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  1. I feel, they are allowed on cruise ships because they are leasing space from the various cruise lines. Park West Galleries is revenue for the various cruises lines.
  2. I hope Celebrity Cruise Lines will do something to honor or remember VTCRUISING in the future.
  3. Our heart is also saddened my the loss of Vtcruising. Our deepest condolences goes out to the family and to her CC and Celebrity friends. This is a great loss to CC and to her Celebrity community family. RIP, VTCRUISING, May all your voyages be smooth and happy.
  4. LPC is one and done for us I wish they would bring back The Murano Restaurants on all the Celebrity ships.
  5. High Supply and Demand is only good for a short period of time and their will be a correction. Hopefully in favor of the average cruiser. IMO.
  6. To the OP, thanks for taking the time and sharing your cruise vacation, reviews and photos. It has been very rewarding and up lifting. Also, it’s sounds liked the reviews of The Edge are improving with every new posts. IMHO.
  7. To the OP, thanks for taking the time to share your outstanding reviews and photos.
  8. I hope Celebrity is listen and will be adding a few new meals in Blu next year.
  9. Jim, thanks for an excellent cruise across the Atlantic. 😋 Excellent reviews and photos.
  10. Celebrity simply needs to go back to the old lounge type chairs with foot stoops & table before the Edge was built. IMHO.
  11. We loved EDEN, the area, the different colors, the decorations and the location was excellent IMO. The only negative thing about EDEN to us was the production show. We just did not understand the storyline, or the music, or the characters.
  12. Thanks for posting your review and with all those excellent photos. Pics, can tell a story all by themselves. I liked the photo of the horse in town; looked similar to the horse on The Edge. Please continue to enjoy your cruise On The Edge and keep on posting. Thanks
  13. What is the very worst guarantee suite assignment you could receive? Example please and the name of the Celebrity ship.
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