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  1. 19 minutes ago, cruiseny4life said:

    Good morning and welcome aboard! Also, thanks for the very kind words. I do these, then wonder if anyone actually cares. Haha! I guess that's my ego speaking. 


    Anyway, the website is totally silent on this package. Hotels.com is too. I found out about it at this website https://cruisefever.net/hotels-manhattan-cruise-terminal/ when searching for parking near the pier. I'm cheap and don't want to spend $40/night on parking which is why we always went with other parking garages within walking distance of the pier/terminal/port. I never actually know what I should call the place. I know it's called a "terminal," but that sounds so....non-vacation like. 


    Anyhow, I called around to a few of the hotels that the website claims offers a shuttle/parking for cruises that embark from Manhattan. BTW, scroll halfway down the page to find these. For all these packages, it seems you must call the property and book directly with them. Don't they know Millennials abhor making phone calls? Heck, my boss asked me to make twelve phone calls on Monday. I may get around to them today. 


    Courtyard by Marriott: Cost was $599 for all the perks: breakfast, shuttle to/from


    Hilton Garden Inn: The person I spoke to said they no longer offer this package. 


    Hampton Inn Ridgefield Park: $331.27 is what we're paying for our hotel. This includes parking (up to 12 days, it's not unlimited like the website above says), free breakfast, and a shuttle to/from the port. 


    On the phone, the person I spoke with said we have to let them know what time we want to be at the pier on Saturday morning, and what time to be picked up when we get back. Sounds easy. The reviews online are mixed. I don't really care, but I know my husband will be upset if we have to wait a long time upon our return. It's not that I don't want to get home, but it's a fairly short 4.5'ish hour drive. 

    Thank you so much for all the details! 

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  2. On 12/13/2022 at 10:41 AM, cruiseny4life said:







    We've decided we'll try the Hampton Inn Ridgefield Park, with their free parking and shuttle to/from the pier. T

    Thank you for starting your review, I really enjoyed your 2 previous reviews of Getaway and will follow this one as well.


    I'm interested in staying at the hotel you mentioned before our cruise. I checked their website but it doesn't mention shuttle to/from pier. 

    Can you confirm that it's available? It would be very convenient to have transportation arranged by the hotel.

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  3. 5 minutes ago, PATRLR said:

    I know that when we had two excursions cancelled on us, we recieved refundable OBC on our account.  When we booked a replacement excursion, some of our non-refundable OBC was used to pay for our new excursion.  At the end of the cruise we we're given cash for the remaining balance of our refundale OBC.  Those are my first hand experiences. 


    Soooo...   When you book excursions before the cruise you pay for them in full with your credit card.  If you then cancel the excursion on-board (assuming you are consistent with cancellation policy) you should get refundable OBC for the value of the excursion.  You should be able to then re-book the excursion (assuming there is space and someone didn't grab your spots) and use non-refundable OBC.   There are a few moving parts there, hopefully everything works out.

    Thank so much! I definitely learned new things about cruising! :)

  4. 1 minute ago, PATRLR said:

    Stockholder OBC is non-refundable.  Travel Agency OBC is often non-refundable, but, could be either.


    At the end of the cruise if you still have refundable OBC, you must go to guest services where they will give you cash to close our your refundable OBC balance.  If you don't do that, then you will get pulled out of line when trying to exit the ship and you will need to get the issue resolved (there will be someone nearby to cash you out).  

    Thank you so much! Didn't realize I need to go to guest services to handle refundable OBC at the end of the cruise.

  5. On 11/23/2022 at 2:12 AM, MarkusToe said:

    On other lines you make an reservation for shore excursions, you pay on board using OBC.

    Here you have to buy upfront.


    How will it work to change payment from cc to OBC on board?

    Cancel and rebooking or do I have to go to ???


    I'd like to know this too. We pre-booked some items to make sure they are not sold out but would like to exchange for OBC we have when onboard. Anyone has experience doing so on NCL ship?

  6. 4 hours ago, cruiseny4life said:

    Yes...but we were on the Getaway. We had scheduled a home inspection on the house we were in the process of purchasing while we were on a cruise. Ooops...well the house hunting did happen after we booked the cruise, so ya know...anyway, the way we planned it was that we'd be in Norfolk for the day of the house inspection. Then, NCL decided to delay the ship's departure from NYC by eight hours, so they canceled the Norfolk stop. 


    Due to this, we purchased the unlimited Wi-Fi package (not streaming) so we could make a Wi-Fi call to the realtor and home inspector. We were successfully able to view photos, download a large (80 page) home inspection report, and talk with everyone for more than an hour each using the Wi-Fi. It wasn't ideal, but hey, it worked.


    Rumor has it that Joy is testing Starlink so you might have even better results than we did back in April. Here's the rumor (post 1075): 

    We plan to buy an ulimited wi-fi package so we can make calls to check on elderly relatives. Did you have your phone on the Airplane mode while using unlimited Wi-fi? 


