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  1. Another great thing about the location of the cabin is you just take the stairs down one level and you are in the spa area which has great showers, hot tub, sauna, steam room, an premium towels. I always use this to clean up before dinner each evening when my wife and daughters monopolize the washroom in our cabin.


    First time on Adventure . You are saying that showers, hot tubs. sauna, etc. are FREE to use for everyone? I thought it's only for people who use spa services...

  2. Thank you so much for the review and a great video! We are going on Pride in July.


    We have a YTD for dining. The main pet peeve on our other Carnival cruises was that tables for two in the main dining room were literally inches from one another. You couldn't have a conversation because the other tables were so close to each other.


    Did you notice if the tables for two are close to each other on this ship?


    Thank you.

  3. I have been a road warrior for fifty years and have almost every suitcase calamity known to man but since the turn of the century I have not had a baggage problem. I can track the exact location of my gear with a cell phone. Works anywhere. It uses RFID, GPS, GSM, Wifi, and Iridium.


    Last month on Horizon, one bag was "tardy." A look at the phone and it was about 75 feet away in front of the wrong cabin. Problem solved before they cast off the bow line.


    The technology is now under $100 and can also be found built into suitcases. For me it is peace of mind, and allows me to track my own stuff. Sometimes I send luggage ahead of my travel, and I can track its location before I arrive.


    Which app do you use?

  4. Just from Escape. The Platinum tour was on the first sea day at 9:30 am for our first group. They had a second group scheduled to go after our tour.


    You had to register at CruiseNext counter the day of embarkation.


    Great tour, very interesting theater backstage, galley, and the laundry. Those people working in the ship's laundry are REALLY work hard even with all the equipment and technology.

  5. We just came back from Norwegian Escape cruise to Bermuda. The ship was docked for 2 1/2 days. It was great not to worry to be late for the ship's departure for 2 days, come and go.


    Did anyone try to book an Elbow Beach Resort for 1 or 2 nights stay while on a cruise? It would be nice to spend a day or 2 at the resort and enjoy a wonderful beach and then go back to ship at the day of the departure. I know it's expensive but for a special occasion like an anniversary... I know we can do a day pass but would like to stay a bit longer...


    Crazy idea? :DDid anyone ever tried it?

  6. Just got back from Escape. We booked a sailaway balcony guarantee. It was a last minute booking for us and a first guarantee.


    We got our cabin number in 5 days. It was forward deck 11. Couldn't be happier, great location. It was quite a walk every day from elevators but we needed it after all that delicious food :) I know it's a risk but we are definitely considering booking sailaway rate for our next cruise. It's a biggie from someone who booked only midship on all previous cruises :)

  7. We just booked a very last minute cruise on Escape. For the first time we decided to book sail away rate cat.BX.


    I searched the boards and see that the majority of guarantee cabins are assigned prior to boarding.


    Usually we get the tags before cruise , put them on our bags, get to the port, give them to the luggage people :) and board the ship.


    I also read that some people didn't get the assigned cabin until the boarding day.

    So if you don't have a cabin number to put on the luggage tag how do you handle your luggage at embarkation? May sound silly but I really don't know how does it work.


    Thanks for any pointers.

  8. Pretty much all of my cruises thus far have been to the same ports of call and on the same ship (or class of ship).


    I still have a good time every time.


    You're in port for so little time, to us the ship is the vacation. The ports of call are just a plus. If I wanted to really visit these places, I'd fly there and stay longer than 5 hours.


    This is exactly how we feel for the Carribean cruises. We consider every cruise as our Health spa getaway: Literally. We are on a ship to relax, we always buy a spa pass to enjoy a thalassotherapy pool (if there is one on the ship), or heated lounges, etc.

    To us the ship is a destination. If we want to visit a place we take a land-based vacation so we can fully enjoy it.

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