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  1. Good advice. I do spend too much time seeing the world through my camera. When I'm in Alaska (two weeks!!!!), I will try harder to just be there. That said, your pictures are excellent, so the time spent with your camera/phone hasn't been wasted.
  2. @buchanan101, which play did they do? I know that there was a problem with Pride and Prejudice on early cruises because one of the cast members was ill or injured. On the Around Britain, one of the guest celebrities (no, not Ms Imrie) volunteered to step in, so I did get to see both P&P and Brief Encounter. Movies in the theater is a surprise. I thought they would continue to show those in the Pavillion.
  3. It's dumbing down to those of us who have sailed Cunard for a long time and enjoyed a greater number of formal nights. Yes, I can dress up all I want. But there's an ambiance when everyone (or most everyone) is dressed up. I do dress above the minimum every evening. Not formal, but better than what Cunard describes for the casual nights. I know, I know, those of us who have sailed Cunard for a long time are getting older, and cruise lines don't seem to give a rat's about what we think in their quest to attract younger cruisers.
  4. Ah, glad they got a replacement. She did say they'd ordered one. Smart to keep tabs on it. As the saying goes, once burned, twice shy.
  5. Were they glued down? I can imagine those becoming souvenirs. After one of our first ports (Kirkwall) I wanted to send a few postcards, so I went to the purser's desk to ask if they had a "posted on board" stamp as they used to do on other ships. The woman said well, yes, they did have one...but it had already been stolen!
  6. Is the 14-day cruise a B2B? In that case, you can buy the pass for only the first week and then you can buy the second week on board. The pass is good for consecutive days, so you would have to use it every day for the first week.
  7. I just booked QE to the Caribbean 2026 and saved almost 20% off the Cunard fare. (launch fare)
  8. Some categories are all triples. I believe all the Sig suites on Eurodam have a sofabed. All the Neptunes sleep 3 or 4. The PInnacle suites sleep 4. So if the system restricts couples to doubles (which seemed to happen to a few posters above), that means a couple cannot book any higher category than a Vista "suite." I'm sure HAL doesn't mean to make that restriction, but given their IT, if they try to block double reservations in triples or quads, that's what will happen.
  9. I don't think there are any Neptunes for only two people. Blocking couples from Neptunes is ridiculous. If you're looking seriously, not just browsing, call HAL to see if you can get that Neptune.
  10. It's always been true about not using OBC at the casino, but I've always been able to use it for the gratuity/service charge. As someone said above, that charge consumed most of my OBC right away, and that was a few weeks ago. I think that was a wrong answer. @Wedgie Wedgie, ask again. Or check your onboard account to see if the OBC is being used for the grats.
  11. Check on the passport requirement. In the year or two after covid, the train trip was up and back on the train without a border crossing. Before that, some of the excursions did cross into Canada so that they could accommodate more people by offering the train one way and a bus (with a stop to see something along the way) in the other direction. Because the exchange point was in Canada, we had to show our passports to a VERY serious-looking Mountie. The US point going back just waved the bus through.
  12. I agree with you. I love the Vistas and the Signatures feel like stretched Vistas. Don't like the Pinnacles. Never say never, but it would take a special itinerary to get me on a Pinnacle again.
  13. So they're using window tables to entice people to choose open dining?
  14. Does that button actually work??????? Didn't have that on the Around Britain cruise.
  15. mid/late July into September. Find one of the pools in the creek and watch the behavior. A bunch of salmon will just hang out there, swimming enough to beat the current but not move upstream. And then someone gets a little to close to someone else...and the water erupts with jumping salmon. You might see a seal come upstream to fish.
  16. Congratulations (said grudgingly from a Rangers fan). You must be very confused about weather and seasons, going from FL to AK and watching a winter game in June!
  17. That's good news!! A long time coming, but better late than never.
  18. Whether I book through the cruise line or on my own, I always go at least one day ahead, usually more.
  19. I travel with one of those because my camera battery charger plugs directly into the wall (US socket). In my Britannia cabin on QV last fall, the rather blocky charger didn't fit below the little ledge above the outlet. I had to charge the battery in the library.
  20. I agree. If I look out the window for too long facing backwards on a train, it bothers me. But if I'm not looking out, the direction doesn't matter to me. Your brain is used to what you see moving forward, with what you're seeing coming toward you. For some people, focusing on things as they're moving away from you makes your brain unhappy. @Aew0431, you're right that midship has less motion, especially if the ship is pitching (moving forward and back). Rolling side-to-side affects all areas the same, although for both lower is better. Motion affects different people different ways, so you won't know until you try it. I love the feel of pitching, but DH was uncomfortable with that. His solution was to sleep. Roll was less of an issue for him. The worst thing for me is a bouncy excursion boat. If I'm worried about a rough ride on one of those, I'll take meclizine. Although I'm rarely seasick, I keep ginger ale and crackers handy "just in case." A ship's doctor once told me if you're feeling queasy, eat. Sounds crazy, but if you're only mildly uncomfortable, keeping something bland in your stomach (hence the stash of crackers), is soothing and may keep you from getting worse.
  21. Cunard's rules for UK passengers may differ from US rules so I don't know what they will let you do about adding flights. But you may be better off booking flights on your own. Although Cunard will let me add a flight later (US), I haven't done that for the last few cruises because Cunard's airfares were more than I could book independently. I called a few times hoping they might load some less expensive flights, but no luck.
  22. Ohhh, I know where you mean. I didn't know they're quads. I love a big balcony.
  23. I did Chicago to Toronto last year. We docket on the US side at Sault Ste Marie, where there's a lot to see. A viewing platform at the lock, an ecology museum, and a museum inside a former freighter. Ahh, Svalbard! I've been to Longyearbyen twice--Cunard, a bit different from Quark. The 15-day Chicago round trip looks good to me, too. But not next summer for me, either (more Cunard). Maybe I'll see you on a Victory ship in 2026!
  24. Yeah,,, a quad on a holiday week could see you bumped. Take a look at the deck plan and maybe choose a different cabin in your category and move to that as a preventive measure? What was it about the quad that made you choose it? Is there a not-quad nearby?
  25. It was standing room only for some of the speakers on Queen Anne recently. Cunard records the presentations and runs them on cabin TV for those that don't go in person. No droners on that cruise--one woman had lots of pictures, and she just talked about them, as if she were giving a tour, not a lecture. I felt as if I were at the places she talked about. It's been ages since I've seen a guest speaker on a HAL cruise, good or bad. I miss the days when port talks were more about the port than the ship's excursions. Many of the guest priests are well traveled. Perhaps if they would offer to do a port lecture or some other travel talk, HAL would be more inclined to have them on board.
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