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  1. Just a quick post as we have an early meal before being bussed to the sight of our Azamazing evening in Cochin, India. We had a full day of touring in sweltering heat and I’ll try and post pictures tomorrow as the internet is so slow today. Sailed in this morning on Arabian Sea and will sail away at 5:00 PM tomorrow. Thanks for the post. Bruce
  2. Don’t remember any correspondence regarding this. All the immigration preps and requirements it sometimes feel the different country Immigration teams are more interested in free breakfast and lunch onboard!
  3. Thanks for the Fleet Report. Enjoyed our restful sea day. Tomorrow we arrive in Cochin, India for an overnight and full day. We will have our Azamazing Evening. We skipped the Brunch Buffet in MDR Discoveries and ate lunch in Windows which always has some interesting dishes of local cuisine depending on where we are. Looking forward to our upcoming visit to Mumbai as they are flying all of us World Voyagers to Agra for what will be a long day visit to the Taj Mahal. This day trip is offered as part of the World Cruise. Technically free but I’m sure we paid for it with the initial cost of cruise. Another smooth day at sea but we have not seen much sunshine on this leg. Have a great day and weekend everyone. Bruce
  4. Our sincere sympathy to you and family.
  5. Just a heads up. On the World Voyage we have had several folks having to go home early. Why? Their passports stamp pages were full and no more space for additional stamps. Ridiculous yes but never the least it has happened. Make sure you have ample space for immigration stamps. When renewing passports one can pay extra for extra stamp clearance pages. Another sea day on a glass like Indian Ocean. Next up a two day stay in Cochin, India and our Azamazing Evening for this segment. Life is very good on Onward.
  6. Waking up to another glass like Indian Ocean. Just a heads up. We have had several folks have to stop the cruise as their passport stamp pages were full. Sounds ridiculous but it has happened. Make sure you have enough free pages for the beauracratic immigration folks. When renewing passports you can request extra pages.
  7. We loved our Hal cruises but after 500 days it was becoming repetitive. We started to try some other lines and it’s been invigorating.
  8. @kazu Being on Azamara is like being on Prisendam on steroids.
  9. @kazujt’s now $125.00 per person but we got it at the old $95:00 price because of package we got.
  10. Chef’s Table has 10-12 guest and it’s $95:00 per person. Guest in Suite’s have free dining in Italian and Steak Specialty Restaurants.
  11. Start the day off with some food porn. Our Chefs Table Indian Dinner last night. Chef Sri is from India so it was extra special.
  12. Visited Yalu National Park in Sri Lanka.Saw lot’s of wildlife. Water Buffalo, Land Monitor, exotic birds, deer, wild boar, crocs, elephants and a long distant sighting of a leopard sleeping in a tree. Just a great day. Bruce
  13. More food porn. Chef’s Indian Table dinner was another new and wonderful dinner on Onward last night.
  14. Today out here on the vast Indian Ocean our culinary team put on an Indian Rice Table Brunch that was beautifully presented and so delicious. We ate sparingly as we have a Chef’s Table Indian dinner tonight. Tomorrow Sri Lanka where we are on a 4x4 vehicle hoping to see wildlife out on the Savanna. What a marvelous experience.
  15. Our Indonesian Rice Table Brunch on Onward today was over the top. Another outstanding meal by our great culinary team.
  16. After being aboard Onward since January I can’t imagine our cruising experience could get any better. Yes there has been a couple of hiccups especially with excursions but we have had a wonderful time.
  17. Gulf Stream could give you a couple of nice days in beginning but after that it could go either way. One crossing in late April we encountered 20-30 foot seas and another it was fairly nice and able to enjoy outdoors. Light jacket and sweater are always recommended in Europe.
  18. Good afternoon. For some reason I couldn’t log on to CC all afternoon on I Pad. Just switched to phone and voila! We had a lazy day. Attended a lecture. Currently headed for cocktails then dinner in MDR Discovery. Big entertainment tonight as the house orchestra will perform Bourbon Street music followed by our Cruise Director Eric who is an outstanding performer. The musicians in the ships orchestra are exceptional musicians. Captain stated at noon that we have sailed over 22,000 miles since leaving Fort Lauderdale. Thank for the reports and post. Indian Ocean is smooth with periodic showers and hot. Bruce
  19. From somewhere on the Indian Ocean goodnight to all. We set our clocks back and hour last night. Tonight we set them back 30 minutes. 8:00 AM and it is roasting outside. I believe we will enjoy our sea day inside. Off to morning Trivia and then a guest lecture at 10:00. Bruce
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