the main thing we loved was the variety  of entertainment they had  - it was amazing.

    We have mainly cruised with  Royal Caribbean but after cruising on EPIC pre pandemic we have wanted to cruise again with them to see if this was what it always like however we cruised last year with Royal as cruise In  the Med when we were cruising was only in EPIC but I didnt want to go on EPIC as it was the same shows so went on Royal which was great however I was really looking forward to going with NCL but as the entertainment was the best thing on NCL hearing they are cutting back on entertainment park has worried me... what does this mean? will there be shows or will it be making own entertainment with karaoke ... I hate karaoke...not my ida entertainment ... just saying... will we go on cruising where there is no entertainment ... so why bother going and paying a lot of money without any entertainment ... or nothing of interest.. just wanted other peoples thoughts as it has certainly played pause in me booking a cruise with NCL


    We were on Getaway in December and felt exactly the same as you. The vibe on the ship is different, the crew just doesn't look interested in providing a level of service we used to at NCL And we are very easy going , not picky and easy to please.  But the quality of food, the diminished level of entertainment just doesn't cut it for us anymore.


    NCL was our preferred cruise line for the last 10 or so years. We understand the need for cutting back but we are looking to other lines.

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  12. 20 hours ago, mking8288 said:



    Sapphire/Platinum vouchers & perks, 4 cartons of 500 mg / 16.9 oz Flow water. 






    Thank you for great review! Very helpful planning our next Getaway cruise.


    Just curious.. As Platinum we get 1 carton of water each (2 total).

    I assume as a Sapphire you got 2 cartons, and the second person in a cabin got 1 for Platinum. Where is an additional carton coming from? :)


  13. 30 minutes ago, deweytrader said:

    Book now and save 43% vs onboard price!


    • Aurea SPA Thermal Area access for the duration of the cruise

    Experience our Finnish saunas, steam baths, emotional showers, Whirlpool baths, ice or snow room, calidarium, salt room, relaxation area and choose your desidered thermal path:
    • Relax: relieve stress through gradual muscle relaxation
    • Purify: detox your body through increased perspiration
    • Tonic: improve muscle tone and increase the oxygenation of the body
    • Excite: increase your metabolic rate and feel more energized throughout the day

    This offer is not available on Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve

    • Price:$ 130 Per person

    Thank you so much!

  14. What is the price for the thermal spa access on a 7-day cruise? I can't find this anywhere on MSC website? We are trying to decide which one is more cost effective: Fantastica balcony and purchase thermal spa passes OR Aurea balcony with unlimited spa access... 

    Any experience?  


    Say, we like one specialty restaurant, used one voucher on Day 1. We liked it so much that want to use our second Platinum voucher at the same restaurant on a different day of the cruise.


    I tried to get an answer from NCL Latitudes office but two of the reps gave me completely different answers: one said "It's your vouchers, use them as you please", the other explained that we can't use the second voucher in the same restaurant twice.


    Can it be done or it has to be a different specialty restaurant when you use a voucher?


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