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  1. You go girl! Strut when you can, cause sooner than expected your stuff falls! I’m turning 79 next week, if I’d do it all over again (2 decades of cruising) I’d play the dress up game! But darn it, playing how little to pack, is where I’m at now.
  2. Are fireworks only traditional for World Cruises?
  3. I love watching passengers dressed in their finery, my complaint is when others dislike others choice of dress. We choose Cunard for transit to destinations not for clothing choices. So, yes we enjoy traveling on other lines too. And yes, a tux is packed with a long evening dress. The 20’s style evening so excited me, I suggested the same theme for a ladies luncheon here. Over a hundred women enjoyed dressing in costume. On Cunard I’ve noticed it is often the organized dancers who use the ballroom, taking the advantage to theme dress.
  4. Ah! You are correct! Most of us do not know how to dress formally, as we are plebeians, not royalty or invited to the White House. Well I was once. Most of U.S. Americans think the word gown refers to what Disney Characters wear. 20ties a formal night? No, it is a costume party. While I too, do not prefer to wear costumes, Cunard is encouraging passengers to do so. On that note; time is flying, have fun, dress as it may be the last dance.
  5. I too, have a limited palate, not refined, however that said, I’m bringing on all future cruises a selection of seasonings. I have seldom used salt on any dishes in the past, now I do. We sailed six cruises this past year on four lines, I don’t expect the best cuts of meat with exotic names, just a tasty mouthful in the MDR. For awhile I thought I had tastebuds affected by covid, or as some of you have pointed out is it an ageist thing? Turned grizzled? Or numb?
  6. We’ve an WC coming soon: South Pacific - Southampton. We are interested in performing and visual arts. While performing arts are often included in excursions, I don’t find “ arts in action” offered through the normal sites. Stuff like artist or crafters making art. Any suggestions to links or YouTube would be appreciated. Ann
  7. Julia, Our first of now over fifty cruises was a short four days from Southern California to Mexico and back. I knew nothing about cruises, nor did I do research. A short cruise was a way to find if I would get sea sick, claustrophobic or simply didn’t like it. I LOVED IT. I loved the lively Mexican music, the Caribbean limbo, the choices of tasty foods, the rooms were cleaned, beds made, I was spoiled. The crazy games people played. Cultural entertainment onboard. I gained eight pounds which is a lot for someone who is 5’3” tall. It was a good thing I had brought a pair of loose fitting pants. Now twenty years later, I do research via CC or YouTube for excursions, we choose itinerary and price over which ship to sail on. We’ve sailed Carnival to Cunard, Celebrity to Azamara. Princess to Holland America as well as others. We’ve sailed through the Panama Canal as well as the Suez. We LOVE Australia. One of the reasons we cruise is to enjoy the company of others. We can live our lives only once but it sure is exciting to enjoy other’s experiences through friendships made on a ship! welcome to cruising! ann
  8. This particular voyage had many elderly who had to be evacuated, I believe once while sailing the southern coast of the states, before we boarded, once in NYC and then sailing north from NYC towards Halifax. The last was during the most intense storm I’ve witnessed on sea. The ship had to divert itself behind an island, a peninsula, in a bay, (???) to allow a helicopter to be successful in the evacuation. It was during the late evening after multiple attempts to land the helicopter. I’m also under the assumption we stayed overnight in that area. So I’ll say to answer your question about a day from N.Y.C closer to land. QM2 handled the storm well. The remaining days after the storm passed were fine. We’ve not any hesitation to doing the same crossing again.
  9. My advice: After wearing a lightweight fleece jacket topped with a hooded weatherproof windbreaker on deck, go inside, have a cup of tea with Fireball Cinnamon whisky. Or just stay in!
  10. The pic is of a crossing in January 2020. The crew made snow angels! An absolute thrill!
  11. On the QM2 and all other ships we sail, we select rooms that have cabins both above and below us. I prefer for convenience, near stairs or elevators .
