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  1. 23 hours ago, gaabbee said:

    Call 1-800-456-7298 for the cruise benefits department. Explain that you submitted and have not received the benefit yet and they will fix it for you!

    gaabee, I can't thank you enough! With 4 days until our cruise I was getting really frustrated that I couldn't get any answers to our request. I called the number you provided and OBC was applied to our onboard account immediately and we already received a confirmation.

    I let the rep know that there are a lot of shareholders that are not getting replies to their requests. She said they are overloaded with requests and are working on solving the problem. Well, I think it might have something more to do with the current changes to the shareholder benefits but that's the answer I got.

    Anyway, gaabee, thank you so much again for your help!

  2. 12 minutes ago, dcipjr said:

    We saved $300 and picked up the dining package and Wi-Fi -- previously was on a Sailaway rate. We've got the 20% discount, double-points, and $100 OBC. Not bad! 👍

    Wait, you booked at Sailway Rate and got all of this? I'm still trying to figure out if we can do this (at least double points and OBC).

  3. 4 minutes ago, jbethel11 said:

    Ah okay. By the wording, and by your comment being on this thread, I assumed that you were also inquiring about the 20% too. My apologies. 

    No problem:) I can't tell you how many times people on these boards helped us with great information! This forum is the first place I go to if I have a question about cruising.

  4. 15 hours ago, CTCruiser001 said:


    No it doesn't...I was able to get the 20% off deal applied and kept the OBC and was assured by NCL that the additional point was still valid. The LATITUDE promo code is still listed on my reservation along with the new LATVIP code. 

    I'm trying for 2 days to get through to the Latitudes department to make sure we get this Past Guest offer applied to our upcoming Dawn cruise. I can't get through on the phone. Does anyone have an e-mail address I can use? Also we booked a Sailway rate. Will the extra point per night and $100 apply to the Sailway rate? We do have this offer listed under our cruise.

    4 hours ago, alisonslp said:

    I just came back from the Bliss in a balcony and no towel animals unless we asked, which we did for my daughter, though we tipped well on first and last day for his efforts and had the "do not disturb" sign on through most of the trip, having him come in roughly every other day. As for the coffee maker and ice bucket - Heck, I would have been glad to get rid of them so we had more counter space. Never used either of them. Hmmm next time, I think I will request that they be stored away...

    So now what was considered a part of the cruise rituals, if you will, is EXTRA work that should be rewarded. I for once would definitely feel obligated to tip even more for extra trouble. Yes, we can live without tower animals, chocolates on the pillows but those little touches what made cruising special for us.

  6. I remember how happy was our daughter to see a towel animal every night, how she was waiting to be surprised every time we opened a cabin door at night. To see  our child's smile was precious.  To me getting rid of towel animals or any other "saving measures" is not about saving this and that. It's about taking away, little by little, something that made cruising special. 

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  7. On 11/21/2018 at 5:23 PM, schildiams said:

     know for a fact that people walked right by unnoticed b/c on more than one occasion a person with a key card around his neck asked me a question about the salt room, or the snow room, and wondered if anyone could use it. Also, watched a person leave a treatment with their purchase bag and walk into the spa unnoticed, though the spa is not included with treatments. She too had her key card with her. I did not choose to police it. But someone should do a better job. PS The door was unlocked to the spa area and no one ever had to use a card to enter it, though there is a card reader there. On several occasions, the door lock was used to "prop open" the door. Again, understaffing issues? I am not sure why there is not a better system with people needing to either turnstile in with their key card or having a permanent attendant at the door.


    Wow, this is unacceptable. The Termal Suite is VERY expensive and I'd be very unhappy if people just sneak in and occupy the chairs. On our last Escape cruise we had to leave the card and the attendant opened the door to the Termal Suite every time with her/his key. And even with such tight control the hot stone chairs were hard to get, people were laying on them for hours. I can't imagine how it is crowded when people sneak in and use the amentities. 




  8. Well I’ll try to answer your questions :

    My answers are based on a 141 day WC taken last year

    1. Most every night there was entertainment and MOST shows where quite good . As a note, we didn’t book the WC for the nightly entertainment , we booked it for the daily experiences we experienced.

    2.Yes it different and not all shows where on the main stage . You have to remember that we where in most cases 1/2 the world away from where we started. Most of the entertainers came from the States and England

    3.NONE ! Thank you Very Much and No Art Auctions -Nor photographers taking your pictures ! THAT WAS LIBERATING! To say the least. .

    4. Only a few and they where optional but fun. The celebrations involved many of the very hard working crew members as they left us for well earned vacations. The one celebration that I remember well was when we crossed the equator and we all had to kiss the fish and jump into the pool to become shell backs ! Something I never thought I’d do at the age of 70. In addition , they gave us an official cruise certification of being a shell back. Just a lot of Fun-Even the Captain went along and participated in the celebration minus the grog we had to sample .

    5.Not going to answer that stupid question. REALLY -you rate,a cruise on how many comedy shows you get to see. You need to learn how to entertain yourself and not wait for others to do it for you.

    6. NO FORMAL NIGHTS IN 141 night . What a breath of FRESH AIR. Sports jacket and tie is about all I can muster! Plus my wife doesn’t want to PUT THE DOG ON either . At my age who am I trying to impress.?

    7. 60 plus countries, if you go on a Good Cruise line they

    Will arrange for visas and entry information and have the additional costs worked into the price. Start out with a BRAND NEW PASSPORT. If you are going on a TRUE World Cruise

    you don’t NEED to count the pages on the NEW PASSPORT, the visa service will inform you if you don’t have enough .

    8. First of all ,it’s none of your business what I or anyone else pays for something is their business not yours. If you need to ask what something costs ,maybe you can’t afford it. That’s what my DAD TOL

    Find a GOOD HONEST HARDWORKING TRAVEL AGENT . Plan and worK with that person and only with that person. They will work their tails off for you !



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    Great answers! Any insights how to find this GOOD HARDWORKING HONEST TA who specializes on WC? Unfortunately none of our friends or relatives ever took WC so none can offer any referrals or suggestions. We plan our first WC so finding a trustworthy and knowledgeable TA is a must.

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