  7. 1 hour ago, cruiseny4life said:

    This morning I spent about two hours in a quiet thermal suite. I went in at 9:30. First to the big pool, then I laid on the lovely heated ceramic lounger for a bit, and then found myself sweating my fat away in a 130 degree sauna. There was another guy in there, laying on his front. I have no idea how he was able to do that for 20 minutes. 15 minutes and I was out to a cold shower. Someday I'll have the after sauna snow room experience. Alas, no snow room on the Getaway.




    All was well as I then went back to the pool to get unsolicited relationship advice from someone who dislike her brothers, sister, and ex husband. Methinks it may be a her problem. But, most importantly, I should divorce my husband and never look back. I think I'll be ignoring this as I love my husband.... usually. Now one of those Broadway Unplugged singers did have me swooning!


  8. 4 hours ago, cruiseny4life said:

    I think your tantrum is highly disrespectful to the people of Bermuda who needed, and still need, to protect their country and now need the money to ensure government budget is balanced. I'm very glad to pay the fee, support Bermuda, and enjoy the beautiful island. 


    Matter of fact, I will be there in a few days. Two tests later. One before embarkation which occurred in the comfort of my home and one on the ship, at no charge. 


    Not sure what your issue is, but you're being selfish.

    It has nothing to do with disrespect of the people of Bermuda. The safety issue was in place 2 years ago. Now it's nothing more than money-grabbing technique for the government of Bermuda.


    I like Bermuda, being there quite a few times. But now I'll avoid booking any cruise that goes to Bermuda until this fee is dropped. From what I'm hearing many cruisers  make the same decision.

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  9. We are planning NCL Getaway cruise to Canada. I know that Canada still requires negative Covid test. So should those tests be proctored or I can buy a simple test at the pharmacy, do the test at home myself 3 days/2 days? before the cruise and it will be accepted?


    It's a last minute cruise and the first in 2 years so at this point I'm getting confused which is the right way to go with testing. I just want to make sure we'll be allowed on board without any problems.

  10. 1 hour ago, MeHeartCruising said:


    A Sail Away Balcony is always a Guarantee and does NOT include 3 of the Free-at-Sea Perks (beverage package, dining package, internet minutes). It does include $50 of shore excursions per day.


    A Balcony Guarantee would include all 4 of the Free-at-Sea perks.  It is generally sold if the ship is filling up with not too many balconies left.  So not only is it price higher, but you will also have to pay the gratuities on the drink and dining packages.  However, you can select this type of cabin and decline the drink and/or dining packages if you don't want them.  In that case, you won't pay the gratuities for them.


    Thank you so much!

  11. We always buy Thermal Spa passes when we cruise Norwegian.


    We are coming back to cruising in over 2 years and I'd like to ask those who used the Thermal Suite recently. With all Covid precautions and limitations is Thermal Spa fully operational? Is there a limited number of guests allowed at one time?


    Any details on current conditions of Thermal Spa on board are truly appreciated. Just want to be ready for any new rules/changes.



  12. 11 minutes ago, chipmaster said:


     you make excuses to not do better and safer, than say if you try and do safer, you'll be more unsafe, the irony of these people thinking.


    People are just looking for every excuse to do nothing or do minimal to minimize inconvenience. 

    Just in case you didn't notice that my post was a direct quote from the official article of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. Definitely people who are more qualified than you and me to access the situation.

  13. 24 minutes ago, npcl said:

    At the time the CDC and WHO were making those recommendations far less was known about the virus and how it spread.  Also at that time there was difficulty in obtaining PPE for health care providers and first responders.


    With better knowledge comes better policies.

    JUNE 1, 2020.  Association of American Physicians and Surgeons


    • Surgical masks – loose fitting. They are designed to protect the patient from the doctors’ respiratory droplets.  The wearer is not protected from others airborne particles
    • People do not wear masks properly. Most people have the mask under the nose. The wearer does not have glasses on and the eyes are a portal of entry.
    • The designer masks and scarves offer minimal protection – they give a false sense of security to both the wearer and those around the wearer.
      **Not to mention they add a perverse lightheartedness to the situation."


  14. 40 minutes ago, BoundForSea said:

    Hello Captain Wonderful, This is a happy place, videos and memories of happy times cruising. This thread is for happy people who want to look back and forward to happy times while vacationing and cruising. Take your vibe kill, unhappy demeanor, and your negativity to another bridge under which you can live and to troll from, there are plenty other Places to spread your negativity on here. 

    Go talk about vaccines and E.U. policies and all that somewhere else. This isn’t the place.  I was happy to see this thread, it made me smile and it should stay that way. 


    Thank you! Those who want to discuss vaccines, masks, etc. please start your own thread or contribute to many other threads on the board.




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