  12. Either way has special views of N.Y.C. You haven’t addressed where your cabin should be located. We’ve found an inside cabin works for us on crossings, as there isn’t anything to see until the morning of your arrival or afternoon departure; A quick jog to the promenade will give you the “aw” and save a few bills used towards excursions ( there aren’t any) or drinks! Or specialty dining.
  13. HAL has musical entertainment of all sorts that practically suits anyones style. We would have preferred her for 2024 WC but the itinerary was one we’ve sailed before. Cunard is naturally heavy on British lectures etc. A tea pot with cookies is a lovely addition to have in the cabin for a morning wake up. However for my taste a few Mexican & Asian not Indian offerings on the MDR menu would have helped with the blandness, or maybe my tastebuds have lingering effects of Covid. Seems like many lines serve well plated meals but are bland. Cunards passengers have interesting stories, some we have kept in touch with. HALs passengers are more relaxed, less dressy, still friendly. The ships handle the seas well. The wait staff are well trained. Perhaps the age range is older. Azamaras 2024 WC has a great itinerary, but is too pricey for my wallet. However it is nice not to have to pull out the ships card for everything.
  14. Hmmmm…Azamara Journey was the smallest of cruise ships we’ve sailed on in two decades, good to know her size wasn’t the problem . On QM2 during a TA sailing in January, the winds were bad, the snow on the deck was fun, the waitstaff could make snow angels. I was confident she would sail on. I may need to reassess my thoughts about smaller ships. Azamara Journey was otherwise comfortable and more attractive in interior design than the two Queens we’ve sailed on. Personal taste.
  15. I have to chime in here regarding Azamara, first we love the size, attractive accommodations, entertainment, personal service, however, the ship rocked around Ireland. I can’t imagine sailing on it across the oceans. We r staying with Cunard for comfort.
  16. Got mine back in three weeks, priority and expedited from somewhere.
  17. Oh for gosh sakes…I’ve done numerous T/A and trans Pacific. Sea days are important to recover from daily excursions when the cruise is port intensive.
  18. Cruisemom has it right on. I’d like to add: Breakfast. As most of us are creatures of habit we dine at the same time, thus often your breakfast companions become your new best friends.
  19. I’ve not found a way to connect with potential Mahj Jong players. Other ships have bulletin boards in the library.
  20. We enjoyed the duo on QM2 during a summer Alaskan cruise.
  21. Several years back, DH a jazz bassist coupled up with an excellent jazz pianist onboard. The pianist did as you want, found a lonely piano waiting for a touch. DH knew where there was a bass. They had a ball jamming in the morning. Generally passengers in our experience, are not allowed to touch the ship’s instruments. The hotel manager joined the other guest who were listening saying go ahead. All was fine until the fourth morning when person in her robe, who had a cabin nearby, complained. On another cruise a ukulele group was formed. On that note I’ll bring my travel set of water colors, glue stick and papers. I’m a collage mix-media artist who enjoys making art in the form of birthday cards for friends met onboard. One of the waitstaff said as I was rushing to class “ slowdown you are on vacation “ . We sail on the Queen Victoria out of SFO Feb. 2024. Cheoptera…what doesn’t work- hanging around the buffet.
  22. Well, yeah, I feel guilty about throwing anything away someone else could use. As a child of the sixties, conservation was not a fad but a lifestyle. The clothes that would be discarded would not be suited for the trash. I do have a quirky style as I’m an artist with a quirky mind. Thus I’ll find a thrift shop as most of you have suggested, to donate too. While I attend many social events, we live in a small community where evening clothes are seldom worn. On Cunard dress for dinners requires more than jeans and a tee shirt. Thus I have cruise clothing worn only for cruises and occasionally other events, plus as an older person who likes fashion, I like choices and the challenge of experimenting with clothing. That said in todays world it’s considered fashionable to wear a bejeweled sweater with jeans. Im understanding and appreciate this conversation. Such a non issue in the bigger scheme of today’s events.
  23. I’d like to add after dropping off your hand luggage, depositing your wallet and docs in the safe, saying Hi to your cabin steward, check the daily program in the cabin whether on the T.V. or a paper copy. There are often fun things happening that you are not aware of until they are over. Try not to smile too much!
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