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  1. Generally, if less than four inches blade length, you'll be allowed to keep it. On Royal Caribbean, I've had them hold it, and you pick it up as needed leaving the ship, and return it to security. Harris Denver, CO
  2. Like so much in Dominica, they are still getting back to normal after the hurricane. The email I have is natureislanddive@gmail.com They have a Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/natureislanddive/ Simon, the owner should be your point of contact. Harris Denver, CO
  3. Michael, I'm a diver, rather than a snorkeler, but have been to both places many times. Bonaire would probably be your better overall choice. You can snorkel from shore at countless sites, or take a boat to Klein Bonaire. If you choose Aruba you'd likely want to take a boat excursion to the Antilla wreck site. You'll be able to snorkel above a very interesting shipwreck, that's in about 50 feet of water, so you get a great view of it,a nd all the sea life it supports. Harris
  4. Robin, That's how these folks felt. Large group, fairly impersonal service. They said it worked because all 11 divers were reasonably competent. All I know for sure is we paid less, and just the two of us were on our boat. We chose or sites, and dove how we wanted. Harris Denver, CO
  5. Just found out that Celebrity's operator in Grand Cayman is Don Foster's. The people I dove with today, that dove there yesterday, were not impressed. Harris Denver, CO
  6. Sailing from Grand Cayman as I write this: I believe the cruise ship operator is Cayman Divers. Don't know anything about them. We had great dives today with Off the Wall Divers. I recommend them. Harris Denver, CO
  7. Robin, I just checked with Tom at Off the Wall. He's "99% sure" Carnival's operator is now Cayman Divers (formerly Divers Down). I strongly recommend Off The Wall. They do a great job with cruise ship passengers. They are super flexible as far as dealing with tender issues. If all goes normally, they pick up at the Dairy Queen across from the port. If weather forces tendering to the other pier, they automatically adjust. They are in the Lobster Pot Dive Center building, along with a few other shops, so don't get confused. (https://offthewalldiverscayman.com/). Harris Denver, CO
  8. St. Thomas: I’ve used both Blue Island Divers and AquaMarine St. Thomas. I think Blue Island may be out of business. AquaMarine does provide port pick-up/return. They have nice reef dives, but if you want to dive some of St. Thomas’ many wrecks, you’ll want someone closer to the port. (https://www.diveaquamarine.com/ ) Antigua: The diving is down on the south side of the island. The distance and expense of diving there are not worth the quality of the diving. I’d skip diving in Antigua. Martinique: If your ship arrives at a time you can take the ferry to one of several dive shops, you should be OK. Mine didn’t so I did some shore diving north of Fort de France. It was OK, but more hassle than it was worth. St. Lucia: I’ve dove with both Scuba Steve’s and Eastern Caribbean Divers. I prefer Eastern Caribbean. Both pick you up in the boat right at the ship pier. It’s a beautiful boat trip out to the Dive sites near Soufriere, in the shadow of the pitons. (http://www.easterncaribbeandivingstlucia.com ) Barbados: Always a great day with Peter and Heather at West Side Scuba Centre. They pick up at the port, and they’re located in the nearby Boatyard Beach complex. If you have non-divers in the group, they can have a good day there while you dive. Lots of good wrecks, including the Stavron Ikita, which is always fantastic. (https://www.westsidescuba.com/ ) Grenada: Scuba Tech Grenada is fantastic, and the diving is top notch. Every time I’ve dove in Grenada the fish life has been astounding. Eveline for Scuba Tech will arrange to either pick you up by car at the port, or by boat a short walk from the pier. (https://www.scubatech-grenada.com/) St. Vincent: Vaughn Martin’s Serenity Dive is the answer here. Great dive sites and great people. The boat picks up at the cruise pier. (http://www.serenitydive.net/dive-club) St. Maarten: I used to use Octopus Diving SXM. However, between the hurricane and a change of ownership, they’ve had difficulties, so I can’t really recommend them anymore. The diving is good in St. Maarten, but not the best. I like the Dutch side sites more than the French side, and getting back from the French side can be a hassle, with afternoon traffic. My ranking of these islands would be: 1) Grenada 2) Tie between Barbados and St. Vincent. If you like wreck diving, Barbados, otherwise St. Vincent. 3) St. Lucia 4) St. Thomas 5) Martinique 6) Antigua Harris Denver, CO
  9. While the diving is considered better in Cozumel, I always have a great time in Mahahual (Costa Maya), and it's a far better spot for a Discover Scuba (resort dive). You'll want to get in touch with Catherine at Gypsea Divers (www.gypseadivers.com, info@gypseadivers.com). You'll have twice the fun for less than half the cost of a cruise ship's excursion. When you get off the ship, walk completely through the shopping mall place at the pier, and out the gate. Then get one of the black and yellow taxis. The charge should be $4.00 per person. Often they won't know "Gypsea Divers", but tell them you want to go to the Nacional Beach Club. The dive shop is there. When you talk to Catherine, tell her Harris said hello. Harris Denver, CO
  10. Who notified you of the cancellation? Celebrity is still accepting bookings for this sailing, and it would be extremely unusual for them to charter a ship only seven months pre-sailing. On top of that, typically if there's a charter, one can find it by entering the ship and sail date. Nothing comes up. Could it be something else? Harris Denver, CO
  11. The other side of "demand" is always "supply". Celebrity has relatively few ships, compared to other lines. It only makes sense they don't just deploy where there is demand, but where they perceive the greatest demand. The fact that Princess is filling a trip very well could be all the reason Celebrity would need to stay out. I've been cruising long enough to see lines seemingly abandon a market, only to have them all flood in, to meet the "pent-up demand", only to pull back out when the multitude of choices drives prices down for all lines. In fact I saw this cycle repeat at least twice in the Mexican Riviera. Harris Denver, CO
  12. Wow! It's common for two people on the same cruise to have different experiences, and that seems to be the case here. I was also in Luminae, and found the food (overall) to be excellent, and was particularly impressed that beef was served at the requested cooking point every time (I always order medium rare). Similarly, I never had unusual waits like you did for appetizers or different courses; even though there were often tables with larger groups dining when I was. Harris Denver, CO
  13. The Constellation was onthe India/Middle East runs, and it's moving to Tampa, Florida. Harris Denver, CO
  14. I'm going to guess your spouse was on the Millennium from Vancouver to Tokyo, Sept. 6 sailing. Although it's listed as a 15 night cruise, they award 16 nights of Captain's Club points (one gets credit for the "missing" date line day. Nice, huh?). Otherwise, as others have noted, since your accounts are linked, you get the points too. Nothing wrong, not a Celebrity IT problem, not a gift horse, just Celebrity erring on the side of good customer service. Harris Denver, CO
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